We did it!

In fact, we not only hit 1,000 followers on GFC today, but we even edged past it a little bit.


No, seriously.

Thank you.

And to prove I mean it, here’s your promised chance to win the absolutely smashingly cute Little Larue tote from Shop Ruby Jean.

little larue

Every link you’ve already entered into the party counts as an entry to win a gray (bag) and yellow (flower) Little Larue tote.


To be eligible to win, you must:

1. Publicly follow Five days…5 ways

2. Publicly follow Ruby Jean

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Like 5D5W on Facebook

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And now for a quick word of random advice:

If you have brittle, peel-prone nails like mine and you end up with a very rare couple of completely kid-free hours and attempt to get a spur-of-the-moment manicure at a place you wouldn’t normally go but decide is good enough because you’d rather not drive across town…

It’s probably a bad idea.

You will discover this when, instead of buffing your nails and pushing your cuticles back with an orange stick, your manicurist proceeds to take care of both issues by buzzing your already flimsy and easily breakable nails down to the nubs with a rotary grinder.

You will probably also end up with these babies in an attempt to spare your blog-readers the sight of your cracked, almost bleeding, incredibly unsightly nails:


You will be unable to open soda cans or zip-lock baggies or type anything without a plethora of misspelled words and amusingly unintentional inappropriate text messages.

You will become paranoid that you’re going to embarrass yourself every time you type anything and wonder whether you should, perhaps, stop blogging altogether because of your Big Southern nails.

Also, your brilliant plan for a quick fix so that your blog-readers are spared your nail-issues will backfire when you get your newly applied Big Southern nails quite messy while applying craft paint to your latest project.

You will scrub and scour to remove said craft paint…to no avail.

You will then proceed to blog about the entire incident, thus drawing lots of attention to the nails no one would have ever known about if you’d kept your Big Southern nails off the keyboard mouth shut.

But, when all is said and done, you will have fingers that work, nails that no one but you gives a rip about, and a really fun project to have ruined them while creating:


I have a feeling you all would have been much savvier than I to begin with about this whole nail situation (starting when you saw your manicurist coming at you with the grinder!), but if not, I hope you consider yourself better educated now.

I do what I can.

And now, enough of my silliness so that I can talk about your awesomeness!

Let’s start with food, shall we? It just so happens to be one of my favorite things, so I think it’s a good place to start.

Design, Dining + Diapers shared her (gluten-free!) recipes for:

Chocolate Chunk Cream Cheese Coffee Cake


Red Velvet Mini-Cupcakes:

Don’t they both look divine?!

And I Create Beauty created these beautifully scrumptious-looking Stuffed Spinach Pasta Shells:

And because things are better in pairs, how about not one but two amazing dresser makeovers?!

Twice Lovely shared this uber-fun fabric decoupage dresser redo. You know I’m a color girl and a pattern girl, so you know this particular project immediately stole a little piece of my heart:

And Lily Field Furniture showed off her lovely dresser makeover that she pulled off with peacock blue and gold accents.

Ain’t she a beaut?

And speaking of pairs, both My Serendipity Home and The Crafted Sparrow linked up “Eat” letters, and they’re so great, I could eat them both up (I couldn’t take a pass on that one, folks…it was too good).

My Serendipity Home knocked off an Anthro version for a fraction of the cost (sound familiar?)

…and The Crafted Sparrow covered hers in pennies! Brilliant (I’m a roll with the cheesy puns today).

In other crafty news, Jax Does Design whipped up these awesome paper balls:

Such fun colors and shapes!

And in the world of room redos, this beautiful and oh-so-detailed powder room from Knick of Time caught my eye:

Love the wall color, the old sheet music…ALL of it!

And this home office from A Lived In Home came together so beautifully!

Love the organization and the yellow rug!

And FINALLY, in our fashion department, these three lovely ladies wowed me with their colorful, detailed ensembles:

Rachel Sayumi

Wild Ruffle

Yummy Mummy’s Galore

If you’ve been featured, feel free to grab a button from the sidebar to let others know that you rock (although..they probably already know).


And now it’s your turn to wow me again (I really like being wowed).

Same “rules” as always:

1. Link to your specific post URL instead of your blog URL (no limit on the number of linkies, so add as many as you like!)

2. Grab a party button so that others can join in the fun! (Text link-backs are great too! : ))

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3. Consider visiting/commenting on at least 2 of the other links. You never know what kind of inspiration you might miss out on if you don’t. Plus we all love to read words of encouragement! (I know I do!)

