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5 Things Thursday: How to fix your Google Friend Connect (GFC) Followers Box in Blogger


Things my husband tried:

1: Duh.


2. When that failed, furious typing ensued:


3. Still, no. So why not try a little random (blind-folded) button-banging?


4. Ack! Don’t do it, baby!


5. Aaaaah…SUCCESS!


  • Log into Blogger
  • Click the “Design” tab
  • Click the “Edit HTML” tab
  • Don’t scroll. Just look for the “” text you see directly above the highlighted text in the screenshot above
  • Insert the highlighted text.  Here it is for your convenience:
  • Thank this sweet man for being a brilliant programmer (his day-job) who loves his blogger-wife enough to spend a lot time figuring out this fix.


He was ecstatic about getting his picture taken. Can you tell?

And there you have it, folks! The GFC Followers box solution in a (rather large) nutshell.

**Hopefully, this works as well for you as it does for me.  Shaun tried a bunch of other fixes, but this is the only one that has 100% solved the problems with my followers box disappearing or malfunctioning.  I’ve had it on both of my blogs for the last two weeks.

See you tomorrow for Feature Friday

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