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Feature Friday: Gresham Barn Sale

When I was 7 months pregnant with my first child, I heard about a local “barn sale” full of vintage goodness that sounded like something I had to see for myself.


I went with my mother-in-law on “sale day” (everything is 25% off the last day of the 4 day sale), bought something cute for my house at a great price (I honestly can’t remember what it was at the moment) and promised myself that I would come back again the next time the very talented Jodi Miller hosted her fun sale.


And you know what? I kept my promise! Since that spring sale, the Gresham Barn Sale has taken place every fall and spring, and Jodi has even added a Christmas sale in November with a focus on handmade goodies.  I think I’ve only missed two Christmas sales, both of which happened to fall right around the times my second and third kiddos were born. Though…I did run into a friend who had just had a baby 48 hours before, so I don’t guess this excuse holds up. Now, I feel like a total slacker!


This year, I actually broke with tradition and went with a friend on Friday, the day before sale day, so I could scope out the deals. Then I came back on Saturday to take pictures and see if there was anything left on sale that I couldn’t live without.  


If I’d had a place in my house for this awesome cane-bottom chair/desk combo in that same deep teal that I dreamed of/found for my birthday manicure, I might have had to cram it in the back of my van. I mean, really? Me and teal?…we’re likethis


Jodi was a bit worried I wouldn’t find anything picture-worthy since the pickings were mighty slim by the time I got the chance to snap some shots, but we both agreed that that was a good problem to have.


After all, if there’s not much to take pictures of at the tail-end of the last day of the sale (which was when I finally managed to put my camera to work), you  must be doing something right! Apparently, I’m going to have to step up my game if I’m going to snag the things I fall in love with…


…like this fun, funky chest, which I couldn’t think of a place for until it was already sold, at which point it occurred to me that it was the perfect shade of yellow for my living room. Doh!


…or this awesome table which I can totally picture underneath that big painting in my kitchen. Love the eclectic mix of industrial and cottage style.  (It too was sold by the time I noticed it).


…or this fantastic shelf, which wasn’t sold, and I wanted so badly but just wasn’t quite the right scale for the space I had in mind. Boo!


In addition to great furniture, Jodi also has lots of doo-dads, knick-knacks, and accessories, all of which fit the vintage theme of the sale.  That dress form is fabulous, no?


Loved these adorable chalkboard bunting banners!


Another favorite piece. Wouldn’t this be a cool place to store craft supplies?

And there you have it! (For now). Jodi does such a fantastic job of styling and staging everything, and she works super-hard to run everything in an orderly way. It shows too, from the table with a constant supply of yummy treats/drinks to the adorable displays to the friendly helpers always available to assist you in finding something or getting a purchase out to your car.  I couldn’t resist taking a moment to introduce you. If you’re local, be sure to stop by the Christmas handmade sale! You can find all of the details at Jodi’s blog.


Somehow, I managed not to get a pic of Jodi, so I stole this one from her facebook page. Pretty lady! : )


And here’s the only shot I got of me and my cute little helper. She’s such a trooper!

Next up for me? BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, and a slew of errands. Let the weekend begin!

Hope yours is fantastic! See you Monday!

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Wardrobe Wednesday: A Confession

1) If you haven’t checked out this week’s Try-it Tuesday yet, please do. It represents a good portion of my life day yesterday, and I’m loving how my Reversible “Love Letters” Bunting Banner turned out. You might just want one yourself!

2) I’ve got two cheat outfits for you this week, and one of them is almost entirely Goodwill-free!  At one time, it might have been hard for me to put together 100% thrifted outfits.  Now, it’s actually kind of tricky to put together the cheat ones without its being 90% Goodwill (and yes, the thought of calling GW up and demanding an endorsement deal has already occurred to me, but thanks for the suggestion).







Okay, so obviously—from the (over)abundance of pics—I loved a) this outfit and b) how these shots turned out (the subtle grays, purples, and sage greens in the field behind me in that last pic make me feel like I belong in an Anthropologie shoot…or might if I were 10 pounds lighter, 4 inches taller, and a lot angrier-looking. Darn my inability to look like a ticked-off giraffe, I could have been rich!).

Top: Ann Taylor Loft/clothes-swap ($0), Shorts: Beall’s ($8), Shoes: Beall’s ($11), Scarf: Goodwill ($1), Jewelry: GW ($3)

TOTAL: $23





Top: GW ($3), Skirt: Forever 21 ($20), Sandals: Marshall’s ($20), Belt: Gap ($2), Earrings: Macy’s ($4)

TOTAL: $49 (I think this is the highest total for an outfit that I have ever posted. See what happens when you stray from the Goodwill code?)

Oh, and for the polish junkies…I’m wearing Ulta’s The Jungle Look.

Here’s what’s been happening over at Secondhand or Bare Bottom (I have an almost irresistible urge to say “in your neck of the woods” like Al Roker when I write this). Be sure to follow along for your daily dose of 100% thrifted goodness!



Did I peak your interest with my “confession” title? Yeah, cheap, I know.  But you kept reading, now didn’t you? So, who’s cheap now?

Okay, I’ll stop taunting people who can’t respond in real-time and fess up:

I’m not very good at looking at all of those this-is-in-style, here’s-what-hot-right-now, trend-alert type of blogs/articles (I just got my Pinterest account activated and am feeling a lot of pressure because all of these people are following me…whatever that means…and I haven’t pinned a single darn thing, by the way).

In fact, my style-sense consists of putting on what I think looks good on me/makes me feel attractive (interesting note, instead of “attractive,” I originally wrote “compassion;” exactly what is my subconscious telling me?) and going with it (that wasn’t the confession, just in case you’re feeling disappointed).

So, I’m no good at the “wear this-es,” but there is one “DON’T wear this” guilty pleasure that I have, and I’m wondering if any of you out there read it.

Kat Giantis’ Undressed on MSN…anyone, anyone? Hello? Ferris?

It’s a snarky series that she updates every couple of weeks or so in which she rounds up some of the rattiest celeb looks slinking around cyberspace and proceeds to rip them to shreds with nothing more than her keyboard and her rapier wit. 

I can’t have anything liquid near me when I’m reading her because I’m likely to either spill it or snort it up my nose, I’m laughing so hard. 

There was once a post about Kirsten Dunst that gave me laugh-induced hiccups.  No lie.  It was from several years back, and I tried to find it for you but finally gave up when I kept getting rather unsavory search results (it didn’t occur to me at first that searching for Kirsten Dunst “Undressed” probably wasn’t the smartest).

ANYhoo…It’s not much of a confession in the grand scheme of things, especially as Kat Giantis keeps things mercifully clean—even if she does quite often live up to her name—but I’m just wondering whether I’m alone here because I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else who reads this, and I’m curious to know what you think. 

Aaaaand…that does it for me for today, folks!

See you tomorrow for 5 Things Thursday

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