Hey guys!

I promise I have a fitness vlog all made up for you, but due to limited internet accessibility, I’m having a booger of a time getting it to post (will explain more later).

So, to hold you over, I thought I’d show you Della’s newest fashion obsession. It has nothing to do with fitness, but it’s darn funny.



P.S. I’m SOOOOOOO excited to be kicking off Brooklyn Limestone’s


I’m sharing my mater closet redo.

I love everything about Mrs. Limestone’s taste in home décor (her house is all kinds of amazing that has to be seen to be appreciated!), and she’s a super down-to-earth, kind person to boot!

Be sure to check out mine as well as all the other closet shares (some really talented folks on the docket) all week long!

P,P,S. Don’t forget to enter to win my “thank you” for helping me reach 1,000 followers and beyond on GFC!  

You guys are phenomenal, and your feedback and encouragement inspire me each and every day!

So, go enter to win yourself a fabulous bag! “ )


  1. Hi, Abbie, I’m new to your (wow, so popular) blog, but I love it! I just want to assure you that the “Undie bracelet” is going to be a huge hit :)))

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