I don’t remember where I first heard this clever little Mama Life Hack (I think it was from Mandy?), but I do know this: I have used it. A LOT.

So, what is it?

Well, first of all, let’s take a look at the conundrum that makes this hack necessary.


Ever had this happen? You’re wrestling with your 9-month-old, trying to fit that laaaaaast size 3 diaper around his obviously size 4 girth, all the while that he flops around like a beached dolphin…and riiiiiiiip. There goes the diaper tab.

Honestly, it kind of feels insulting. Like, really? I just chunked between 17 and 50 cents in the trash while attempting to contain my child’s poop? Whomp whomp.

But wait! No you dih-in’t


Instead of throwing the torn diaper away, just grab another one, layer it over the first, then fasten it up like normal.


{Double-diapered and not mad about it one bit}

Then, when it’s time for a diaper change, simply undo the top diaper, slip the torn, soiled diaper off, clean up your baby’s tushy, and RE-fasten the top (and now only) diaper back up.

And then smirk a little about the fact that you live in a day and age when diaper tabs can be reused.


I know a lot of you mamas are past the diapering stage (lucky ducks…although…no diapers means no more chunky baby thighs so…never mind), but I guarantee that your mama-friends with babies will love you forever for sharing this one.

BONUS: If you’re heading out somewhere for a quick trip and don’t want to carry a bulky bag, you can do the double diaper trick, even without the broken tab. That way, you’ll have an extra diaper with you (and already on your baby’s bottom, no less), and you can throw a pack of wipes in your purse and be good to go!

P.S. Why, yes, I did intentionally rip a tab off of a perfectly good diaper and then double-diaper Theo just to take pictures to show you guys. Good thing this hack works so well.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to tag your own #mamalifehacks using that hashtag on social media!


  1. This is absolutely genius! Thanks so much, I’m not throwing any more ripped tab diapers away due to squirmy mcsquirmington.

  2. I have a tab-less diaper currently floating around because I never have wanted to take the time to find tape while my baby is undiapered. Thanks for sharing this super smart idea!

        1. You are the woman, Karen. I have never had anything so adult as a diaper changing drawer. 🙂

          We have a basket full of diapers in the living room, and the floor is our changing table. Ha!

  3. You know what? We are traveling this week and I may do this with my two year old – since I usually end up changing him standing up. (He’s refusing to potty train for now, but getting pretty big for the koala wall changers) So I think I may hack the hack! Two diapers on each kid when we set out and the first diaper change will be super easy! YAYYYYY!!! Thanks for this!

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