Okay, I know that every single one of your eyes brightened a bit when the word, “pregnancy,” popped up in the title of today’s post, so let’s get it out of the way in the first sentence that this is NOT a pregnancy announcement. Although…it would have been a cute one.

Nope. This is just a PSA for all of you who have ever paid $10 (or more for the fancy ones) for a 3-pack of pregnancy tests from the drugstore that you could be paying a fraction of that…for a product that works just as well.

My friend, Kelli, from Eat Pray Read Love first clued me in to this bit of money-saving magic, and I have since accurately ID’d two pregnancies (and–let’s be honest–ruled out several more false alarms) over the last 4 years.


If that’s not one for #mamalifehacks, I don’t know what is.

So, where do you find these bad boys? Any “dollar store” where everything really is just $1. The Dollar Tree, and Everything’s a Dollar are two that pop to mind immediately, but there may be others that I’ve missed. (Dollar General, for example, does not qualify).

ANYhoo, other than how much they cost and the fact that they work, I’m honestly not sure what else to say (and it’s rare to find me at a loss for words).

I just don’t feel like an in-depth discussion of the ins and outs of a pregnancy test is anything a) I want to write about or b) you want to read.



We could talk about that, “Yes, they’re all mine,” tote, yes? I’ve posted about it several times on social media, and I had multiple questions about where to purchase it.

Here you go.

In fact, if you’re a mama of many, you might even say that this post is a #mamalifehacks two-fer since–if you’re anything like me–“Are they all yours” is pretty much a 4X per Target trip question, and having it answered for you just might save you some serious time!


Did you know you could buy pregnancy tests at the Dollar Store? I can’t believe I overpaid for those little suckers for so long!


  1. Saying “this is not a pregnancy announcement” is not quite the same as saying “I’m not pregnant”, so I’m guessing congrats are in order 🙂

  2. Yes! That was how we announced on Facebook for one of our girls by sayin dollar store pregnancy tests really work! 🙂

  3. Oh yeah! Love Dollar Tree tests. My mom always told me they were just as accurate and they are. For my two girls, I took the test the day my period was due and it came up positive.

  4. I get the simple strip ones on amazon or ebay and pay even less than that. Only 30 cents each! They’ve been accurate every time. 🙂

  5. Walmart had them too, except they’re less than a dollar ($.88?)! They’re with a Bunche of random “Equate” medical stuff like allergy medication. They have ovulation calculators for the same price!

    1. Seriously? I’ve bought plenty of pregnancy tests from Walmart, but I’ve never found them for that cheap. Maybe I just wasn’t looking in the right place. Thanks for the heads up!

      1. They don’t specifically say “pregnancy test” on the $0.88 test. They’re labeled “HCG test” which of course is the hormone pregnancy tests are checking for.

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