As I mentioned on Tuesday, it’s been unusually tranquil around here this week on account of not having my two oldest tykes around to: ask for juice or snacks every five minutes, need help getting the last little Lego piece to fit onto their latest dragon/plane/rocket masterpiece (and, yes, that’s just one creation that manages to be all of those things…they’re that good), or have a scrape/nose/bottom cleaned. And even though I sound like I’m complaining, the truth is that bright, shiny feeling of having only one kid around has lost a bit of its sheen, and I’m feeling more than a little boy-sick.

So, to take my mind off of it, I’m linking up today with Amber of Starfish Jewelry, who is hosting a linky series called:


Jeannett of Life Rearranged for her InstaFriday series. Mine doesn’t quite fit the bill, but it’s close, so I hope Jeannett doesn’t mind.

Using Emily of Jones Design Company’s tutorial on collage-making with Picasa (sad I didn’t already know how to do this since I use Picasa for all my pics), I created this fun little montage of what our week has looked like without the boys around: pretty low-key, not too exciting, but fun nonetheless.


And lest you think that all we did was play all week, I’ll have you know that today, I’m tackling a rather formidable project, which I’m only willing to take on because of what will (hopefully) be an awesome end result.

If that was too cryptic for you, I’ll leave you with this tantalizing tidbit as a hint: 


I’ve got shivers down my spine, folks. Shivers.

See you tomorrow for Flicky Friday!

Oh, and don’t forget the GIVEAWAY!

Time is tickin’, y’all!


  1. Thanks, Amber! I enjoyed doing it. Thanks for hosting the link-up and for the compliments for Della. I’m partial, but I know sure think she’s cute! : ) I enjoyed clicking through your blog and reading some posts today (fun to see the process of moving into a new place). Good stuff.

  2. Love the pics and the collage too!! I think I may try the collage for next week’s post 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up – your little girl is adorable!! xoxo Amber

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