Since my boys were still gone for a good bit of last week, I had a little more fun than usual with my everyday outfits, opting for skirts over shorts or pants (frankly, even thinking the word “pants” makes my shins perspire…it’s that toasty up in here).  If you’re confused about why wearing skirts doesn’t usually happen around little boys, I’ll answer you with some math: hot, gusty Texas breezes + small boy hands = an exponentially higher chance of wardrobe malfunctions.



Top: Clothes swap with friends ($0), Tank: Old Navy ($2), Skirt: DKNY/Goodwill ($4), Belt: Gap ($3), Sandals: Bealls ($4), Necklace: one of my favorite finds from our 5-year anniversary to Sydney ($10)

(Sorry…got a little carried away with the pics on this one).

TOTAL: $23



Button-up: Walmart ($1), Tank: Gap ($3), Skirt: Goodwill ($2), Shoes: Target ($8), Scarf: Gap ($2)Bag: real leather bag from Marshall’s for 70% off their price…I’m pretty sure that’s like 1,000% off retail if I’m doing my math right (and how could I not be?). Whoop! (Note the mooney-eyed expression as I gaze down at it in the last pic. I likey…lots!)

TOTAL (for clothes): $16


Dress: Target/Goodwill—with new tags on ($6), Shoes: Old Navy ($6), Necklace: Bealls ($3), Earrings: Bealls ($2), Scarf: Brought home from Israel by my good friend, Stef.

TOTAL: $17


Dress: Goodwill ($6), Necklace: Steinmart ($8), Shoes: Gap ($13), Roses: Sam’s (100+ blooms – $15)

TOTAL (for clothes): $27

(P.S. I know those last two black and white-ish shots don’t really fit, but I was having fun playing around with Picasa’s photo-editing, and I really wanted to do something with the shoe photo, which was too blown out to use outside of some…finessing).




Top: Mossimo/Goodwill ($2), Skirt: Express ($4), Shoes: Beall’s ($7)

TOTAL: $13

And another Wardrobe Wednesday’s in the bag!

Come back to tomorrow for Thoughtful Thursday, and I’ll share what I’ve been listening to this week.

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  1. I love the way you do an upside down french braid; I can do a regular french braid on my self, but would love a tutorial on the upside down one. You look darling with it!

  2. Thanks, girlie! Boys are great, but it’s just impossible to know when they’re going to think that giving Mama’s skirt a “twirl” in the middle of Target is a fabu idea. ; ) Better safe than sorry!

  3. As a mother of three kiddos (two boys in there!) I TOTALLY get the skirt issue! ;0) You look absolutely beautiful in every picture, love all the outfits! :0)

  4. Stunning, stunning, beyond stunning! Your pictures are so beautiful and I just love all the ways you styled all your skirts/dresses. The denim skirt with the button up, amazeballs! I’m featuring you in tomorrow’s RMRS Hot Mommas post!

  5. Omg! I love all of your outfits so much, I can’t pick a favorite. Everything is absolutely adorable. Love the whole math and boys thing, you are so right ~ I had 4 of those little people. 🙂

  6. I love all your clothes and accessories, too cute! Especially love the floral dress and those polka dot shoes are to die for. I wish we had a Beall’s around here, you have some cute stuff from there!

  7. wow, I just kept thinking ‘oh I like that one…then I would see the next outfit and think oh I like than one too’

    All of them are great, love the long grey dress, looks super comfy

  8. Thanks, Stacy! That’s our back yard, and it’s one of my favorite places to be (when it’s not 150 degrees outside, that is!).

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