You guys were thisclose to getting an impromptu round of Thrifted or Grifted after the kids and I made a very special Valentine’s Day Goodwill run (don’t worry, I took them out for an “I love you” treat lunch full of greasy goodness + ice cream sandwiches first; we temper our torture with bribery around here).

But after looking at the pictures, I didn’t think they were up to your sharp-eyed standards, so instead, I’ll show you what I wore to (in descending order of classiness): Dairy Queen, Goodwill, and Walmart.


Now, before you start commenting on how you go shopping in your sweatpants and old t-shirt, and how—wow!—I sure do get dressed up to go Goodwill-trolling, let me tell you what the girl who checked me out said when she saw this outfit:

“Whoa. You sure do look nice today.”

(Keep in mind practically every employee in this Goodwill has seen me on a twice-a-month basis for a while now).

And then she commented on my hair, even telling Della, “Dang, baby girl, your mama’s hair sure does look great today.”

So, hopefully that will help convince you that when I say I usually go to Goodwill in ratty jeans, a long-sleeved tee, tennis shoes, and a ponytail, I mean it.

The girl did everything short of calling over every other employee who knows me to see the amazing transformation.

I almost felt bad for obviously being such a slob the rest of the time.

What can I say?

Apparently, Valentine’s Day makes me feel fancy.

Oh, and here’s what I would have worn if we’d gone out for dinner on “the town,” and I’d been one of those cheesy folks who dresses in red or pink for V-day (um…yeah…pretty sure I’ve been guilty of that one for probably the last 5 years, so if you were busy getting offended, you can stop now).


This was actually one of the Thrifted or Grifted options. But if you think I’m telling you which it is…



Obviously, my lips are sealed. ; )


Instead of fighting the crowds at the restaurants, we stayed home and cooked yummy things like this amazing Italian Wedge appetizer (click for the recipe):


(Which we obviously couldn’t wait long enough to dig into to take a picture of whole).

Dinner was scrumptious and I got to wear jeans and a tank top, listen to my favorite cooking music, and veg on the couch with the sweetest man on earth (I totally believe that if you’re married, then your husband is probably the sweetest man in the world to you too. Isn’t it rad how that works?) 


And since we both agreed not to exchange gifts, I bought him some special ear-buds that are compatible with his phone, and he gave me some seriously pretty bling (you can read that sentence however many times you want, and it still won’t make sense, unless you’re the type of couple who BOTH think, “I know! Since we decided no gifts, then I’ll surprise him/her with something nice.” Ha!).


Sadly, my gift turned out to be incompatible with his particular phone (of course).

But his gift was perfectly compatible with my ears (the Hallelujah chorus is still ringing in them).

Hope your Valentine’s day was fantastic too!

And always remember, if you’re ever in need of a compliment, make sure you dress like a bum for a really long time and then show up out of the blue looking half-way decent.

Works like a charm! 


I almost forgot…

Yesterday, I mentioned that I’d love to have your help making an uber-important decision.

I might have overstated its importance a tad.

After all, choosing the right glasses frames is hardly up there with, you know, picking your favorite ice cream, on the importance spectrum or anything, but, after wearing the same frames for the last five years, I’m ready for a change, and I would love your help making it.

I’ve included a poll, so you can vote, but I’m afraid I’m gonna need you to tell me the why behind your vote if at all possible.

I never make a decision this trivially important without obsessing over all the possible pros and cons first.

Option 1:

Fullscreen capture 282012 84301 AM

Option 2:

 Fullscreen capture 282012 91656 AM

Option 3:

Fullscreen capture 282012 92429 AM

Option 4:


Option 5:

Fullscreen capture 282012 90024 AM

Okay, so obviously, I’m going for the “geek chic” look.

And I seem to prefer black frames.

Mostly, I just picked the frames that I liked the best that seemed to be the closest to what I want within the program I was using.

But none of these is set in stone.

