If any of you saw my Facebook status about wanting cake, I’m sure you’ve been agonizing all sleepless-night-long over whether or not I gave in to the urge to bake (sorry about that).

The answer is *not.*

I had a sucker instead that was included in a shipment of irrigation equipment my husband had just gotten in (because nothing says, “Thank you for ordering our yard supplies,” like a grape Tootsie Pop; were they out of watermelon?), and while it in no way resembled what I was actually craving, I think it was just different enough to confuse my body into forgetting all about the cake.  Until now…when I have just devoted an entire paragraph to my triumph over the urge to bake…and I want to even more than before.


In other news, I have never had such a hard time GIVING something away. Listen, people, if you even remotely like headbands or know someone related to someone who does, make sure you take a moment to enter the giveaway (all 5 of the people that actually want the thing are waving wildly at the screen and yelling, “Nooooo. Don’t ruin our good odds, woman!” Sorry, girls. I can’t see you).

If you’re hanging back either because: 1) the contest requires you to tell me where you’d wear it, or 2) because you saw the picture where I’m wearing it…

Then, in the case of #1, you could just do what one reader did, and give the perfect answer: “On my head.” (I heart you, JClose!).

And as for #2, I’ll have you know that I wash my hair on a (semi) regular basis and have never found any evidence of either skin disease or lice on my head. Wow. After reading that, I’m not sure if you should be reassured or terrified.

Either way, go win yourself (or your best friend’s aunt) a headband!!

…And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

After recommending a classic rom-com and an indie weepie for our last two flicks, I felt compelled to choose something with true gravitas this week.

Hence, my choice below:

Amusing little morsel, courtesy of www.imdb.com: Patrick Wharburton improvised a tune in the scene in which Kronk sings his own theme music—and then had to sign over the rights of his “humming composition” to Disney’s legal department. I’m surprised they haven’t released a single yet.

Now before you go questioning the legitimacy of my choice by knocking The Emperor’s New Groove for its snide one-liners, its secret labs, its vengeful squirrels…oh, who am I kidding? Every one of those elements only further enhances the overall awesomeness of the movie, and we all know it.  Still, for a film that is essentially about an arrogant prince who unknowingly drinks “extract of llama” and then spends the rest of the film engaging in manic attempts to regain his throne and his human form, The Emperor’s New Groove manages to pack a powerful punch in the “lessons learned,” department. It teaches humility, loyalty, and honesty, to name a few, all while regaling us with one of the wackiest, cleverest, most funkily animated kid-flicks ever.  In the words of the immortal Yzma (in cat-form, of course): “Squeak, squeaker, squeak… squeaken,” which I’m pretty sure, when translated, means, “Go rent it…now.”

P.S. Kronk is my hero.

If this summary thoroughly confused you, go here to read my full review (includes more detailed content information, a critical consensus, and web smileys!!).

Can’t find it to rent? Go here to order a hard copy from Amazon.

Until next Friday, stay picky! Your mind will thank you later!


  1. Own and love this movie! In fact, one of my fb favorite quotations is from it! The whole “sharp rocks at the bottom” “bring it on” part. I love it!

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