Last year, when we went to Lake Livingston, Donna, our wonderful, thoughtful, super-energetic hostess, also doubled as our photographer to take some family pictures for us down on the pier one evening. I had thrown some somewhat coordinating outfits in our bags at the last second, and we managed to get some cute shots.

This year, I was determined to at least try to replicate that lake pier shoot, even though we didn’t have anyone to take the pictures. A camera with a self-timer is a wonderful thing, no?

Problem was, the weather kept being uncooperative. As I mentioned yesterday, watching a storm is cool and all, but it’s not exactly conducive to picture-taking.

In fact, every evening during the “golden hour,” either something would come up (aka: we were too busy watching something fascinating about sharks) or the sky was dull and very un-golden.

Finally, the morning we were leaving, the sun was just right for pictures, so I hustled everybody into cute clothes, slapped some makeup on my puffy morning face, and we all headed down to the pier to pose.

Sadly, I completely forgot to account for the outside humidity and how drastic the change in temps would be between the indoor, air-conditioned space and the muggy, warm outdoors.

So, yep, my camera lenses fogged up. We didn’t have just tons of time before we had to skedaddle back home (Shaun had a flight to catch for a work trip), and even if we had, having your kids hang out on a pier in their clean, cute clothes while you wait for a camera lens to unfog and try to keep twin toddlers from tripping off the edge is pretty much a fool’s errand.

So, we snapped away anyway in hopes the cloudiness would wear off quickly. It didn’t really, and several of these shots are hazy as all get-out. But we took them, darn it. And I’m showing them to you! So there.


I’m pretty bummed that this one didn’t come out clearer. Every single last one of us is looking and looking pleasant, and that is a miracle of such epic proportions that I don’t expect a repeat until…well, maybe ever.


Same here with the bummed-ness. Definitely would have been a framer (darn you, humidity!!!)


We’re going with this b+w shot of the boys being “artsy,” but we all know it would have been loads better if it weren’t foggy.IMG_4233-001

Things finally started clearing up a bit right about the time the twins lost all patience for photos (of course), but I still managed to get a few okay shots before the weeping and gnashing of teeth commenced.



Evy wasn’t in this shot because she was busy doing this.


Poor thing had a major flare-up of allergies and had puffy eyes and a runny nose for half the day.


I am happy I got this one of Ez. Such a fun, cool kid. (Side note: he insists that he lost three top teeth, but only two replaced them, which totally freaks me out about where the third is lurking. Anybody else had this happen?)


Another almost framer, if Evy weren’t so puffy and miserable-looking, sweet baby.


This one, though. This one is definitely going on a wall somewhere. Oh, how I love my girlies!

And there you have it, folks.

A fundamentally flawed, fairly unsuccessful, but-still-worth-a-try attempt at family lake photos.

I suppose we’ll just have to keep going back to try again. What a hardship that’ll be!




  1. Ahh you could definitely help some of that fogginess in post processing! I would love to play with the one of your family all looking, if you have the RAW file?? 🙂 I have had that happen where I am doing a photo session with a client and realize I have my foggy lens filter on…OOPS!!!

  2. I think the pics are great… the fogged lens just adds an artistic morning-by-the-sea touch to them. (And I counted the number of all who were focused on the camera and cheered!)

  3. I absolutely love them! I’m a control freak/perfectionist so I understand your comments, but these are wonderful shots of your family with a misty filter. 🙂

  4. Love the pics, even the foggy ones are beautiful! I would def frame that family photo foggy-ness and all!! When I was little and lost my bottom 4 baby teeth only 3 grew in and apparently there is not a 4th one lurking under my gums. thankfully my mouth is small and there is no gap they all fit in my mouth perfectly.

  5. I love the look of the ones that are “foggy”…it gives them an almost mystical look and shows off how much y’all love each other.

  6. That family picture is really quite beautiful. Even on good weather days I’m lucky if we get that! You got some fantastic shots once the fog lifted.
    The tooth would freak me out too. I had a small mouth and one of my eye teeth grew out of the top of my gum and in front of my adult teeth as it had nowhere else to go. I ended up having to have all four of my eye teeth pulled to make room. I hope that’s not the case for your son. Although, pulling those teeth made plenty of room for my wisdom teeth which I’ve never had to have pulled, so that was a huge positive. :o)

  7. I think the pictures of your whole family & the boys in black & white are keepers. The misty quality has a seaside fell. With the right frame & set up, it will look like you did it intentionally and everyone will be asking you for tips. 🙂

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