So, please vote (and explain) with that rather nebulous and unhelpful caveat in mind.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Here’s my 2 cents – I am a glasses wearer for years & years, just can’t do contacts & embrace glasses as fun way to express personality. I am always on the hunt for quirky, fun, frames, that work on my narrow face shape. My vote is for #3, in my opinion this look is the most fun & expressive. I realize I am in the minority with this vote but I think you can totally rock it. That’s the one I would go with..

  2. Yeah, chosing the lens shape is critical, since glasses can be worn for life. Luckily I had my wife to help me when I picked up mine. Among your options, the ones with narrower rims look better on you. Good luck on your choice!

  3. Yeah, choosing the lens shape is critical, since glasses can be worn for life. Luckily I had my wife to help me when I picked up mine. Among your options, the ones with narrower rims look better on you. Good luck on your choice!

  4. I think #1 totally balances with your face and hair. They look very chic and smart! I loved the outfits, too. By the way, your hair is adorable. Do you have natural curl?

  5. oh i LOVE this style of shades. I’m going to the eye doc on Saturday, and definitely going to order some of these types! 🙂 wooo.

  6. Oh, so many choices. One or five. And I don’t know why.

    What I do like is your coif!! How do you get your hair to curl like that? It’s beautiful!!

  7. I have worn glasses forever. I think number #3 is your best choice. The frame fits your face best. I think options #2 and #4 are too narrow for your face.

  8. #1. It was between 1 & 5 for me but I went with #1!!! The round ones don’t go with your face shape. I wear glasses and trust me I know how hard this decision is! I don’t have money to change them all the time so when you are looking you have to look for the long haul. #1 seem quirky enough for your style (which I love by the way) and 5 had this thickness right by the arms of the glasses taking the focus off of you! Hope this helps!

  9. You look lovely as always!! As to the frames…in my completely unprofessional, I like 4 and 5 the best but gourd for 5. 1 seems somehow too wide at the top. 2 seems to small. 3 seems s little too “heavy” for your face. Which brings us to 4 and 5. Yeah, I am definitely leaning towards 5 as being just right.

  10. I voted #1 because I felt like the shape fit your face the best! They seem a tad large, but I have a feeling that’s because of the program, not the glasses. The others looked a little too rounded or pointy. #1 was juuuuuust right!

  11. Adorable outfits! I love how the skirt of that red dress flows! It looks great on you. Now you’ve made me want to get another upper-ear hole so I can double up on the earrings like you! I love it! Maybe I’ll do that when I get my tattoo.

  12. Living in Italy for now, I have slowly gravitated towards this “type” of glasses. That being said, I chose #1 for that reason as well as because I think they look better with your face somehow. #4 & #2 look identical to me (except for the white bit on #2). #3 looks either librarian or teacher (which I remember reading a previous post is not a good thing?). And finally, #5 looks wrong somehow. Not sure how to explain it though.
    I know the feeling. The last time I chose glasses, I nearly drove my hubby mad (crazy). He was: “Just pick one.” I was: “But I’m torn between……”. I asked the lady in the glasses place & she picked one…same hubby chose. I narrowed it down to 2 (neither one was their choice); asked both again; gave up & just picked one.

  13. Really hard to vote on that one… none of them are terrible but my favs are 1 and 5 and I really like them both on your face, with your eyes and hair. You are beautiful and I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.

  14. 2 things: I LOVE the red dress, and #1 fits your face the best. All of the other frames are not wide enough, or to thin. #1 balances your entire face and are the proper thickness.

  15. I voted for #2 although that doesn’t seem to be the popular vote. I like the round and I think they look nice. Are your shoes in the 1st pictures heels or flats? I love the purplish color.

  16. #1 or #5. #2 makes your face look squished >< like that. You're beautiful so you could probabley have your kids make some glasses from cardboard at you'd look good.

