So, I didn’t exactly intend to leave you hanging without a preggo update for the last 7 weeks (because I’m so sure that you’ve been dying to know exactly how many hormonal breakdowns I’ve had in the last two months), but since my last check-in was at 31 weeks, I guess that’s exactly what I’ve done.

So sorry. I will do my best to include as much minutiae as possible to make up for it, k? (Yippee).


Welp. I must say that I’m not the least bit surprised to be giving you a 38-week-update because–as I’ve mentioned before–my babies tend to stay verrrry comfy in this belly o’ mine. (I just keep telling myself, “4 more weeks,” just in case, but I don’t honestly think we’ll make it that far…famous last words). Weirdly enough, after feeling ready-to-the-max about 6 weeks ago, I’m experiencing a level of chill I probably never have before at this late in the game. Part of that is because life is just so stinkin’ full, and it kind of feels like, “As much as I’d like to meet you right this very second, buddy–not to mention give my aching lower back a break–I’m kind of too busy to have a baby right now.”

NESTING: In keeping with what I just mentioned, I’ve been trying to get as much done as possible before he comes when I feel that frenzy of MUST-CLEAN-ALL-THE-THINGS coming on. Which…usually manifests itself in a 4-hour-long flurry of dragging things out to wash them or dust them or sort them or bag them. Oh, and lots of cooking. I’ve made double-batches of various staples for the last several weeks and have built up a respectable back-log of freezer meals for when he comes. In fact,  I’ve just about gotten everything to the point that I feel like, if he came tonight, I wouldn’t feel crazy. BUT, I know that it won’t stay all nice and tidy for long, so I’m trying not to worry about it too much.

ATTITUDE: A friend of three who isn’t having any more asked me the other day if I felt like my attitude towards this baby is different than my first–citing her own more relaxed standards by Baby #3 (and expressing a tinge of worry at what Baby # 4’s fate would have been had they had one)–and I just started laughing.

With Ezra, my first, everything was done. I mean, people throw you multiple showers. You’ve got baby gear threatening to swallow your house whole (please tell me I’m not the only one who has tripped over the bassinet, only to fall into the giant stroller box, on my way to the bathroom at 3 in the morning). The car seat and the crib and the rocker and the changing table and the diapers and the diaper Genie and the bottles, the bibs, the blankets…you get the idea.

But by the time Baby # _____ (I’m sure the number is different for everyone) rolls around, not only do you already have a pretty good stash of (spit-up and poop stained) everything, you also have a much better idea of what you actually need. So, basically, my response to my friend’s question was: “Welp. We have no small diapers, but that should be fixed by Saturday (some sweet friends are throwing me a diaper shower), and even if he comes before then, we can probably get some by the time I have him with how slow my labors are. I just washed a bunch of clothes and his bassinet cover, so he won’t have to be naked or bedless. And I’m pretty sure we’ve got a warm hat and a blanket somewhere around here (although they’re probably pink). Oh, and I have boobs. So, I think we’re good.”

Poor kid. Hope he’s not expecting too much. (Although, really, what newborn expects more than warmth, snuggles, clean pants, and food?).

EXERCISE: I’m still truckin’. In fact, last week, when everyone was out for Thanksgiving, I subbed 5 classes on top of my usual 3. Another instructor quipped, “That’ll teach ya not to go out of town for the holidays!” But, honestly, I had a lot of fun and felt great pretty much every time I taught. This week has been a slightly different story. This little guy’s head is definitely lower, and doing a roundhouse kick with that kind of pressure on your pelvis is…interesting. I plan on teaching ’til the bitter end, though, so I’m just grateful that everything’s still functioning on some level or another.

PREGNANCY SIDE EFFECTS: Don’t hate me for saying this, but I feel pretty awesome for being this pregnant. I mean, yes, my back and hips hurt constantly, and I could take a nap standing up pretty much always, but I’m not miserable. My varicose vein-y leg flairs up every now and then (wow, I feel 90 when I type that), but overall, I’m doing about as well as could be hoped for at the about-to-pop stage.

I attribute a lot of that to the whole exercising-til-the-bitter-end thing. As I was walking along with all five kids about to leave the gym one night, Nola dropped her blankie, and one of class participants marveled to her husband: “Did you just see that? This woman is 36-weeks-pregnant with her 6th child, and she just leaned down and swooped something up off the floor totally flat-footed. That’s just wrong.”

And I just laughed because I had no idea where she had been going with that and totally wasn’t expecting her to say that (and totally hadn’t even realized what I’d done). But the truth is that, because I bend and move so much when I exercise, my range of motion probably is better than could usually be expected with such a big belly.

I try to remind myself of little blessings like that when the twins spill milk all over the floor…again. At least I can still get down there to clean it up. The key word being try. Sometimes, it sounds a lot more like Yosemite Sam after Bugs Bunny tricks him into stepping off a cliff…again. Frickasammin’ is a fun word.

WEIGHT GAIN: I still haven’t stepped on a scale since 20 weeks, and I don’t plan to. I don’t think. I’m kind of curious but mostly blissful in my ignorance. But he’s definitely growing. At 33 weeks, I was only measuring 25 cm, and the baby was breach. But somewhere between that midwife appointment and the next (I’m pretty sure it was in the middle of a jump kick in BODYCOMBAT), he flipped (Praise Jesus!), and I had–ahem–jumped to 30 cm by my 35 week appointment. And then this past week, I had another big bump up to 34 cm. (If you’re not familiar with what these measurements mean, they represent the size of your uterus and usually correspond roughly 1 cm to 1 gestational week; I always measure a little behind, though).

