I’ve subconsciously been on the hunt for the perfect glossy turquoise nail polish. I say subconsciously because it’s hardly been an active search. I’ve yet to enter a store that sells nail polish with the express goal of finding said perfect turquoise tone. But I will casually scan the selections, and any time something close catches my eye, pick it up for a quick once-over.

Apparently I’m picky because I’ve passed over who-knows-how-many bottles for being too shiny, too dark, too light, too sparkly, too Texan (because there is a particular shade that should be called Texas Turquoise, and it’s almost always paired with rhinestones and zebra print. And, despite being a Texan, I am not a fan).

Just the other day, though, on a random jaunt through Marshall’s, I found it!

I wasn’t even looking, but there it was. Calling my name. You better believe I answered the call too.

The thing is, my love of blue nail polish is hardly limited to turquoise. I love them all–the ones with the gray undertones, the purply ones, the deep navies. I’ll wear them all.

In short, I’m a blue girl. At least when it comes to my nails.

I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit that the following shades represent only about half of the blue polishes I own, but I love (and regularly wear) all of them, so I thought I’d share, just in case you too are into the oxygen-deprived fingernail look.

nail polish

From left to right, we have: Formula X by Sephora – Massive, Ulta – Mint Condition, OPI – Can’t Find My Czechbook (oooooookay), OPI – Taylor Blue, OPI – Ski Teal We Drop, Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure – Dark Huemoor

By golly, those nail-polish-namers are a punny bunch.

Oh! And just in case you were wondering what that perfect turquoise shade was, it’s this one.

nail polish1

OPI – Taylor Blue

Ha! I posted that shot of my “nails” (that cookie, though) to Instagram as an example of how the internet had failed me. FYI: if your oven is on the fritz, and the internet tells you that you can still easily make chocolate chip cookies in a skillet on your stove-top, don’t believe them. I tried every heat setting, but they. all. burned. (I was using a cast-iron skillet, so maybe that was the culprit?).

ANYhoo, here’s a little better shot of the actual color:

nail polish3

So, shout-out out to all my fellow polish-lovers. Do y’all fixate on a certain color too? I’m a fan of pretty much every color out there, but I’m definitely partial to blues and corals.

Also? Did you know that the absolute best place to find name brand nail polishes like OPI and Essie and China Glaze at a discounted price is at Marshall’s and Ross and such-like stores? They have tons of colors, and none of them cost more than $4, which is usually at least half of what you’d paid at Ulta or Sephora.

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  1. Pretty colors! I remember one of my babysitters as a child had her toenails painted blue and pink alternating. And my parents wouldn’t let me do it to my nails. 🙁
    Thanks for the tip on Marshalls! OPI is a great polish for its mid-price.

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