Good morning, everybody! I’m resurfacing this week after a delightful, relaxing weekend of Christmas-light looking, naps, and NOT having to do my Walmart returns all by myself (check out our facebook page if you’d like to know exactly how many items I returned…hint: I think it might be a before-Christmas-day Walmart record).

In case you missed the memo on Friday, my husband is officially home from work-trips to stay (for a good while anyway), and it’s grand!

Well, today’s Move-it Monday could go either way in terms of how it makes you feel about me. You could either leave thinking, “Wow. Good to know,” or “Wow. I despise her for telling me that.”

Obviously, I’m hoping for the former, but I suppose I’m willing to take my chances.

Because this Move-it Monday is all about how many calories are in your typical “holiday foods” and how much “moving it” it would take to burn them off.

thin person struggling to get out.


So, if you want to leave now before finding out how long you’d have to hoof it on the treadmill to burn off that extra slice of pumpkin pie, for today only, I’ll understand (though you’ll miss a fun announcement that I’m saving for the end of the post because I’m sneaky like that).

I borrowed my specs from here, and while this list is certainly not exhaustive, it’s at least a good starting point if you’re looking to avoid having 5-10 pounds of Christmas chunk to work off starting January 1st.

(Disclaimer: I love sweets. They are my biggest vice, and I am not always great at avoiding them even when I should, so I am in no way telling you to swear off all yumminess in the holidays because I’ll hardly be doing the same. My motto is simply: “I will eat everything—especially cheescake—in moderation during the holidays”).

  1. A slice of pie from a pie cut into eight slices = 350-600 calories . Exercise burn time = 45 minutes to 75 minutes on elliptical machine or 75 minutes to 120 min on a treadmill.
  2. A 4 oz glass of wine = 160 – 200 calories. Exercise burn time = 19 minutes to 24 minutes on elliptical machine or 34 minutes to 43 minutes on treadmill.
  3. Stuffing = 180-260 calories per cup. Exercise burn time = 21 minutes to 31 minutes on elliptical machine or 38 minutes to 56 minutes on treadmill.
  4. 5 ounces of Lasagna (size of a deck of cards maybe a little bigger) = 400 calories. Exercise burn time = 48 minutes on elliptical machine or 85 minutes on a treadmill.
  5. Pepperoni and cheese = 230 calories per ounce. Exercise burn time = is 31 minutes on elliptical machine or 56 minutes on treadmill.
  6. 1/4 cup of nuts = 200 calories. Exercise burn time = is 24 minutes on elliptical machine or 43 minutes on treadmill.
  7. ½ cup of eggnog = 200 calories. Exercise burn time= is 24 minutes on elliptical machine or 43 minutes on treadmill.
  8. One average size homemade cookie = about 200 calories. Exercise burn time = 24 minutes on elliptical machine or 43 minutes on treadmill.
  9. 10 chips and 2 tablespoons of dip = 250 calories combined. Exercise burn time = 30 minutes on elliptical machine or 55 minutes on treadmill.
  10. Mashed Potatoes with Gravy = up to 400 calories. Exercise burn time = 48 minutes on elliptical machine or 90 minutes on treadmill.
  11. Crescent shaped rolls (small) = 110 calories. Exercise burn time = 13.2 minutes on elliptical machine or 23 minutes on treadmill.

I don’t know about you guys, but reading that it would potentially take me 2 hours on the treadmill to burn off 1 piece of pie is definitely enough to make me question exactly how much I “needed” it in the first place. 

Will I actually do an equivalent amount of exercise for every holiday treat that goes in my mouth so the scales are perfectly balanced?

Heck no!

And neither should you, or you might not get your shopping done because you’re logging so many hours at the gym! But arming yourself with this kind of knowledge could help you to whittle down your Christmas “must-eat” list to your absolute faves and help you avoid the urge to take one (or two) of everything on that mile-long party table.

Okay, enough calorie talk.

How about we get to that fun announcement I mentioned above.

This month, instead of having a December giveaway (because, let’s face it, it’s December 11th, so it’s a bit late for that!), I’ll be giving you the chance to win something super-pretty from a name you’ll recognize really well, and…I will tell you who/what tomorrow.

Ha! I just made you read an entire post about calories and exercising so that you could read an announcement that I will be making an announcement. I’m even sneakier that you thought!

P.S. I’m linking up my duct tape Christmas card and my duct tape Christmas wreath (whoo! high class) with Alison of House of Hepworths today who is hosting the Christmas craft theme of:

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Be sure to link up if you’ve got something fun and crafty to share or at least stop by to check out all the creativity!

I love hearing from you guys!