Let me start by saying that I’m normally not a headband kind of girl, but you’d never know it from this week’s post. It’s a headband bonanza!

I’ve also included the cost of each outfit again, and this week’s acronym is SPENDY! (She paid essentially no dough, yo!) It’s close, but I don’t think I’ve quite reached the heights of cheesiness of which of I’m capable, so I’ll keep working on it. : )




White tank: Clothes swap with friends ($0), Top: American Eagle/Goodwill ($3), Jeans: Goodwill ($3), Shoes: Goodwill ($2) with flower corsages added by me using my tutorial from last week




Top (actually a dress…yeah, not gonna happen): Goodwill ($3), Jeans: Express/Marshall’s ($17), Shoes: Beall’s ($8), Headband: made by me using this week’s tutorial, Bracelet: A valentine’s gift from my sweet hubby from our trip to (squeal!) Hawaii this last February, Book: a fabulous Goodwill find ($1)

TOTAL:  $29




Tank: Gap ($3), Top: Delia’s/Goodwill ($3), Skirt: Goodwill ($4), Shoes: Decree/JcPenney ($10), Headband: Claire’s ($.50), Necklace: Canton Trade Days purchase that I LOVE ($5), Belt: Gap ($2)

TOTAL: $27.50

P.S. This outfit is very “me.”



Top: Goodwill ($3), Shorts: Goodwill ($3), Belt: Goodwill ($1), Shoes: Dillard’s from at least 8 years ago ($7), Necklace: a fun vintage find from The Mustard Seed, a local shop I mentioned in this post ($4), Ring: James Avery/a gift from my hubby

TOTAL: $18

**Believe it or not, this was a date night outfit.  In theory, those shorts said, “Hey, I’m breezy and hip, which is necessary because it’s 167 degrees outside.” In practice, they said, “I’m schlumpy and the only thing ‘hip’ about me is how much wider I make this chick’s hips look.” And in reality, they said nothing because, in case you haven’t heard, clothes don’t talk. But what did speak louder than words was my husband’s silence. He’s normally aces at complimenting me, but the only thing he commented on was my cute, little gold/pearl grape-cluster necklace. Yeah, that’s a big fat fail, folks (my expression in the first pic says it all).**





Top: Goodwill ($3), Shorts: Abercrombie/Goodwill ($4), Shoes: Beall’s ($10), Necklace: gift from hubby (doesn’t he give the best jewelry?!), Headband: made by me, and being given away by me in this week’s GIVEAWAY!

TOTAL: $17



Ruffle tank: Old Navy ($4), Top-layer tank: DKNY/Goodwill ($2), Skirt: Hollister/Goodwill ($4), Gladiators: Steve Madden ($10), Headband: Ross ($.50), Bracelet: Body Shop ($3), Earrings: Goodwill ($2)

TOTAL: $25.50

And that’s all she wrote for this week, folks! Come on back tomorrow for Thoughtful Thursday, and don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway! It ends Monday at midnight!


  1. Well, thanks, Melynell! I actually teach Pump at an independent gym here in Texas, and I think Golds gyms are the main ones to carry it here in the South. Good for you for working off the pounds! That takes dedication! Oh, and the rug is Pottery Barn’s Moorish Tile Rug in Clementine from a few years back.
    And thanks for the compliments for Della (full name: Adelaide). She’s wonderful!

  2. You are so cute/hot/pretty! This is my first time finding your blog and I am so interested in learning/seeing more! I’m guessing you teach pump at lifestyle!? love body pump i lost 28 lbs in a year doing pump, yoga, belly dancing and a little bit of combat. Lifestyle has the best GF classes. And some Awesome instructors here in Ohio. You and your team look fabulous! I LOVE your tufted ottoman. Fantastic job on that. I am LUSTING your orange rug-where’d you find that baby at?? Smiles, Melanie

  3. You are so darling! Love all of your outfits, thanks for sharing! Visiting from The Pleated Poppy!

  4. LOVE the headbands! And the running totals for each outfit! I love a good thrift store find and your pieces are GREAT!

