I’ve been making a “giving suggestion” each day as part of my participation in:

Giving Suggestion #9 is: Pay for the order of the person behind you at the drive-thru. This is hardly original…in fact, I’ve seen this suggestion no less than 3 times in the last two weeks, but we’ve been eating out a lot more than usual with Shaun gone and lots of errands/rat-killing jobs to do in the evenings, so I guess the thought of “drive-thru blessings” is a little more relevant to me than usual.

This week, I announced that the theme for:

 five days five ways | 5 Things Thursday:

…would be randomness.

And then, I proceeded to establish a theme of “Thankfulness” and follow that to the letter with 5 things I’m thankful for right now. 

I needed that reminder, though, after fighting through a haze of exhaustion + a mini-meltdown on Wednesday.

But today, I’m bringing random back…old school.

Cuz this here list is what life has been like around these parts recently, and it’s about as random as they come:

After a frenzy of crafting to get ready for Gresham Barn Sale’s Christmas in the Country, Glen the Glue Gun finally gave up the ghost.  Can’t say that I blame him. But I did promptly replace him with his (much heftier) twin sister, Glenda.


RIP, Glen.

Here’s a sneak peak at a furniture revamp I have in the works, which will hopefully be done by Della’s birthday party this Sunday:


We made a Goodwill run one evening, and I wore perhaps my most unglamorous 100% thrifted outfit yet.


Oh, and I threw the closest things to gang signs that I know how because apparently wearing wrinkly hoodies with heart embellishments brings out my inner gangsta. Uh huh. (Visit my 100% thrifted style-blog, Secondhand or Bare Bottom, if you want to see the the view from the back).

While at GW, I scored many fun things I don’t technically need, including two heavy wooden benches whose only sin was an appalling need for a paint-job for…wait for it…$3 each.

Holla! (See? Inner gangsta)

What else?


I am so grateful that I’m doing this “30 Days of Giving Challenge” with y’all along for the ride. I joined late, and I’m not being terribly strict about it (Giving Suggestion #9 when it’s November 18th? Interesting, Abbie), and nobody’s badgering me about it or anything, but I’ve already followed through on several ideas that normally I would have “meant to do” but maybe procrastinated on until it was too late because I feel like I’m accountable to you guys to participate in as many of my own suggestions as I can.

And last night, we checked another one off the list. Operation Christmas Child shopping done AND boxes packed.


The kids and I were hauling it through Walmart at 7:45 PM throwing a little bit of everything from Zhu Zhu Pets to toothpaste in the basket, so I’m actually a little relieved and proud that we guestimated closely enough that the boxes are nicely full…as opposed to: quick-kids-sit-on-the-lid-while-Mama-wedges-it-closed-with-a-crowbar full. 

Well, that does it for me and random Feature Friday. Today will be quite the smorgasbord of activities as well, but it should be good.

Because, hey, honestly, considering that I am healthy, wealthy (relative to 90% of the rest of the world), and strong (in Christ), anything I encounter should be good as long as I choose a Psalm 118:24 kind of attitude (“This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it”).

Hope your weekend is full of relaxation and fun!

Mine will be full of celebrating the blue-eyed, swirly-haired little miracle of a baby daughter God gave me!


Couldn’t resist!


  1. Ok, I might have just laughed out loud a little because the picture following the RIP Glen and his replacement Glenda totally looked like a coffin for a split second. I might have died if you were going to bust out an eulogy and bury dear glen in a (fabulous, might I add) wooden box. I’m glad it’s a fun project instead. Just thought you should know.

  2. Ok I am laughing out loud! You are killin’ me girl with you “holla” I’ve never met you, but just by seeing you personality in your writing and pictures you are a hoot. My sides a splitting! And Dang! $3 is worth a Holla! Can’t wait to see what you do with. Right now I am admiring your furniture revamp, love the details. Hope to see how that turns out too.

  3. so so so sweet! we did the boxes last night too! i’m sure u know but if you pay for the s&h you get a barcode that allows it to be tracked to see exactly where it goes! my little guy was super excited about that this year. so i made a special trip back to my office (to a functioning printer) and did it there so i could print out the barcode label, lol.
    oh! we are going thru flint to check the barn sale on saturday on our way to OK, i was excited when i found out the sale date and when we were going to OK and then even more excited when i saw you were going to be saleing there too! hopefully i’ll get to meet you tomorrow!

I love hearing from you guys!