Life lately has been…busy. (Isn’t it always?)

Della joined the soccer scene this season, and it’s as cute as you might imagine.

della soccer

She pretty much flits around the field without much of a clue, miles of ponytail streaming behind her (she calls it her “shaky hair”) and a HUGE grin on her face. If she ever gets her foot on the ball, she can actually dribble a bit and came thisclose to scoring due to pure inertia (darn that whole need to kick the ball and look/aim where you’re going).

Of course, while the kids are playing 3 games in a row, I’m keeping up my energy with these.


(I threw some Andes mint chips in place of Heath crumbles in my favorite cookie recipe, and the results were highly edible, to say the least).

Speaking of edible, I made this hearty white bean chicken chili, and it was beyond delish. Of course, I totally pulled that thing I was talking about of declaring a recipe to be great even though I made a “few tweaks” that included: canned corn instead of fresh, chili verde instead of tomatillos, Rotel, and a dash of chili powder…

chicken chili

I also made Mandy’s homemade salsa, which was the perfect spicy complement to my leftover chili at lunchtime. Yes, my nose was running, but this Texas girl can take it! (Sometimes).

This week has been full of exercise (I’ve been to the gym every day this week to the tune of 2 hours a day; oh, my aching back!).

Between teaching my regular classes, subbing, and BODYCOMBAT launch, I’m looking forward to a weekend of relaxing on the couch (okay, so that’s unlikely to actually happen, but it sounds good in theory).


In case, you’re wondering…this is my version of multitasking these days: answering math questions while snacking on sugar snap peas (oh my, yum!), painting my nails for Combat launch (because apparently, I want to punch like a girl) and studying/watching Combat choreography in the background (because just sitting down to study notes never happens anymore).


(The back of our shirts were the best part)

combat launch

This is far from my favorite picture of all time (because what girl really wants to be the only puffy-faced pregnant chick up there with all her fit teammates?), but, even though I might have had a snotty, hiccupy meltdown right in front of my husband after I saw these pics from launch, I am trying my best to just be thankful for the fact that I can still kick and punch and move and generally be as normal as a 32-week-pregnant girl could expect.



I’m trying to be true to what I wrote on my canisters earlier this week. Snotty meltdowns and wonky hormones aside, I can always find something to be thankful for. (P.S. Those canisters reside in my kitchen, which I aaaaaalmost have ready to show you. Al-most. Pinky promise).

Of course, it’s easy to be grateful when you get to hold your day old niece for the first time.


Meet Lorelei. She’s the sweetest, snuggliest, most perfect little 8 lb. 8 oz. bundle of baby goodness.

And she’s got me even more excited than ever to meet the little wiggle-worm in my own belly.

pink skirt

(I got a lot of compliments/questions about that skirt, which is on sale right now if you want to snap it up; super comfy and totally great for non-maternity wear too).

And last but not least, because there was a picture of Della, and you saw the boys on Wednesday, and I can’t very well end a good photo-dump post without treating you to a pic of the twins…


This is what the girls looked like this morning after we got home late last night and just dumped them in bed with their clothes still on. Apparently, at some point, they traded out half their outfits and redressed themselves (inside out, of course). As cute as this picture is, I have to admit that I am mighty tired of locking every door in the house that contains any articles of clothing. Both girls are equally obsessed with changing clothes no fewer than 20 times a day if they can find anything new to wear (if they can’t, obviously they can just swap; how convenient!). If I don’t watch out, I spend a significant portion of my day picking up a clean clothes trail from the kitchen all the way upstairs into our big room.

Oh, girls! Somehow, it’s just in us to love clothes!

P.S. Most of these pics are from Instagram. I’m @misformama if you want to join in on the daily fun.

What have you guys been up to lately?

Are your kids playing any sports? Having 3 in soccer is working out for us so far, mainly because the boys play on the same team, and they all play at the same field, but it’s giving me a teensy little taste of what life with lots of kids in sports/activities will be like, and I have to admit that I’m tired just thinking about it.




  1. If you ever follow, you know that changing clothes 20 times a day doesn’t stop at age 3 or 4 or even 5. In fact when my 27 yr old granddaughter comes to visit, it’s pretty much the same… well, maybe not 20 time a day, but it certainly feels like it.

  2. Oh Abbie I finally got to do body combat which I LOVE and right now totally having a LOVE/HATE relationship with body pump 91 HOLY SQUATS! Seriously can’t imagine doing it at 32 weeks pregnant!

  3. Yikes. I’m feeling grateful for BOY twins who care nothing at all for clothes other than to just have some on. : )

    Oh, if ONLY I looked as “bad” as you when pregnant, haha!

  4. Love all the pictures…the twins changing is hilarious…my girls did that too: ALL THE TIME!!! Clothes everywhere, every time I turned around…it will pass! It’s hilarious that they did it while they were in bed though 🙂

    Now, I know you don’t need pity or advice or any of the “let me tell you” words that come to my mind as your hormones cause you to react to how you view your appearance…just know that if you never changed your shape, from the way you look now, you would still look amazing, be inspiring and be as “perfect” looking as those ladies you teach with 🙂 You could not be pregnant there, and still have no need to lose a pound…not because I think being in shape isn’t important or good for our bodies, but because you clearly take care of the Temple God has given you and desire your heart to be His, as much as you desire your body to be a good steward for Him!

    You encourage us in so many ways, to love God, love our husbands, love our families and treat our bodies well…so be encouraged now: you clearly LOVE God, your husband, your family and take good care of your body…you are not lacking in any of these areas because of your size (pregnant or not)!! Next time you feel the nudge to judge yourself, know that your hundreds of followers don’t give a hoot if you are at your ideal weight or not…we just love and appreciate you right now, right as you are!!

    Big hug to you!! (And I am looking forward to seeing the kitchen reveal!!!)

  5. I have to tell you Abbie, your pregnancy pictures totally inspire me. I know you think you look terrible (because that’s how we all feel when we are pregnant), but I have started going to les mills classes at my gym specifically because your pregnancy photos inspire me to be healthier during my next pregnancy. You look way better than I did during my pregnancy with my daughter, and I want that (along with the energy to actually MOVE) come baby #2. Thank you for the inspiration to be better!

    1. Ha! Yeah, it depends on the day how “terrible” I think I look, but it’s definitely hard to be the only pregnant one in the room. You just feel a little…silly. but! It’s totally worth it for the reasons you mentioned. I ain’t gonna stop! 🙂 I’m so glad you got inspired to do Les Mills. That’s awesome!

I love hearing from you guys!