  5. P.S. To everybody checking this post out: I accidentally posted an old link to Pleated Poppy (tired, fuzzy eyes didn’t notice), so these outfits are from a couple of weeks ago. I did repost this week’s, but if you don’t want to go back to Pleated Poppy to look for it, you can click on my Wardrobe Wednesday header at the top of my page, and it will take you to this week’s. I even talked my 7-mo.-old daughter into posing with me, and she’s WAAAAY cuter than anything I wear. ; )

  6. I honestly am surprised at how easily I find stuff in mine. I must just be blessed with good selection. I live in Texas and have shopped in Dallas with much less impressive results than in my local E. Texas Goodwills.

  7. i can’t choose a favorite outfit. they all look GREAT!

    i love all your accessories.

  8. I love all your outfits!! What awesome deals you got… and I love your headbands! My favorite it the yellow “dress” outfit. I have many “dresses” like that… never gonna wear as a dress! If only they were 5 inches longer… sigh! 🙂

  9. You look so cute!! I just wandered into a couple Goodwills yesterday, and I know I didn’t really dig a ton but I only found crap. The crap that they had wasn’t even cheap like the stuff you got either. How do you do it??

  10. Wish I had your luck at our Goodwill. Not so much, unfortunately. Totally jealous of your thrifted finds. Love that yellow dress-turned-top with the red shoes. Great combo.

  11. Thanks, Jennifer! I actually cycle between the three Goodwills in the towns closest to me, and, strangely enough, the one I score the best deals at is in a small, non-affluent, very ugly town. I’ve never been able to figure out why I find such great stuff there, but I am not complaining! ; )

  12. I love each and every out fit, you must have an amazing good will….The one in my town is pretty horrid! I love the top you wore on date night~

  13. Thrifting is the best! Way to go on your first WIWW! It takes some effort/guts, but it’s worth it to make yourself get dressed and look decent. I know I don’t unless I’ve got somewhere to go or now, a picture to take!

  14. Do you have a Goodwill near you? Honestly, it’s gotten so much better, it’s not even funny! It’s only in the past couple of years that I’ve gotten such great deals, but you really can find lovely things all the time if you’re willing to look!

  15. You know what, Steph, I would enjoy that very much. I really would. I would probably get more of a kick out of it than the person getting the clothes! : )

  16. Actually, you don’t! I made one that I’m giving away-https://www.fivedaysfiveways.com/2011/06/embellished-headband-tutorial-giveaway.html-on the blog. Check it out and enter to win! Then you won’t have to go hunting for another one! : )

  17. You are an adorable dresser! And girl, you can accessorize! I loved looking at your pics. I could definitely use some style tips from you.

  18. You should set up a business to help those that are fashionally challenged. Those with less fashion sense could really benefit (ME!). Feel free to discount based on how helpless we are 🙂

  19. You definitely could be a “headband” girl!! You pull it off nicely! and love all of your outfits, even the khaki shorts!!

  20. Great looks and now I need to buy or make a headband! Nice job…love the last outfit for the ease and style!

  21. Uuuuuhhhh…not that I’m aware of, but I’m not exactly the technological brain trust around here. I’ll have to check with Alby. Thanks for the heads-up!

  22. Cute! My fave is the yellow dress. 🙂 Hey your feed isn’t working anymore on Google Reader. I haven’t seen any posts come through it since last week, did you change something?

  23. Great outfits! Love the long skirt, I also think it’s great that you included a price for each outfit. Very inspiring. This is my first time participating in WIWW, but most of my clothes were thrifted too.

  24. Totally love your outfits. They’re all so adorable. And what do you mean fail? The shorts are fab. I’ve been looking at walking shorts but haven’t made the leap yet ~ I’m so not a shorts girl. And I’m so happy to see someone else wears dresses with pants. Have a fab week.

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