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Aaaaand here we go with Wardrobe Wednesday. This week, I’ve added a feature that I haven’t officially named but am thinking about calling SPAHMD!, which, when translated, goes a little something like, “She paid HOW much?? Daaaaang!” (okay, so it’s not really a proper acronym; I’ll keep working on it).

I “thrift” (I love that blog-world has made that a verb) almost all of my clothes from Goodwill, and while that may skeeve some people out, there are plenty of others that either do the same or want to know just how good of deals you can actually get.

So glad you asked! At the end of each outfit source list, I’ll also include how much I paid for the entire thing. Prepare to be shocked. (Wow, that was dramatic; I have goose-bumps now).



Top:: Banana Republic ($7), Skirt:: 21 ($20), Gladiators:: Decree/JCPenney ($10), Bracelet:: my mom brought it home from Paris (*le sigh*).

TOTAL: $37 (Pretty high for me)

IMG_2348 IMG_2340
Top:: Gap ($4), Shorts:: Gap/Goodwill ($3), Belt:: Gap ($2), Sandals:: Bealls ($5), I ♥ Jesus bracelet:: free from VBS!!

TOTAL: $14 (Now, that’s more like it!)











Top:: free loot from a Naked Lady exchange—why yes, I do like using that term even though I could just say “clothes swap” ($0), Jeans:: Express/Marshall’s ($17), Belt:: Gap ($2), Sandals: Birkenstocks/Goodwill ($3), Flower pin:: made my me
TOTAL: $23

Top:: Goodwill ($2), Shorts:: American Eagle/Naked Lady ($0), Platforms (wore them all day=surprisingly comfy, btw):: Goodwill ($2), Necklace:: Goodwill ($1) Ring:: Pier 1 ($6)
TOTAL: $11
Dress:: Exhilaration/Marshall’s ($17), Shoes:: Same as above ($2), Ring:: Avenue online ($3), Earrings:: Beall’s ($2), Bracelet:: my favorite Canton Trade Days purchase ever and actually a necklace that I wrapped around my wrist ($5)
TOTAL: $30

Definitely my least favorite outfit of the week, but Adelaide had an…*ahem*…accident on my first choice, so we had to punt.

Top:: Naked Lady ($0), Skirt:: Target/Goodwill—with the tags still on ($3), Sandals:: Old Navy ($6), Earrings:: Goodwill ($2), Bracelet:: Goodwill ($1)

TOTAL: $12


I grabbed Mandy and forced her into a Wardrobe Wednesday moment without any prior notice, and she still looks stinkin’ cute! (Plus—and no fair!—she’s been hanging out at the pool, and I—shield your eyes!—have not)

Top:: American Eagle ($6), Skirt:: Goodwill ($3), Belt:: Goodwill ($1), Sandals:: Goodwill ($3), Necklace:: Walmart ($6)

TOTAL: $19

There you have it! I hope that I’ve inspired you to keep your eye out for good deals the next time you’re shopping!

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