So, for last Friday’s first ever Feature Friday Free-for-All, I bragged a little about the cute new booties I got for cheap from Amazon thanks to a long-hoarded gift card (notice that that is bootieS…PLURAL, not singular. I mean, Amazon is great and all, but I’m not going to be ordering new body parts from them any time soon).


Well, you guys seemed to like them too, but I got just as many questions about the floral tights I was wearing as the boots, so I thought I’d spill those beans.

I bought them on a trip we took to Dallas for our 6th anniversary a teensy bit over 7 months ago. I paid a whopping $5 for them at Anthropologie, which hardly seems possible given that Anthro’s average lowest price point is more like $85, but I promise it’s the honest truth (which is a bit redundant, when you think about it).

You better believe I snatched them up (I might have stuffed them down my shirt front, but that’s totally normal, right?) before another crazy cheap bargain-seeking fashion-lover could get her mitts on them.

So, why the walk down memory lane?

After all, since I got them on uber-clearance 7 months ago, that info won’t exactly do you guys tons of good, now will it?


But it occurred to me as I was trying to remember the tights’ origin that I wrote about that anniversary trip as my VERY FIRST BLOG ENTRY.

In fact, here I am at Anthro, trying not to break anything so I don’t have to pay the 1,000% mark-up to replace it.


It’s been a wild 7-month-ride here in blogland.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m on a roller coaster, I’ve forgotten to pull the safety bar down, and we’re about to get to the loopy-loops.

Most of the time, though, I love it!

I never imagined how much enjoyment and fulfillment I would get out of getting to share things I’m already passionate about with cool people like you!

Of course, rereading that sentence, it seems like a no-brainer, but I just couldn’t have anticipated the level of reward (and WORK!) blogging would bring.

So, let me take a brief moment to stop and say, “Thanks for reading!”

I’m not going to claim that I don’t talk to myself (because I think we all know the truth), but this whole chronicling my life business would be no fun at all if it were just me telling myself what I did that day.

You, dear readers, are what make it worth it every single day, and I’m so grateful for you!

(This brief commercial break—along with the violins you hear swelling in the background—are brought to you courtesy of my Anthropologie $5 floral tights).



I had this post all planned out, and NONE of that (minus the tights shout-out) was anywhere in the script.

Moving on…

Sort of.

Because, see, I’m still kind of stuck on floral tights, especially since I happened upon another great pair at Marshall’s the other day for $3.50 (eat your heart out, Anthro!).


See? Aren’t they fabulous?

Oh, wait, you can’t see?

Okay, let me zoom in:



Good, then.


As usual, my “cheat” outfit is a mix of thrifted pieces (the skirt, the necklace) and clearance pieces (GAP shirt, Marshall’s boots and tights), but this week I got a little extra sumpin’ sumpin’ from my sweet little baby girl smeared on me (right sleeve right below that bit of hair over my shoulder).

Speaking of Adelaide and walks down memory lane, here’s what she looked like on that anniversary weekend trip:

Cuh-razy eyes!

And here she is now:


(She was “helping me” try on glasses—and no, those are not my hands. I’ll be enlisting your help to choose the best ones very soon).


Again with the crazy eyes1

She may be light as air and barely registering 25% on the height charts for her age, but she looks so big to me!

Time seriously needs to slow down before I turn around, and she’s graduating from college, while I’m still stuck back in diaper-changing mode!

What an incredible blessing she is in my life (diapers and all)!


What about you guys?

Who are you thankful for today?

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  2. You are too cute!!! And both pairs of those tights are to die for…now I wish I lived closer to Anthropologie and Marshalls!!! But maybe is it better that I don’t:-) I love you little commercial break. It has been fun finding new bloggers to read…and yours is great!!!!

  3. What a wonderful post about blogging! I started mine ( in October 2011. You are absolutely right about how rewarding and hard and fun and scary and wonderful it is!! I had no idea and love it so much! 😉 BTW It’s so nice to meet you! 😉 -Marci

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the comment! I have to say, you have the coolest, quirkiest style! I love it! And your little angel girl is ADORABLE!! After seeing her picture from 7 months ago to today, I suppose I had better brace myself for how fast my little girl will be growing!

  5. Hi Abbie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours — I’ve been a follower for a while. 🙂 By the way, those floral tights look great on you!

  6. I just LOVE your blog! I look forward to the posts everyday. Can’t wait for another ‘Thrifted or Gifted’. I have this Monday off, but my daughters have to go to school. So, that gives me a whole day to go thrifting alone 😀 Can’t wait!!


  7. Those tights are amazing! And your daughter is adorable 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I can’t wait to read more of yours!

  8. You are darling and I adore your blog. You are honest and cute to boot!

    Marshalls has And they’re always decently priced.

  9. I am a recent new follower and I had to say, I love your blog. Every time I stop in you inspire me in some way, whether its to be more faithful in updating my blog, stick with exercising, or just take the time to “pretty” myself up more. Thank you!

  10. Those tights ARE great and I love them with the boots, skirt and pretty purple top. 🙂 And your little chicke is SO stinkin adorable!! Such a ‘Mini Me’ of you!

  11. Oh my gosh you’re daughter is a DOLL! And you have completely inspired me to get some tights! Love it!

  12. Oh my I am so in WANT of floral tights now! And goodness your little one is so cute! Our littlest isn’t even on the charts yet and I think he looks big too! So sweet!

  13. How cute! I love the floral tights, and Adelaide has grown so much in just 7 months! So happy for you and your family!

I love hearing from you guys!