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M is for: Multiples

Based on the title, you might have thought this post would be about the twins. But it’s not, more’s the pity…so sorry!

Back in June, I bought three pairs of sandals from LOFT. Three of the SAME pair of sandals…in different colors.

And at the time, I wrote this: “I’m not usually a ‘1 in every color, please’ kind of girl. I like variety too much.”

But then I posted this pic to Instagram after I folded up my birthday shopping haul and realized I don’t like variety that much.

stripes and polka dots

In fact, apparently, I really like stripes and polka dots. In my defense, although there are some multiples, most are (at least a little bit) different—long-sleeved, short-sleeved, sleeveless. One is a dress, and one is a night gown. Oh, and that one on the bottom left, I already owned.

Plus, the average price/item was about $6. Not nearly as good as my Goodwill deals, but I did have gift cards!

Still, apparently, I’ve really had patterns (and a similar color scheme) on my brain.

And after seeing the repetition (and after wearing one of the shirts with the semi-attached polka dots and the twins’ yanking 5 of them off likethat), I’m not sure I will keep everything. Thoughts?

So, tell me: am I the only one that gets home with a bag full of clothes that all look alike? It’s not a habit or anything (the bag full of clothes or the repetition). But I surprised myself with my consistency this time around.