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27 Vibrant Home Decor Fabrics for Under $25/yard

I’m a fabric hoarder. I freely admit it. I don’t sew that often, but I have an entire room full of fabrics that I love or at least liked enough that I couldn’t pass them up for the price.




This scenario may or may not have played out several times in our household:

fabric truth

That isn’t to say that I don’t use many of those fabrics. Because I DO!

I recover chairs with them (or get them recovered rather). And ottomans too! (that one really was me). I make curtains for the living room. And my kids’ rooms. I recover crib bumpers. And then do it again. I make fabric art. And wreaths with little fabric word banners (complete with misspellings). And table runners. And throw pillows. And… you get the idea.

So, yeah. I guess I do a lot with the fabric that I have. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a problem. And I think the saying goes: the first step is admitting you have a problem, at which point you’re free to buy even more fabric.

Or something like that.

Which is why I spent way too much time yesterday scoping out new fabrics for a room in our house that needs a bit of zing. It’s one I’ve never shown you before, and I plan to give you a peak tomorrow (we’ll see how that goes).

And after wading through a whole bunch of this:

Fullscreen capture 1152014 93101 AM

…I thought I might put all my intense fabric research to good use and share the gems I uncovered. That way, you won’t have to slog through 25 pages of striped toile in every possible shade of blah like I did. Ahem.

And so, I give you…

vibrant fabric collage

I’ve divided them into two loose categories:

1) Funky

2) Traditional

But remember that the key word here is VIBRANT. These are colorful, bold prints, sure to make a big statement. If you read the title of this post and thought, “Well, gee, Abbie. Under $25/yard doesn’t sound like that good of a deal,” I totally agree. 75% of these fabrics are well under $25/yd (think more like $7), and most of the time, there are coupon codes available via email or just by googling them for the two online fabric sources I used ( and

But the thing is, paying $20 for a yard of really nice home decor fabric can easily get you up to 4 throw pillow fronts, depending on the size of the pillow (you can save money and make them reversible by using a neutral fabric for the back of the pillow). And most store-bought pillows, even at discount places like Ross and Marshall’s, run at least $15 a pop.

So, even a more expensive fabric, if you really love it, is worth it for the mileage (yardage?) in can give you in terms of home decor impact.

First up, let’s start with my favorite category.

funky collage

From left to right:

1/2/3    4/5/6   7/8/9   10/11/12   13/14/15

Hands down, my three favorites are the Waverly Santa Maria (middle row, far right), the Waverly Fun Floret in Citrus Orange (very middle), and the Swavelle/Mill Creek Indoor/Outdoor Starlet Teal (bottom right), and I will be finding ways to incorporate all of them into my home.

But I’m also pretty fond of the ones in this  category.

traditional collage

They’re still great statement-makers, but the color palette is a bit more subdued, and the patterns are a bit less modern.

From left to right:

1/2/3   4/5/6   7/8/9   10/11/12

So, what about you guys? Any fellow fabric hoarders out there? It’s rather disturbing just how much I enjoyed researching all of these patterns. Fabrics make me happy.

Any fabric projects you’re working on? Do you usually go bold or neutral (or somewhere in between)? As much as I love color and am not afraid to go bright, I usually buy  the ones that are slightly less saturated and loud. And when I do go bold, I usually do it in small doses like throw pillows or a framed piece of fabric.