I mentioned several times last week that I was busy practicing for BODYCOMBAT launch (our fitness “party” each quarter when we introduce our members to new choreography and music), so naturally, for Move-it Monday, I thought I’d give a glimpse of what this launch looked like.

Except this time, I thought I’d do it in video format. I mean, yes, I’ve done picture tutorials on both our basic punches and kicks and even issued a few challenges for you guys to tackle if you so chose. But nothing quite conveys the energy of the class like a video, so…here you go:


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I would like to point out that I realize that my voice gets shriller as the video goes on.  I even thought about doing another video of me just talking to you so you could hear my normal voice (which is rather low, actually), but that would have required makeup application and hair fixing, and…yeah, it didn’t happen.

Suffice it to say that our gym’s sound system is a bit wonky, and the sound levels are very difficult to get right, which often results in our attempting to talk louder and louder or change the tone of our voices to compete with the music until, well, you end up sounding a bit like you reeeeeallly want everybody to participate…or else.

As it so happens, I’m off to teach BODYCOMBAT, so I’ll leave you guys to point and snicker.

Oh, and here’s a few more shots we managed to grab.


This above is us doing a “circular pushup”—crazy hard!


I love Mandy’s expression in this one. Yes, we get into it! : )

P.S. Yes, we are wearing matching pink shoes. They were a good deal, but I couldn’t find them in my size, so I bought the 11’s. Now, I’m normally a 9 1/2, so this shouldn’t have worked, but these are surprisingly narrow, so I was able to cinch them up, which kept my feet from sliding around.  It did not, however, keep me from looking a tad Ronald McDonaldish. After Mandy assured me that it wasn’t too noticeable, one of our participants saw me in the locker room before class and said, “Dang, girl! What size do you wear? Those are long!” Hey, what are best friends for but to lie to you about looking less ridiculous than you really do. : )

I love hearing from you guys!