The Penny Reward System eBook


The Penny Reward System is a simple way to develop consistency, initiative, and good attitudes in certain areas.



My husband, Shaun, and I found ourselves searching for a simple system years ago when we noticed our kids’ (and our own) lack of consistency, initiative, and good attitudes in certain areas. We knew we didn’t have the bandwidth for complicated charts, timelines, or rewards. But we also knew that little kids love coins—getting them, handling them, spending them, saving them.

So we combined our need for a system with kids’ love for pocket change and transformed a few glass jars plus a hoarded penny stash into a simple but effective setup that has served us well for many years.

It has proven to be one of my most popular mama life hacks. We hope it will help you just as much!

To learn more about the origin of the penny reward system, click here.

Try it for yourself.

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