Wanna hear something crazy?

I will be 36 weeks pregnant this week. I know, right?

I mean, that’s, like, legit or…something. And, after feeling like this pregnancy has draaaaaagged for the last 8 months, this whole being-right-at-the-tail-end business has really sneaked up on me.

Probably because I’ve been in a combination of survival + extra-busy mode lately. Shaun has been traveling for the last two weeks and home on the weekends (hence, the survival mode), and while he’s gone, I’m pretty much in P.J.s or exercise clothes all the live long day.

The extra-busyness has come on the weekends, when we’ve had soccer games (the season is over now; I’m not particularly sad about it) and two weddings in as many weeks to attend.

So, as far as clothing goes, I’ve been swinging on a rather wild pendulum from slob-fest to way more dressed up than I pretty much ever get. Like the time I wore this emerald green maxi to my good friend, Katie’s, wedding. katieweekend4 Sadly, this blurry shot is the only one we got with Katie and her new husband, Matt. But I did enlist Shaun to snap a quick shot of the full dress. Both with my coat on… katieweekend1 and off…


{The no-coat thing didn’t last long at all. It was chilly!}

Of course, as much as I loved getting to see a friend tie the knot, I have to admit that her wedding’s being a couple of hours away gave us a pretty awesome excuse for an extended date. We ate dinner at one of our favorite places, then headed to Dallas on a Saturday evening, watched a movie (The 100 Foot Journey–highly recommend! It’s fun and clean, plus it was a late-run movie, so we paid a whopping $5 for both of us. SCORE!}, and then had a leisurely morning (breakfast at La Madeleine, YUM!) and early afternoon before heading to the wedding. katieweekend3

{This is what I wore to dinner and the movie}

I’m grateful that I can still wear some of my low-waisted regular jeans, like these trouser-style ones that I’ve had since Simon was born. It makes me feel a little more normal and cute when I actually do bother to dress the bump these days.

However, THESE Big Star jeans that I bought from Mandy several years back have seen their last wear before this baby makes his grand appearance. At least, as long as I don’t want him to come out with a “Big Star” button imprint on his noggin. katieweekend {As you can see, I’m still loving my Kenneth Cole leather jacket splurge} Oh, and as far as what you’d see at a soccer game, this is about as fancy as it gets.

soccer mom

Of course, church is always a good reason to actually get dressed these days, so I hauled out this royal blue J. Crew shirt I bought on clearance months ago, intending to save it for “the end.” blue shirt {Yay for non-blurry pictures!}

But then, it occurred to me that this sort of is “the end,” and if I’m going to wear it this side of pregnancy, I’d better get after it.

So I did.

Thankfully, the wedding we attended this past weekend was indoors, but it’s still a bit of a challenge to find something that fits over the bump as is still warm enough and dressy enough.




Layers. A summer dress + a sweater, tights, boots andย  coat (not pictured, obviously) = covered up, hopefully event appropriate, and warm (it’s been unusually chilly for the first few weeks in November).

So, there you have it, folks! A recap of life lately (minus the super mundane parts, although…I’m working on that post…no, seriously) + how I’ve been styling the bump in the home stretch.

Home. Stretch (probably with the emphasis on the word “stretch,” but we’ll see).

How has November been treating you guys? If you think to pray for us as we make it through week 3 of Shaun’s being gone, I’d appreciate it.

And what about Christmas music? Anybody listening yet? We’ve never started this early before, but we turned it on during a craft activity the other day, and now I can’t stop!


  1. Love your bump style! I agree that’s its hard to dress up toward the end. I had a job interview at 38 weeks with baby #4 and it was snowing. I had a hard time figuring out what in the world to wear!!
    You always look great and stylish even while preggo! Many prayers for easy time while Shaun is gone.
    Nov has been good round here……loved the wonderful weather we’ve been having until the snow came on Sunday :(. Although the death of the flies and fruit flies is a welcome relief for this country girl!!
    I told the kids no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, BUT I may relent if it snows or gets really cold again. I do love it when I hear it while shopping! I heard a study that says that consumers spend more $$ during Christmas shopping if Christmas music is jammin…..I thought that was funny!

  2. I went shopping the other day and heard Christmas music in the store. It kind of threw me off as I feel like Christmas has just appeared out of nowhere. But I am excited for it!
    You look beautiful! You carry your belly so well. Toward “the end” of my pregnancy I was wearing XL maternity shirts over my big ol’ belly (I started off in smalls!). So the fact that you can still wear anything “normal” (non maternity) is amazing. Can’t wait for him to arrive! (Isn’t blogging weird? How you become attached to people’s stories and get so excited to “meet” their new babies online?)

    1. Thanks for your sweet words, Amy! And I totally know what you mean about getting attached to people even if you’ve never met them. I like to think of blogging as (somewhat lopsided) pen-palling. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You do look great…even in tennis and a baseball cap! Love both wedding looks. I was a layer girl too when I was pregnant. I have already been loving the Christmas music. I can not get enough…wish this season was more than just one/two-ish months.

I love hearing from you guys!