Hey there, folks!

I’m writing this at 11:50 p.m. the night before I hit the utterly fake age of 29. I’m sure by the time I get it done, I will be 29 (though, my husband contends that you don’t qualify for an age until the day of your birth is complete…at least I think that’s what he started saying when he turned 30).

So, in addition to exciting birthday doings (my oldest boy keeps saying, “You’re going to be so surpriiiii-iised” in a sing-song voice, and my husband keeps assuring me that he {boy # 1} doesn’t have a clue), we have something else fun brewing around here at 5D5W and that is our first ever:

five days five ways | 5 Things Thursday

Linky Party.

So, how does this work?

Well, it’s pretty simple. I’ll choose a theme for each week, and you’ll link up a post of 5 things (preferably with pics) that relate to that theme.

Or, you’ll thumb your nose at the theme and do your own 5 Things list.

I’m 100% good with either.

This week’s theme is:


And in honor of the travel theme, I’m showing you 5 items that will be accompanying me on the birthday trip my husband’s taking me on to the Big D (that’s Dallas for you non-Texans). It’s not exactly exotic, but I’m looking forward to it. I will be experiencing my first taste ever of our state fair, and I’m guessing I might see something exotic there (although…does deep fried butter qualify as exotic or just plain revolting?).

So, what am I bringing?


1. My cute, new-to-me $4 Fossil messenger bag from Goodwill. No need for the cavernous purse I usually carry since I won’t be hauling pacis, diapers, punching gloves, and choreography notes around with me this weekend.

2. My Kindle, which has seen precious little use of late. I’m thinking about reading The Help after all of the recent hoopla about both the book and the movie (which I saw). Thoughts?

3. My Mia ruffled boots. Not from Goodwill (if only!) but worth every penny. I only wish that my legs weren’t going to be sweating like a pig at a luau when I wear them. Come on, Fall!

4. My lovely, new-to-me $2 Max Studio peasant dress from—where else?—Goodwill. I noticed it hanging on the dressing room reject wrack, immediately yanked it off of the hanger, and barely resisted the urge to stuff it down the front of my shirt for safe-keeping. Man, I love this dress.

5. Motown Classics mix cd. I’m such a technology dinosaur. I realize that a mix cd is so very unnecessary in the age of Ipods and Pandora, but there’s also something very comforting and nostalgic about having an actual object that you slide into a player and then listen to over and over again, even though it may skip. Cuz baby there ain’t no mountain… Mmm! Can’t wait.

Now it’s your turn. What you got?

All I ask is that you link to your specific 5 Things Thursday post (instead of to your blog’s homepage) and that you grab the 5 Things Thursday button from the sidebar so anyone who sees it can join in the fun!

Can’t wait to see what’s on your mind!


  1. Haven’t we all learned the hard way to take everything possible to entertain the kids! Mine is now 11 so it is much easier unless his iPod runs out of juice! Then we are in trouble, coloring books no longer cut it with him!visa to China

  2. How exciting Amy to host Meg Cabot! I don’t dare say that my vacations have been *mostly* uneventful for fear that my upcoming summer vacations will be exciting in more ways than one.viator coupons

    How exciting Amy to host Meg Cabot! I don’t dare say that my vacations have been *mostly* uneventful for fear that my upcoming summer vacations will be exciting in more ways than one.

  3. This sounds like such a great trip and I just love your little collections of mementos! I’m heading to Paris for the first time later in the fall and would love a travel guide — especially on places to eat!

  4. Happy Birthday! Mine is on Sat….I just love B-days and don’t mind telling my age. Bring on the ice cream!!
    My favorite place to travel that I’ve been to on this giant planet is Kauai, Hawaii – been twice sans kids!!
    5 things I take:
    My camera…kinda duh, but the scenery is breathtaking!
    A few books from the local library – my fav Christian fiction writer whom I never have time to read: Francine Rivers
    Sunscreen – I’m so white there is no way I’m coming back tan….just tryin to stay out of the lobster territory
    My floral Hawaiian dress I wore to leave for our honeymoon – still fits…woohoo! And never have an occasion/place to wear it
    coconut oil – even though I don’t even try for a tan there is something wonderful to me about the smell of coconut while in the tropics……Love it!
    Great topic! Love to see all the other responses 🙂
    Gonna try to link of pic from our last trip. Makes me long to jump on the first plane to Kauai!
    (Don’t have a blog but wanted to play newayz)

  5. First of all: Happy Birthday and all the best for the last year of being twenty-something.

    5 things that come to my mind are:
    my beautiful carry-on bag from SwissGear
    spending your holidays on a canoe tour in Sweden (not always ideal weather or temperatures…)
    Lindt chocolate/Ben and Jerry’s (keep me calm :-))
    “Keep breathing” by Ingrid Michaelson
    “Life on Seacrow Island” by Astrid Lindgren (a book that instantly calms me down (and always has since I was 10 years old), I just love the atmosphere it creates)

    Have a great day and enjoy your status as Queen!

  6. I went and saw The Help. I usually don’t watch sad movies because I don’t like being sad. But this one was amazing! The humor in the movie made up for all the sad parts. I don’t think I’ve laughed that much during a movie in a long time.

  7. The party’s going strong, Pinky! The linky is right below the last text of this post. I’m not sure why you can see it! That’s so weird. I hope that’s not true for other people too. Would you take another look and see if somehow you missed it and then let me know?

I love hearing from you guys!