CRAVINGS: None to speak of unless it’s just the random craving for carbonation or chocolate, but I have pretty much reached that point where it’s like, “I probably shouldn’t eat that, but I might anyway because I’ve only got a few weeks left, and it sounds good.” Which means that this little guy needs to get out before I gain 10 pounds in the last two weeks of my pregnancy.

Aaaaaaand there you have it. More maternal minutiae that you could possibly have ever wanted to read.

I know a few of you are due around the same time as I am. How are y’all doing? No, really. I want to know. Because pretty much every last person that has been pregnant in real life with me has had her baby already, and it’s starting to feel a bit insulting to still be pregnant.

Do you feel like your “standards” have dropped with each baby? At this point, if we have any more, he’s probably going to be wearing one of his older brother’s diapers and whatever mildly babyish thing we can find to shove him in.



  1. I was only ever able to have one… not for lack of trying and praying, mind you…

    I was a single mom with Eli (14 1/2 now) and honestly, what I missed the most was someone to share it with… someone to look at and say, “Hey! DID YOU SEE WHAT HE JUST DID???” Also, because I was a single mom, my “nursery” consisted of what was absolutely necessary and not what was recommended, or even “nice to have.” Like… I have never owned a high chair. haha. (We did have a walker thingy and literally, I put that on a vinyl shower curtain and his little diced up veggies and chicken breast and that’s where he ate…. Don’t hate. It worked and he learned to feed himself without me being stressed out!)

    So honestly, if God ever blessed me with another, I’d be TOTALLY over the top this time.

    Not with worry and “zomg the baby made a sound is he alive?” but with the stuff. I’d have all the nicey nicey’s. The fancy high chair that turns into a booster seat, the swing that lays down into a bassinet. A bassinet? Eli had a crib but he wouldn’t sleep in it. EVER. The hospital staff ruined us. They let him sleep on my chest the ENTIRE 8 days I was in the hospital after he was born and frankly,, it was just me and him in the bed anyway. I propped pillows up in the corner and slept mostly upright with him on my chest for months… 🙂 That worked for us, too. I know a lot more… like that I have inverted nipples, so I’d use those little doohickeys to train them out so I could breastfeed this time. (I tried valiantly with E but he just could not latch on.) I still wouldn’t cloth diaper though. I’m very eco-aware and that’s one area where I’m just willing to let it go… *shudder* We use cloth grocery bags, cloth napkins, make our own soap with no phthalates or whatever that junky harmful stuff is.. We’re borderline hippy/crunchy in a lot of ways. But I draw the line at cloth diapers. LOL

    So it would be totally different in a totally different way… I’d be MUCH more laid back and not rushing to the pediatrician and terrified I was going to break/kill/ruin him. But I’d have a LOT more STUFF this time.

    Just because I’ve done it with NO STUFF. And that’s NO FUN. Besides, I sew now… So I’d definitely be making MOST of my own baby linens and clothes.. And everything you can buy is just so cute now!

    And this time, I’d have my husband AND my kidlet to share it all with.
    Now I just need God to decide ONE MORE TIME to grant me the desire of my heart….

    one.more.time. (amen.)

  2. Don’t hate me…. My third was due on December 22nd. And we got to meet her a little early on December 3rd. Thankfully she is doing great despite being a smidge early. 🙂

    Hang in there! Almost Done!

  3. I wish you well when the time comes for your baby to arrive. We found out a few weeks ago that our older daughter is expecting her 3rd baby next June, which took us totally by surprise as she already has 2 daughters aged 13 and 10. Time to get the knitting needles out 🙂

  4. I’m 37 weeks on Sunday and can I just say you look AMAZING! I look and feel like a bloated whale. 🙂 I’m SO not ready for baby #3 and can totally relate to the “we’ll have time to get some diapers and…I have boobs so I think we’re good!” Good luck these next few weeks!

  5. I feel kinda creepy too, stalking your pregnancy posts! I’m 35 weeks tomorrow. Baby girl #2. I am miserable at this point. I have varicose veins pretty bad, and i’m measuring small to 28 cm. I definitely felt baby drop a couple weeks ago. And at night i feel her really low! She uses my bladder as a pillow. I’ve been nesting like a mad woman. Which i know is useless because my little one is 15 months old. Love hearing the details of your pregnancy. I hope your baby doesn’t make you wait too long!

  6. Ok I feel like a creeper because I am stalking your pregnancy posts and usually read and comment almost as soon as you post them. Today I have a good reason, though! My due date was yesterday, and I sit here at work with nothing to do since I expected this baby to be early like my first two, so I’ve had all my work projects wrapped up for weeks. Today is my last day of work, though – I’m not coming back next week, even if baby isn’t here yet!

    Anyway, YES I can totally relate to the lowering of standards. With my first, absolutely ev.ery.thing. was in place and ready by the time I was about 31 weeks. Clothes washed and put away, diapers neatly stacked, with extras stored in the closet, a spotless nursery – you name it, it was finished. My second came quickly on the heels of my first, so I didn’t have much energy to prep for her, but still, things were in place. With this one, it just occurred to me about a week ago that I should pack my hospital bag. And maybe wash some baby clothes. Should dig out those nursing bras? And oops….we can’t find the infant car seat. With the exception of the car seat, I just know that the only thing that needs to be ready for baby is an outfit to bring him home in (check), someplace for him to sleep (hauled the rock-n-play up from the basement, check), and….that’s about it.

    Physically, I wish I was feeling as good as you! But it’s not as bad as it could be. I’m having the sad experience of seeing women due around the same time as me having their babies, and here I sit without a speck of progress to give me hope that this baby will be born soon! Come out baby!

I love hearing from you guys!