Okay, folks. Today’s Feature Friday will be about as random as they come since it will be featuring the bits and bobs floating around in my brain.  I had something more specific planned in addition to the randomness, but then my husband drove off with two essential items in his car (but only because I left them there) without either of us realizing it, so that’ll have to wait (I bet I’ve made you curious now, though! *insert evil chuckle*).

Plus, I thought this might be kind of, well, fun since I always have something specific I’m *supposed* to be writing about for each day of the week and therefore rarely get a chance to just “chat” with you guys. (By the way, it makes my day when you chat back).

1) Did you know we have a Facebook page for Five days…5 ways? (Search name: Five days 5 ways). I update with my posts each day, but I also add some pics that don’t make it on here and have status updates which are beyond interesting, I assure you. Um…yeah. It’s a work-in-progress, but I’d love to have you jump in on the fun if you haven’t already!

2) I am singing on the worship team this weekend with some really talented peeps, and I’m really hoping that my voice doesn’t crack when I lead “Hosanna” like it did last time I sang it. (I tried to pass it off as an “artistic thing,” but nope, it was just a crack).

3) We live in the boonies and don’t have 4G, so even though I blog, and my husband’s a computer programmer, we never have enough bandwidth to watch videos or movies. I know. My life is super-hard. Did you know there are people who don’t have enough food in many parts of the world? It’s true.

But in my sheltered little corner of the world, because our internet doesn’t have enough oomph to handle videos (without completely devouring our month’s allotment of web usage…it’s a boonies’ thing), I couldn’t use Netflix Instant to get any of your lovely miniseries suggestions from our discussion after yesterday’s post. That’s okay, though, because I already ordered Downton Abbey and Lost in Austen from Amazon using my husband’s Prime account. Have I mentioned how much I like you guys and your wonderful ideas?

4) Apparently, whenever I stray from my morning routine of Raisin Bran for breakfast (yes, I am a Senior-Citizen-in-training), my body gets really confused and thinks it hasn’t been given any food, no matter how many calories I supply it. I can seriously eat a big country breakfast and…my stomach will roar at me like a hungry lion…ess. Because, of course, my stomach is a girl.  So far today, I’ve eaten two muffins and two pieces of fruit leather, and I might as well have not eaten at thing for all the good it’s doing.  Grrrr…  (That was me, not the lioness).

5) I have half an hour to get out the door (including dressing all three of my kids + myself, feeding the baby, and getting my things together for errands + taking a friend out for a birthday lunch + racquetball later with my hubby and brother). And I’m typing a post to you guys. You think I’ll make it? (Check out the Facebook page tomorrow, and I’ll let you know how it worked out…whoo, I’m sneaky!).

I hope you guys enjoyed our little chat and have an absolutely amazing weekend. I plan on doing the same. After all, God has given me breath in body, people who love me, and Himself. How could I do otherwise?


  1. i totally think u will make it since mommy time is “30 mins late is completely on time” (at least mine is and he is 6!) have fun. i wish i had the guts to sing in front of people, i luv to sing esp. when I am praising Him. i found u the other day on FB, so glad i did. just a side note (which u probably already know) i know u like jones design co. and i saw they were on FB and right now if you like them you get a free download of lunchbox luv notes. i know you homeschool but u can still leave them little notes.

  2. I guess this is ra random comment … but I read your going to play racquetball! How fun with your hubby! My husband is a racquetball world champion 🙂 Sudsy Monchik! He runs me ragged on the court. Have fun.

  3. I just spent my morning watching Anne of GG. Now I’m going to go outside into the lovely (fall) sunshine and enjoy this weather for as long as it lasts.
    Hope you’ll have a great weekend!

  4. I had to quickly follow up on your comment that you had ordered Lost in Austen. I love all things Austen and really enjoyed the miniseries. I saw it first on DVD (so didn’t know what I was missing) and they cut some priceless bits. If your streaming limits allow, go to youtube and watch Episode 2, Part 2. It’s less than 2 minutes and quite amusing.

I love hearing from you guys!