The Gentleness Challenge Ebook

If you’ve ever found yourself yelling at your kids on the daily, using sarcasm to make your point, or simply struggling with an unkind tone, then The Gentleness Challenge is for you!

I created The Gentleness Challenge in the throes of Postpartum Rage after my eighth baby. The Holy Spirit convicted me that, no matter how legitimate my irritation felt and no matter how real my hormonal imbalance was, if I didn’t surrender my “right to be angry” (and take it out on my family) to Him, my kids very well might remember me for my harshness, not my love for them. 

From a desire to completely forsake the bad habits I’d fallen into and to put to death (in Christ’s strength) the “rage monster” that lurked inside of me, I created a 30 day “only gentle speech” challenge. And I invited my family (and multiple thousands of people on the internet) to do it with me. 

The transformation that the Lord worked in my heart was nothing short of miraculous! And it has been a lasting change to this day. 

After leading three rounds of The Gentleness Challenge on Instagram (@thegentlenesschallenge), I knew I didn’t have the bandwidth create new posts indefinitely. So, I wrote TGC e-book to answer an FAQ I got weekly: “Is there any resource to help me walk through the challenge on my own or with a few girlfriends?” 

The answer is yes! This e-book gives you daily encouragement, a specific focus, Scripture, and action steps to help you not only walk away from the bad habit of unkind speech but to also replace it with transformed thoughts and actions by God’s grace. 

Be encouraged that change is possible, friends! And this guide is here to help you every step of the way.

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