Good morning, and Happy 4th of July!

Round these parts, we have birthday parties to go to (yay for 2 hr. car-rides) and then the traditional grilling+firecrackers later at Softa’s and Sabba’s (what our kids call my parents)…that is, if they haven’t banned them in their county as of today (the firecrackers…not Softa and Sabba).  Being drought-stricken on the 4th of July—or anytime, for that matter—is no bueno. 

Today’s post won’t be anything fancy, but I thought I”d show you a couple of pics from this past weekend’s Body Pump launch.

First, let me decode the phrase, “Body Pump Launch,” for you.

Body Pump = a fun/challenging strength-training class created by a New Zealand-based fitness group called Les Mills.

Launch = a quarterly occurrence in which we introduce new music/choreography to our members.

Body Pump + Launch = all 7 of our BP instructors at our gym getting together for a sweatacular fitness party that leaves your muscles quivering and a huge smile on your face.

Woodcreek Athletic Club’s Body Pump Team


(From left to right: Me, Peggy Baldwin, Jennifer Thompson, Tiffany Acker, Mandy Ballard…we were missing Sara Ransom due to sickness, and Austin, Peggy’s husband, hadn’t gotten there yet)

Let me just pause for a moment and say what a privilege it is to teach with my amazing team.  Sometimes we don’t see each other for weeks, but the second you need a sub or need to borrow someone’s choreography notes, gloves, music, SHOES (Peeeegggy!), they are all over it.  They challenge me to push my physical limits and be a better teacher every day!  Truly an awesome group of girls (+ Austin, of course!)

They will Pump. You. UP. …in the best possible way!


My bestie, Mandy, and I. We also teach Combat (which I gave you a little taste of here) together.


If it looks like we all just collapsed in exhaustion, that wouldn’t be too far off, but we’re really doing the cool-down after an awesome class.


I tried to get a pic (hello, FLASH!) of my hair after class that accurately portrayed just how big it had gotten with all the humidity/sweat, but this one didn’t do its wildness any justice, I’m afraid.  Oh, and I got so many compliments on my hair/bandana combo that I might have gotten a little impressed with myself were it not for the fact that the, “You look great!” was inevitably followed up by, “…like Aerosmith or something.”  Hmph! (I was so going for “Rambo!” : ))

Well, that’s it for me today, folks. I’m off to laundry it up, then wrangle the kiddos into the van for the day’s festivities. 

Happy 4th!

Try not to light your hair on fire.

See you tomorrow for Try-it Tuesday!


  1. Awesome class!!! I always have fun teaming with y’all!!! Thanks for posting Abbie!!!
    Baseball is over… For a while- would love to finally make it to a combat class!!! Ready to get my tail kicked!!!

  2. Awww! Good pics! It sure was fun! (As usual!). Now… on to BC 48 we roll… heheheehee! Stinkin’ excited about that.

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