159 of you voted yesterday for Thrifted or Grifted. Out of those, 113 (71%) said that Exhibit B was 100% thrifted.

Weeelllll, I’m afraid that 71% of you were 100% wrong! ‘

“Ha! Gotcha again!” (Okay, that was downright obnoxious).

Here’s the breakdown:

Exhibit A


Top: Old Navy/Goodwill ($3), Jeans: Abercrombie/GW ($4), Belt: GW ($1), Shoes: GW ($2)

TOTAL: $10

Exhibit B


Top: Beall’s/GW ($7), Jeans: Gap ($17), Belt: Gap ($4), Shoes: JcPenney/GW ($22)

TOTAL: $50

Can I just say that that was so. much. fun?!

Seriously, I hope you enjoyed guessing and reading other people’s guesses as much as I enjoyed reading yours because I giggled, chuckled, chortled, and evil-laughed my way through my entire day yesterday.

Some of my favorite responses:

    • OK, OK…here goes nothin’…*rolls up sleeves*
      I’m going with outfit B…because (maybe I’m weird for noticing this, but…) your belt is folded under…which makes me think it might be too long/too big, which you might run into should you be purely thrifting. Also…the pink-urple shoes are so awesome that they had to have come from a thrift store.
      Phew! *wipes brow* I wish all formal requests were that fun and easy. 😉

Noticed weird details and rolls up her sleeves to leave comments…I like it!

    • okay, I read the other comment, and I must say, I don’t know anything about fashion. I had *no* idea the shoes in outfit “b” are in style. Yes, I live under a rock.
      So my non-educated vote is: both are 100% thrifted, and you’re pulling a fast one on all of us! 🙂

No one would ever trust me again, but it’s sooooo tempting!

    • I think the second one is thrifted because of the tiny hole in the shirt! So my vote is A = grifted, B = thrifted. 🙂

Me: “HOLE??? I have a hole in my shirt? Dang!” Then I went and looked. It’s a funky little tag…pinky promise.  But I totally think it looks like a hole in the pic too.

But out of all you fantastic guessers, I simply could not ignore Miss Jessicamurfin’s answer:

Ok. I think outfit A is thrifted for the following reasons. 1. The top is just long enough to meet the top of your jeans. Right now longer shirts are the trend. 2. The extremely ripped look was more trendy in the past than it is now. 3. Those fuschia shoes in outfit B are too current to be thrifted.
I hope I’m right! I got last week’s outfit right, because I am a smarty pants know-it-all and need more ego-boosting affirmation of my correctness 😉

A sassy self-proclaimed “smarty pants know-it-all” who also happens to be RIGHT definitely deserves those 5 promised entries into:

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See you tomorrow for Feature Friday!


  1. Yay I got honorable mention! 🙂 I was afraid that my grammar mistake might disqualify me, seeing as how you love grammar. It was an honest mistake I tell you!

  2. Thanks, Sarah!
    And I do wear my thrifted shoes barefoot. I usually give my shoes a spray of Lysol to nix any lingering germs, but then I just wear them like I wear my retail items.
    Oh, and thanks for the Della compliments. I 100% agree. She’s ridiculously cute (and SWEET!).

  3. Love!!! your blog. I got it right last week, this week I actually thought it was outfit B (because I like A better ;-)). I have one question though: Do wear thrifted shoes barefoot or do you put something (stockings or a footbed (do you even have those very thin removable footbeds in the US? I’m from Germany…)) inbetween your foot and the shoe? Just wondering…
    Oh, and can I just say: I think Della is probably the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.

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