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Try-it Tuesday: Bright Baby Boy Shower

Many moons ago (okay, so more like 2 1/2 months, but still), some friends of mine and I hosted a shower for Mandy’s then not-yet-born baby boy, Zane.

You know you’re behind on a post when you finally get around to blogging about a baby shower, and the baby in question has already been born, is a month old (Today! Happy 1st Month Birthday, Zane!), and is wearing 3T clothes (just a little joke; he was 10 lbs. when he was born, and he’s fast gaining on the twins). 

If you saw Mandy’s adorable nursery reveal last Friday, then you know that the inspiration for Zane’s nursery is an Alexander Henry fabric with lots of bright happy colors like red, yellow, blue, orange, and chocolate brown.


(That Z is covered in the fabric I’m talking about, and I’m laughing so hard right now realizing we set it up backwards; face palm).

We took our cue from her nursery colors and incorporated lots of the same hues for the decorations. The party was at my house in “the big room” (yup, that’s actually what we call it) upstairs, where we also hosted Simon’s and Della’s Pirates and Princesses birthday party last year, and I was thrilled with how well the colors in the room lent themselves to the shower “theme” (there really wasn’t one; just general bright baby boy happiness).

bright baby boy shower


Here’s a shot of the spread on the main table.


The chalkboard is actually a fun barn sale find from several years back that I painted (both the yellow and the chalkboard).  Then, our crazy-talented artist friend, Lindsay, did the chalk art. Free hand. Seriously. Isn’t she amazing?


Speaking of artistic talents, Lindsay comes by them naturally. Her mom, Alison, does the most gorgeous floral arrangements, and she made two of these pretty bouquets at cost for us (she has such a generous heart).


I stole the turquoise garland from the twins’ room and discovered the yellow one hiding away in a cabinet on the day of the party, which was such a fun little happenstance since it really added to the vivid color scheme.


The food consisted of a mix of sweet and savory. I made carrot cake cupcakes from this sinfully delicious recipe. I also made a very ugly but very yummy version of this chicken cranberry croissant ring, and it was a huge hit!


(that cute chalkboard name art is from Lindsay as well; I know, right?)

Mandy’s sister-in-law, Cayse, who is one of the sweetest souls I have ever had the privilege to know and who just moved away to Arkansas (booooo!), was able to be there for the party, and she made this adorable diaper cake.


Of course, what’s a baby shower without games? And since I do gross way better than I do cutesy, we played the “What’s in the Diaper?” game, which produced many giggles and expressions like this one.


(if that’s not the most realistic-looking fake “newborn poop” ever, I don’t know what is)


Another lovely specimen.




Meanwhile, the twins happily played on the crumb-strewn floor and produced very real, very fragrant diaper contents for their mother to guess at later on.    


Almost all the ladies, minus Sheila (and one other), who kindly snapped the pic.


Oh, and one of me and the lady of honor (I don’t know how kosher it is to post pics of pregnant women after they’re no longer pregnant, but when you look this darn cute and tiny pregnant, I say it’s okay).

Whew! Glad I finally got all that off my chest. Plus, it was fun to look back at the pictures and reminisce about the fact that I have friends that are brave enough to taste-test the contents of a diaper that at the very least looks like it was recently attached to a real baby bottom. Everybody needs a few friends like that.

So, what about you guys? Do you stick to themes for parties or are coordinating colors good enough? OR are you just happy if the cheesy hamburger dip gets melted? (No judgment here; I once had guests helping me make the cupcakes for my own daughter’s first birthday party).

I’ve still got 18 days left to finalize plans for the twins’ party, so hopefully, there won’t be a cupcake (or lack thereof) catastrophe repeat, but I’m not gonna lie. I need to get moving.

Have a terrific Tuesday, y’all!

P.S. Anybody want to take a guess at what was in those two diapers in the pics?

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Try-it Tuesday: EASY Ribbon Bow Headband

First up, thanks so much for all your suggestions on yesterday’s Twin Birthday Inspiration post. Y’all had some awesome ideas!

Speaking of the twins…

I was about to claim that I love getting my girls dressed up in froofy outfits as much as the next mama. But it’s just not true. While I do enjoy dressing my little princesses up every now and then, all I have to do is look right and left at the grocery store to see that I’m way behind the curve in the baby accessorizing department.

So much so that Liz, a sweet nursery worker at our gym, bought the twins hair bows because they always show up bowless and shoeless.


{But they match! Surely that counts for something}

I’ve already talked about my aversion to the head-swallowing bow trend so prevalent here in Texas. I think it’s cute enough on other people’s kiddos (although, I’m not gonna lie—when it’s a newborn who looks like she’s about to buckle under the mountain of tulle and ribbon on her head, I’m definitely not a fan). But I prefer smaller embellishments for my own girls.

Which is why I really love today’s headband. I’m calling it the…


Here’s what you’ll need to make some of your own:


    • Hot glue gun/glue
    • Scissors
    • Ribbon (two coordinating colors/patterns in smaller/larger size)
    • 1/8” elastic

{See? Easy!}

::STEP 1::

Cut a length of the thicker ribbon, keeping in mind that you will be folding it in half. I didn’t measure, but I started with somewhere around 3-4”.


::STEP 2::

Fold the ends of the ribbon back until they just barely overlap and the underside of the ribbon is completely hidden. Then secure the folded over ends with a dab of hot glue.


::STEP 3::

Take your thinner ribbon and secure it in the center of your folded over ribbon with another bead of hot glue.

IMG_5598 IMG_5603

Wrap it all the way around the center, tightening a little to create a slightly “cinched in” look for the center. Then, glue it in place and trim the end with your scissors.

IMG_5606 IMG_5607

At this point, you’ll have this:


::STEP 4::

Measure your little cutie’s head and cut a length of 1/8” elastic to size. Then—yup, you guessed it—attach it to your bow with yet another dab of hot glue.

IMG_5612 IMG_5613

::STEP 5::

Slap the world’s easiest-to-make bow headband on a baby (or two, if you’ve got another one handy).

happy twins happy twins2 

Marvel at their happy adorableness for the .02 seconds it lasts.

After which time, you’ll have this:

unhappy twins collage

(I made these originally for the twins to wear at Shae’s wedding, and they did happily. But they’ve only worn them once since, and apparently, when you rarely put headband on your babies, they don’t care for it much when you do it for photo shoots).

I think the best thing about these headbands is that, yes, they’re super-simple, but you have endless options to fancy them up a bit.  You could add a bit of sparkle with glitter or rhinestones (as long as your baby is not of the headband-gnawing persuasion), layer different patterns of ribbon in thinner sizes, or even glue little flowers or butterflies to the top (again, careful with any add-ons that your baby could choke on). Also, they work well with practically any kind of ribbon. I used grosgrain and a silky ruffled ribbon mostly, but I could see these working great with satin or even velvet.

Now, if only I could remember to put them on the twins before we leave the house…

Ah well. Can’t win them all.

But, considering that these headbands take all of 5 minutes to make, I’m going to call it a win, even if they only end up on a baby-noggin once a month.

What about you guys? Are you good at accessorizing your munchkins? Or are you good to go if they have a fresh recently changed diaper and semi-unstained clothes on? (Totally guilty of this one, most days).

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