4. PLEASE, no shops or giveaways!


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  1. I’ve been folllowing you for about a week now – really appreciating what you are sharing. Love your style of doing things/writing/creating/thrifting! 🙂

  2. I just read about Shop Ruby Jean’s dishtowel skirt – what a fab idea!!! I am following her from my blog – but it doesn’t seem to be showing on her web page? Looking forward to reading more posts from her anyway. 🙂

  3. Dang girl where’d you get your nails done? I’m a licensed mani and I would NEVER use an electric dril on bare nails. Promise to not go back there! Love the blog!

  4. I think I am following you publicly and privately! No I’m not a creeper! Just don’t really know what I’m doing with these blogs!

  5. By the way, this is Mrs. Flescher from fabulously-homemade.com I couldn’t figure out how to log in that way. Silly me, anyway I love your blog and your 30 min Goodwill Challenge was inspiring. Can’t wait to get this darn cast off so I can scope out some Re-newed outfits at GW. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks, Brandi!

    Hmm…what genre of Christian books are we talking?

    Fiction? Bible Studies?

    As far as fiction goes, Francine Rivers is always a good go-to.

    I also love the Zion Chronicles, Zion Covenant, and Shiloh Legacy by Brock and Bodie Thoene.

    Non-fiction? I’m about to read 1,000 Gifts and Crazy Love, both of which come *highly *recommended from, well, everyone.

    I honestly almost never read anymore even though I love it. No time. : (
    (I also have a list of books I love on my profile info).

    Hope this helps!


  7. congrats on your followers! Yeah how exciting! Abby I was wondering if you had any suggestions on good books. I love your blog and I am always looking for fun Christian books for women. Any suggestions? My church gals and I are needing a good read. Thanks!

  8. So glad to have you following along, Darcy!

    Oh, and I definitely knew she wasn’t doing right, but I have this really bad habit of getting paralyzed in situations like that and just watching them happen.

    I don’t normally think of myself as a wimp, but I’m not good at speaking out in service situations because I don’t want to look like a jerk.

    Of course, if I had just politely declined her methods and left, then I wouldn’t have been a jerk at all, and I would still have my own fingernails, huh?


  9. Thank you for inviting me to play along. I’ll plan on being back every Friday to join in the fun. I’m a follower now and I’m also adding your link on my sidebar for Great Link Parties. Little Bit from DecorateWithaLittleBit.com

  10. Whoo hoo! I was number #1000!!!! Congrats girl on the milestone 🙂 And I LOVE that fabric dresser with the funky colors! Just my style.

  11. Hi Abbie! Thanks for the invite! I’m linked up and following you on FB and Twitter now!! Love the candlesticks…those are so cute! I can so relate to your nail experience…all I did was sit there and watch her destroy my nails!! I haven’t had them done in a while, because mine are usually covered with craft paint after a day or two, too!

  12. No Way! TWO features in one day! You are amazing. Thank you SO so much for featuring my red velvet cupcakes and my cream cheese coffee cake. Have an awesome weekend!

  13. Oh my!! It is absolutely against all kinds of health codes state wide for them to use those drills as a way to buff and such. They should be reported to state cosmetology board. Seriously. I was in the hair and nail biz for years and places like that are what we would call “chop shops”. You can get fungus issues and/or infections from the drill things they use. Ugh. I am glad you learned the lesson Abbie!! Never go back there!! ps. I am a new reader and I love, love, love your blog. You are so funny!! I can’t wait to read more!
    Just wanted you to know. “:)

  14. And I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS for making it to 1000 followers (almost)! It amazes me how quickly your blog has grown. You totally deserve it.

  15. Whoa…. what happened to your nails? They’re all stubby! Did that girl get carried away or what with her magic Dremel-like tool?! I know you will never go back there! But,,, they’ll grow out and you can baby them until they do. I know… it happened to me.( no tool though) Trust me, I will go to an English as a first language person next time I have a special occasion. LOL
    Love seeing the features. I missed a couple from last week. You get so many link-ups that it’s hard to view them all! Thanks for asking me to come by to join in. 🙂 Sue

  16. HUGE thank you for featuring me.. you made my day big time!! love this blog hop, theres such a great variation of wonderful people to go see 🙂
    Thanks again 🙂

  17. Thanks so much for featuring me today, Abbie! Looks like some other really fun ones today too:) Can’t wait to check them out!

  18. Story was fun even for your pain. I am close to 1000 followers and it is exciting huh? I plan a giveaway too to celebrate. And lastly, the candle sticks are so fun!

  19. Oh…how fun to be so close to 1000. I’d like you again if I could!! Congrats! And thanks for hosting. I hope to see you linked up at the Impossibles party on the 31st. 🙂

  20. Thanks so much for featuring my “ladies room” remodel! Sorry you hate your nails, but it’s quite humorous on this side of the situation!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

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