grand opening announcement4

Wooohoooo! After way too many late nights, we managed to beat our goal of getting the shop website up and running on Monday morning by a whopping 11 minutes (at 11:49PM, to be exact).

Lindsay and I are pretty darn proud of every print we made together, and we hope you love them as much as we do.

Also? Don’t worry. This is still my personal blog. It’s still M is for Mama. I’m still Abbie.

This is not going to turn into one big advertisement Paint and Prose (although you will, of course, hear about it when we release new prints, have sales, etc.).

But I couldn’t NOT tell you when the website went live, right?

Before I let you loose into the wilds of, though, let me point out a few things:

  1. Shipping is ALWAYS free. So, unless you’re in Texas (where we’re obligated by law to charge you sales tax), the price you see is the price you pay, period.
  2. EXCEPT when the price is lower. We are offering a never-expiring coupon code of $5 off of a $45+ order and $10 off of an $80+ order. The codes are easy–5off45 and 10off80–but don’t forget to enter them at checkout because the discount is not automatic (we wish it were, but that’s not how the shop format we use works).
  3. Anyone who orders within the first 48 hours (so, today or tomorrow) will get a choice of a free sheet of 6 “Give Thanks” place cards or our “Thankful” print
  4. This is our grand opening week, and we’re ready to paaaaaartaaay! What that looks like for you is freebies and discounts (see above) as well as a “giveaway a day.” Each day, we’ve put together a fun giveaway package, featuring some really sweet stores or just cute stuff we thought y’all would like + a Paint and Prose art print.
  5. We’d love it if you’d spread the word about P+P. (And no, I don’t mean Pride and Prejudice; most people already know about that, especially the Colin Firth version). You can do this by pinning our prints directly from the website or sharing any of our images (with credit) on social media. If you DO share or pin, be sure to tag us (@paintandprose), and we’ll give you the appropriate number of entries into our kick-off giveaway which is…
  6. $100 of shop credit to Paint and Prose. Yiipppeeee!
  7. Psssst! Follow along with Facebook or Instagram to learn more about the giveaways!

I know you guys already saw our Christmas line, but I also snapped a few pics of Paint and Prose prints around the house and thought I’d share.


I’ve never gotten around to updating the nursery from twin to Theo mode (he doesn’t seem to mind), but I did add in this “You’ve Captured My Heart” print that I designed, and Lindsay was kind enough to draw for Theo’s shower almost a year go (before we even considered doing Paint and Prose).


This colorful ampersand is pretty much the perfect punch of color for a gallery wall. I can’t wait to show you the entire updated little girls’ room in our house!


I posted about this “Now is NOW” print months ago, but neither one of us were in love with the design once we really figured out what our “look” was. So, we redesigned it completely, and I’m happy to say that it’s even better than before.


This one makes me laugh so hard pretty much every time I see it (ask Lindsay or Shaun). We both love our husbands to distraction, so that’s TOTALLY not the point of the print. It’s more like: sometimes we find ourselves in frustrating circumstances (yes, even with those sweet hubbies of ours), and the outcome is always better when you ask the Lord to help you channel your angst elsewhere. A sense of humor doesn’t hurt either.


We have an entire #hashtag print series, and I love the vintage suitcases + globe on this one. If you need me, I’ll be sitting in a corner with it, dreaming of Santorini.


In case you’re wondering, marshmallows in the shape of snowmen don’t taste any better than the normal kind. But they sure do look cuter with our “Cup of Cheer” print close by!


I luuuuurve this “Kitchen Essentials” print in our bright, poppy colorway. But, never fear, neutral-lovers–we made one for you too!

Those are all of the prints that I had a chance to photograph in my house, but they are not ALL that we have to offer, so–if you’re so inclined–head on over to and have a look around.  (Don’t forget your coupon codes!)

I would love to hear from you about which prints are your faves and where you would put them in your home (or to whom you would give them as gifts!)


  1. My favorite is “Beat your eggs, not your husband” (so funny, I think I actually snorted), closely followed by #ican’teven. I will pray that God blesses your endeavors. 🙂

  2. The #wanderlust one is perfect for my sister-in-law who enjoys traveling!
    Love the color palette on all of the prints I have seen so far.

I love hearing from you guys!