Oh my great-granny’s bunions!

That was so exciting!

Like watching the captain of the American swim team out-touch those snooty French swimmers at the wall to win gold at the Olympics…only maybe a little more thrilling.

I was toodling around on my computer last night (toodling is code for blogging, by the way), and I kept checking the blog to see if another vote had come in and how it had tipped the balance.

It. was. soclose!

Now, 51% may have said Exhibit B, but as far as I’m concerned, we’re still dead even. I mean, what kind of a majority is 51%?!

So, was the (technical) majority right?

Yup. It was B.


Tank: GW ($2), Jacket: Foreve21/GW ($4), Jeans: Lucky Brand/GW ($7), Shoes: Vince Camuto/GW ($3), Belt: GW ($1)

TOTAL: $15

Honestly, I gasped and started hopping around like a demented jackrabbit (now there’s a mental image you won’t soon forget) when I saw this jacket. A fitted rosette jacket in a pretty olive green in my size (or close enough)…really? Suh-weet! And I really do think that if I had remembered to iron it, then the vote would not have been as close. Humph!  Even with my disclaimer, I’m sure it was hard not to equate rumply with thrifted. *Sigh.*


Tank: Gap ($6), Jacket: Factory Connection ($12), Jeans: Gap ($12), Shoes: Steve Madden ($20), Belt: Gap ($3), Necklace: gifted

TOTAL: $53

As far as commenters go, I had a blast reading what you all had to say, as usual, and I was quite impressed with the reasoning of not one but two readers who pointed out that I would have to have been awfully darn lucky to score black jeans that weren’t faded (haven’t stumbled upon those yet, I must admit) but I went with Southern_Lissa who said: 

“I think A is the thrifted one…and totally cute! I base that on the fact that I am a self-proclaimed thrift queen and can spot these things a mile away…oh, and full of crap most of the time. ;o)
As for B…wrinkles add character and that corsage is just gorgeous!”

She may not have been right, but she thinks my corsage is pretty, wrinkles add style, and is willing to boldly proclaim her opinions (and then not take herself too seriously). Mmmm hmmm. I like it lots.

You just got yourself 5 free entries into The October Giveaway (details to be announced this Friday), Miss Southern Lissa!

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  1. Yay! Thanks for picking me! :o)
    I may have been totally wrong, but I gave my answer with total conviction. lol

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