If you’re anything like I am (i.e. multiple children, multiple bags, multiple errands at a time), keeping up with a pacifier seems like an impossibility without the little thingie that you clip to your baby’s outfit. For today’s purposes, that little thingie is going to be called a “paci tether.”

I didn’t use a pacifier at all with my firstborn, and then only sparingly with my second (can you tell? I don’t have a pet name for it or anything), but with my third, though she doesn’t have it in her mouth very often, I keep it clipped to her at all times. That way, when she starts giving me the stink-eye after 14 errands in and out of the 160 degree weather, and we’re still standing in the world’s longest line at Wally-world, I don’t have to go digging through her bag or mine looking for her pacifier.

Today, I’m going to show you how to make a paci tether and customize it however you choose. We’re making a layered ribbon tether, but you could also make this a single layer version, and it would be even easier.

Oh, and don’t stop reading now, even if you don’t have a baby. This simple project takes about 20 minutes and will make you the hit of that next baby shower you still haven’t bought a gift for, with just a few easy-to-find items: IMG_3551

  1. Scissors
  2. Metal clip (the easiest-to-find version that will work for our purposes is a suspender clip, which are sold at most craft stores)
  3. 1/2” white sewing Velcro
  4. Pins
  5. Two complementary colors/patterns of ribbon in two widths (the best size range for the bottom layer is: 5/8”-7/8”, and the best for the top is: 1/4”-1/2”)
  6. Coordinating thread

P.S. If you belong to the sewing-averse crowd, you could technically do every bit of this with hot-glue or fabric glue. A little messier and not quite as pretty, but still effective.

To get started, cut a 12” length of your two layering ribbons and lay one on top of the other, like so (I made several options since the velcro allows me to switch them out to match Della’s outfits, all while using only one clip):


Pin the top layer to the bottom so that they lie straight…


…and stitch right down the middle of the top-layer ribbon.


Optional step: if your machine has decorative stitches, sew back down the middle with the design of your choice. I chose a leaf motif in a contrasting thread color (I love aqua and orange together!)


Next, turn under the ends of the ribbon, and stitch a small “hem” in place to prevent fraying.


Now, you’re ready to add your velcro. Cut out four small squares (a rough and a soft square for each end of the tether)…


…and, starting with the end that will attach to the clip, sew the rough square right on the very end on top of your folded over edge and then the softer square about a 1/2” farther down the tether. You should end up with this (pardon the messy stitching; my machine decided to get a snarl in the thread):


Flip the tether around, and repeat the same process, except this time, allow for more like 1 1/2” between the two squares, since this side will attach to the paci and needs to be able to accommodate the width of the plastic paci ring.


Believe it or not, you’re already done. Now, all you have to do is loop the paci end through the plastic ring…


…slide the clip end through the metal ring…


…and find someone adorable (recommended age: 0- 24 months; your husband/roommate will not appreciate it if you tell them that crazy blog lady told you to clip it to somebody cute, and you chose them) to clip it to!

Oooooh…look who I found!


You didn’t think I could stop at just one, did you?


Or two, either…


(Look at her little curled toes! Aaaah!)


And there you have it, folks! A simple, yet pretty way to keep up with your little person’s paci and make them look even cuter than before!

Now, go ye forth, and be creative!

Oh, and meet me back here tomorrow for Wardrobe Wednesday and my Summer in Snapshots collage. A snake is involved, but you’ll have to find out for yourself whether it’s a part of my outfit or a real one. (Seriously, people if you’ve seen any of my past Wardrobe Wednesdays, you already know the answer. Worst. teaser. ever!).


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  1. Well, thanks, Sheila! What a compliment! And my clippy actually just came from another paci tether I had bought at Target and used for six months until the ribbon finally wore out. But I know they sell them in bulk online (amazon has them), and they also have them in craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. You can search for paci clips or even suspender clips, and they will both work.

  2. I have viewed many videos and tutorials on binky strap making… This is by far the best and what a great idea with the decorative stitching. Where do you get your clippy parts?

  3. I love these! I’m hoping I won’t need them too often, but I’d love to make some if I end up having a baby that’s begging for them. Thanks for the tute!

  4. I love those stitches too! And I love my machine. I would totally recommend
    it. I did a little research before I bought it and ended up getting mine @
    Walmart (they had it elsewhere, but Walmart’s price was almost exactly the
    same – $150ish), b/c I could see it in person before buying, which was
    nice. It hasn’t given me any trouble whatsoever, and is by far the most
    user-friendly machine I’ve ever encountered (not that I have extensive
    experience). The specs: Brother CE5500PRW Project Runway Edition. Have a
    great weekend!

  5. Hi Abbie,

    I love the decorating stitching of your sewing machine! Do you mind sharing the Make/Model (it sounds like I’m talking about a car!)? Would you recommend it?

    Thanks so much!

  6. A few weeks ago, I was thinking about what I could all make for our baby & this was on my list! I’m so glad you have this little tutorial b/c I’m totally going to do it!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Diane, welcome! Thanks for checking out my site! And I loved your story about your daughter’s losing her last binky. Very quick thinking on the baby fish story, ma’am. Oh, and I’m pretty sure the really good moms are the ones who THROW the binkies in the lake. : )

  8. Hi Abbie

    OH MY GOODNESS I was going through your tute and thinking what a great idea it was and then the photo of your daughter came into view. What a cutie. My littlest one who is now 21 loved her “binky” and had it until she was 3. She was always “Plugged- In” She lost it on a canoe trip we took when we were on vacation. She saw a big fish and opened her mouth to say wow and the “bink” went into the water. She was horrified at first and started to cry as she knew it was her very last binky (We were trying to wean her from it). I thought quick and said, “Oh it is ok, now a baby fish has it and will love it. She was fine after that and never needed it again. If I was a really good mom I would have made one of these Paci Tethers and had it clipped to her shirt. She would probably still have it. 🙂

    Your daughter is adorable.

    My best- Diane

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