Well, ready or not (I’m not) Christmas is aaaaalmost here.

And honestly, after seeing all the amazing Christmas-themed projects in cyberspace, I was starting to feel like I’d seriously underperformed in that category.  Until I started looking through some of my posts from the last couple of weeks and discovered that things have been a little more Christmassy (whoa! spellcheck had absolute no issues with the word “Christmassy.” Weird) around here than I thought.

So, today for Feature Friday, I thought I’d round up some pics from the last two weeks. You’ve probably seen most or all of them, but I’m doing it anyway, so…there. : )

First up, there were these easy glitter “word bird” ornaments I made:


And then this duct tape/glitter/ribbon Christmas card (which I sent to a friend…MERRY CHRISTMAS, Kiki!):


Then, who could forget the Shiny Redneck Christmas Wreath with maybe my favorite homemade flower yet (vintage buttons make everything better!)



And also our special breakfast Christmas-scape featuring the most amazing fruit salad I’ve ever tasted!



And my chandelier “tree,” which I thought was totally original until I started seeing it everywhere in blogland.  Apparently, I need to spend more time on Pinterest (no, I don’t).


Then, of course, the actual Christmas tree, in all it’s gifted, thrifted, deeply clearanced glory. It’s awfully pretty all lit up at night:


And because Christmas isn’t complete without something sweet to gorge yourself on, I shared my secret (okay, so I stole it from someone else) to spicing up “ordinary” cream cheese icing (which I would happily eat on anything, including, maybe, mud): APPLE BUTTER. And then I slapped it on cupcakes, which became Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Apple Butter Frosting (may it never be said that I used one word when I could use four).


And here’s a little bonus vignette from our sofa table that I snapped a couple of pics of yesterday (when it was extremely cloudy and gloomy, mind you). It features the cute little Guatemalan manger set I bought at a Christmas vendor’s market I participated in a couple of week’s ago.



My brother gave me the sparkly cherry blossom tree for my birthday. Yeah. He’s pretty great. Pretty much everything else I already had from past Christmases or bought super cheap at Target or Goodwill.

So, there you have it…my attempts at Christmassorizing our house this year. 

What about you guys? Did you get as much decorating done as you wanted to?

Anything new or different this year? I love to steal hear great ideas!

Our Christmas weekend is starting off with some errands still to run and a sick (but still sweet) baby-girl.

But I know it will still be wonderful because of Immanuel—God with us.

Merry CHRISTmas!


  1. Thanks for your nice comment. I looove your christmas tree, it’s so sparkly and pretty! Oh, and I saved the recipe for those cupcakes on my favorites. I must make them!!!

  2. Hi Abbie! I am visiting and love your ideas..read and love the way you tell your stories…very good.

  3. So Beautiful.. No decorating here… Half of our house is in boxes.. 😉 but I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone’s lovely homes and things,.. A Blessed CHRISTmas to you and yours

  4. Wow lady, you’ve been busy! I love all your amazing Christmas creations! You tree is absolutely gorgeous and those cupcakes look delicious. Yum! Merry Christmas!

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