Remember those “wardrobe staples” I was so disdainful of in last week’s post?
Well, I might have spoken a smidge too soon, seeing as how I ended up wearing a white button-up (not sure how “crisp” I’d call it) to church last Sunday.
Honest? I bought the shirt a good 3 months ago because I temporarily succumbed to the “You must have a white button-up in your closet, or you’re not a real woman” pressure. Of course, there it stayed without once making a debut into the real world until last week’s post reminded me that I had it.
So, I threw it on with some jeans from my $3 designer haul, added some colorful pops like a multi-hued, multi-stranded bead necklace and a thrifted orange belt, and called it good.
But, looking at the pictures, I’m not sure it is good. I mean, it’s not bad. But I’m not in love.
Did I do something wrong? Or am I just over-thinking it? (Um, it’s a white shirt, Abbie; pretty sure over-thinking is an understatement).
Oh, and I will say that my misgivings about the impracticalities of many of the “classics” that make style lists definitely were proven true when I looked down at the end
of the day and noticed several identifiable stains as well as quite a few whose origin I knew not.
White + 5 small children = Not White For Long. 
The End.
P.S. I feel like my hair is growing ridiculously fast. Granted, I didn’t blow dry it, so it didn’t “kink up” as much as usual, but still. I already want to head back for another chop. And that, my friends, is why short hair is bad for your budget. 
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  1. The white shirt looks great but I think it would shirt would pop better if you paired it with some darker denim. Maybe it’s the picture, but the light jeans & white shirt sort of wash each other out. Don’t give up on the white shirt. It has it place.

  2. Looks great with the accessories, but would have looked even better if you had used a colored shirt underneath. White is good because you can always bleach it (or use a bleach pen) if you get anything on it.

  3. I think you’re like me, used to seeing yourself in color. The white is making you feel invisible but it really is a classic look. All Calvin Klein ad-like. Love it.

  4. You look great & I love the pops of color. Have to agree w/ pp that it doesn’t really grab me. I have found (after consulation w/ a wardrobe stylist) that bright white doesn’t look good on alot of light skin tones (including mine). It’s just too harsh. After her recommendations, I purchased an off-white shirt & I like it so much better. AND, the whole kid + white thing……just asking for trouble! This same outfit with a deep-teal colored shirt would really look great…..IMHO 🙂
    I agree on the short hair maintenance…..I used to have mine the same length as yours and have to remind myself of the upkeep when I get the hankerin’ to chop it….LOL! But, yours looks fantastic either way 🙂

  5. I love that you are not conforming to the must have basics. I myself, do not own a white button up shirt and have never missed it. Same as you I tried one on the other day at Ross and thought, the styles say its an essential, should I buy it. Funny!! Maybe they are good for under Jackets, or the likes, but honestly wouldn’t any color work under a Jacket? I love that you challenge what we are told and you look beautiful doing it. I say go back to what you feel comfortable in. I love following you and you have a wonderful sense of style. And heck, who needs to worry about stains when you have so much more going on in your life.

  6. I really LOVE your hair in these photos! It was the first thing I noticed! The outfit is good, I love the pops of coral & orange, but you are kinda right…a white shirt is a white shirt & this one doesn’t really grab me. Sorry. Perhaps one with a more tailored fit? You look great, but the white shirt just isn’t contributing a lot to the outfit IMO. And I have the same problem with white…I have a great pair of white pants that I wore exactly once this summer because every time I would think of wearing them I would think…I have 5 kids & they will get something on me! LOL!

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