Good morning, folks! It’s Friday (just in case you have somehow forgotten this momentous fact). That means the weekend, and, for me, the return of my hubby (in the morning). Whoop!  You know what else is fun? Today, I get the privilege of introducing you to my newest sponsor, the lovely Elyssa (see below for proof…isn’t she adorable?) of Dew Dropz Jewelry.


Elyssa is participating in The Big Five days…5 winners PCM Giveaway and Fundraiser (if you’re wondering how often you’ll hear about this for the next month, the answer is probably at least once a day, so…I was going to say, “Prepare yourselves,” but I suddenly had this urge to holler, “GIRD YOUR LOINS!” a la Nigel from The Devil Wears Prada, so I’m going with it : )).

So, since I knew you would want to meet such a generous, talented girl, I asked Elyssa by for a visit to tell us a little bit about herself and her business, and she kindly agreed. Take it away, girl:

Hi everyone! My name is Elyssa McDowell and I’m the designer behind Dew Dropz Jewelry. I’m so excited to be a new sponsor here at Five Days…5 Ways!

I am a wife to a fabulous guy and mommy to an adorable one-year-old. I love to bake cakes and other pretty things. I really just love to create beauty with my hands.

I also like to sew, run, spend hours on Pinterest, and give my little boy lots of kisses! I am a fan of anything crafty, but jewelry is my favorite thing to do. I‘ve been making jewelry for 6 years, and I started pursuing my jewelry making as a business 2 1/2  years ago. I love beads. A lot. My beads and jewelry supplies have nearly taken over a whole room in my house!

A lot of people ask me how I chose my name…have you ever seen dew drops sparkling on a flower’s petals? They enhance the beauty of whatever they touch. This is my goal for my jewelry—to enhance the beauty of the wearer.

I love all things vintage, so I try to create jewelry that has a vintage vibe.  I also like to use natural elements. I use a lot of coral, pearl, turquoise, wood, glass, and bone in my designs.  If I had to describe my style in three words I would choose:

Vintage. Whimsical. Sweet.

I also have a blog, I Create Beauty, where I share my current jewelry and craft projects.

Please come say hello!

Thanks for stopping by, Elyssa! I love your work and love your willingness to contriubute to a worthy cause.

P.S. Stay tuned for another sponsor introduction very soon!

P.P.S. Why don’t you check out that giveaway I keep mentioning. Promise it’s worth your time!

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