The Reason Why We Have So Many Kids (Part 1)

If I had to name one question I get/have gotten asked the most over the last 5 years of blogging, it would have to be: “So, why, exactly, do y’all have so many kids?” The “funny” answer, of course, is because we just like each other that much. Although…as my sweet, usually demure mother pointed out […]

A $7 Embroidered Bag??

I get a fair number of questions about this purse. I bought it, um, 18 months {?} ago on major sale from Anthropologie’s website, and everyone from complete strangers to RL friends to blog readers to Anthro employees have asked me about it. It sold out pretty quickly, but I stumbled across a different design […]

A Wedding in Vail {Part 1}

Whoa. The past week has been a blur. I looked up this morning expecting it to be Monday, maaaaybe Tuesday, only to realize that–shoot!–it’s Wednesday, I haven’t blogged in over a week, and our vacation is almost over. (Pssst…even when I’m not blogging, you can still find daily updates on Instagram). Okay, so I’m not […]

Brain Dump

Emily has these cute little posts she does called “Coffee Chats” which are basically her chance to talk about all the random things she’s been mulling over/doing in her life without having to have a specific post “theme” or title. Well, that’s what today is for me. Except I don’t drink coffee. Like at all. […]

Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL {#76} + Thrifted or Grifted Results + A $50 Novica Giveaway

Welp, I had the best of intentions to reveal the Thrifted or Grifted results yesterday morning, but—by golly—life just got in the way. It’s almost like it doesn’t realize I have blog-readers to update sometimes. Hopefully, I didn’t keep you on tenterhooks for too long, though, because I am doing the big reveal this morning. […]