I don’t do much with scales that weigh humans these days, having sworn off weighing myself (except for progress purposes if I do a cleanse or some other sort of challenge) a long time ago.

But scales of the cute kitchen variety? Total sucker for those guys.

Which is why I couldn’t leave well enough alone with this plain silver one we have.


There’s honestly not a thing in the world wrong with him. But I have nothing else in my kitchen this particular shade of shiny silver chrome, so he kind of stuck out like a sore thumb, which resulted in his being exiled to the pantry.

But then! I got the brilliant (aka: super common and totally unoriginal) idea to paint Steve (the Scale; he needed a name).

And so I rummaged through my spray paint stash, found a shade I liked, and taped off Steve’s face (because nobody enjoys a blast of spray paint to the face…I hope).


I would love to say that I just went to town on him and was done in about 15 minutes flat…which…is mostly true. But there was something janky about the that particular spray paint can’s nozzle, and I ended up with blue paint splattered everywhere. Still. No more than 25 minutes later, I had managed to coat my hands AND Steve in a respectable amount of somewhat evenly applied paint, and he was ready take his place center stage in the kitchen.

painted scale1


painted scale

Now, OBVIOUSLY, this is a staged picture. We use our kitchen island for everything from eating 3 meals a day (plus about 40 snacks–I’m looking at you, twins) to crafting to school and just about everything in between. A scale–even (especially?) one as newly cute as Steve–would never survive the daily carnage.

painted scale3

But I have a great spot all picked out for him, assuming that he hasn’t gotten too impressed with himself from his brief sojourn as the carrier of the sparkly Christmas ornaments to be moved to a lowly shelf.

ANYhoo, I’m plenty happy with Steve’s transformation, but if I were going for the perfect kitchen scale, I would be all over these bad boys.

scale collage

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Do you guys have a thing for scales too? Any links for me? Don’t tell Steve, but I’m kind of on the lookout for the perfect teal scale, but I haven’t had any luck yet.

P.S. Lord WILLING, I’ll have a mini Christmas house tour for you on Monday before signing off to slip into a shortbread cookie induced coma for about a week or so.

P.P.S. In case you’re dying to know, the wooden star tree + table runner are from Marshall’s, the greenery is from Michael’s, and the colorful ornaments were a melted crayon + glass ornament craft that the kids and I did.


  1. How did you know that I was going to ask about that Christmas tree?!?!? It is just too cute sitting there beside Steve! Love the color by the way!

    Hope you have a merry and blessed Christmas!

    (Congrats to Abbie on getting to bring her eldest child home early! GOD is great!)

  2. I so enjoy every one of your posts. You kept my spirits up while I was 3000 miles from home for five months, with our oldest child (of 4) who was undergoing bone marrow transplant. Your blogs from your home kept me daydreaming of all the projects & crafts I would do when we got home. And we are home!!! 4 months early; with our healthy child, all together for Christmas by His grace. I love your island color, may I ask what you used?
    Thanks again Abbie, from this North Idaho mama.

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