  17. I like how #1 fits your face best I think. I also thought #3 was cute because it’s retro!

    You look wonderful in purple and red! I dress nice for my doctor’s office, because his nurses compliment me. Sometimes you just need a compliment! 🙂

    And I love those earrings! Gorgeous! 🙂

  18. Hello! I voted for option #1. They’re almost a cat’s-eye frame, but still kinda squarish and geeky (good geeky!), and they work the best out of all the options with your face shape. I think options 2 & 4 are too small for your face, and the rest are too heavy.

    I wish I wore glasses. Well, I’m getting older (I’m an ancient 41, haha) and my eyesight’s getting weaker, so someday I guess!

    Love your blog!


  19. I voted #1. I think the shape looks nice and it looks like there’s a bit of brown in them? They look cute.
    Btw, cute Valentine’s story. I love your line: “And always remember, if you’re ever in need of a compliment, make sure you dress like a bum for a really long time and then show up out of the blue looking half-way decent.” Hehe!

  20. I voted for #1 – I like that they’re wider/more rectangular, and simple without the bump-outs that #4 an #5 have. I also like the they’re a bit thinner than the other similar options.

  21. Ha! Yeah, really. No pressure. I’ve definitely made choices I liked at the time before and then wore them day in and day out for years, only to see pictures later and think, “Why in the world did I like those?”

    Thanks for helping me out! : )

    I’m off to check out your blog!

  22. Thank you so much for the compliments on the eyelashes, Edie! They’re getting better every day, and I get an insane amount of satisfaction over being able to actually *SEE* them in pics. : )

    Oh, and thanks for voting. If #2 were more proportionate to my face (it might be in real-life…not sure how accurate the program is since I was the one loading my face/size), they’d be my faves, but it’s really fun to see everybody’s else’s pics and why they’re choosing them

  23. I like #3 because geeky chic is the new thing. Please do not go with #2. They are too round and wierd. Sorry dina-d and everybody else.

    Let me also say that your EYELASHES LOOK BEAUTIFUL. Way to go, girl!

  24. at first, I voted for option #2 because it frames your eyes best, but then I realized it’s too small for your face. option #1 is too wide. #3 looks really heavy on your petite face & also too wide.

    #5 would be a good choice, even though it’s still wide because the frame looks a bit lighter. ultimately, I went with #4 because the size is proportionate to your face & the lenses frame your eyes nicely.

  25. i just got new glasses and i ordered them from coastal. wow, it took me about 3 months to finally decide on a pair. just so you know, you’re not alone. it’s a HUGE decision! the frames you choose change the way you look entirely!

    so….no pressure 🙂 really though, the choices you have are all great. i love them all (but especially 1, 3 and 5)

    also, i’ve been known to dress up just to run errands. i feel more motivated when i’ve got cute boots on! ( )

  26. cute outfits. all of them! even cheesy v-day red.
    my vote was glasses #1. my husband just got glasses. picked up yesterday and now he is 4 eyes. he looks cute in them.

  27. I voted for #1…the width of the frame compliments your narrower face. The more roundy frames take the emphasis away from your eyes…don’t know why.

  28. I like #5 best, with #1 being a close second. I think you need the wider, more rectangular style frames for the shape of your face.

  29. Oh I am always one of those who wears holiday colors on the appropriate day. I know I get that from my mom. Love your outfit though, it is stunning. I also love your new bling. Holy beautiful!

    I voted for the last pair of glasses. Second fave is pair number one and it seems like that’s becoming an overall favorite. It was hard for me to decide between the two but I like that the last pair are a little thinner.

  30. I voted for #4, but I’m definitely being out-voted! haha. I think they suit your face, well. And, they have a Zooey Deschanel thing going on.

  31. I voted for #4 but also like #2. Both of these show off your beautiful eyes. #1 looks too large and having worn glasses for most of my life, I know how disorienting it can be when they extend much beyond the sides of your face. Something to keep in mind. I have “geek chic” glasses and love the look. As I’m typing this, though, I can see all edges which definitely puts a “frame” on the world. Most of the time I don’t notice it but every now and then…

  32. definetly #1. The shape seems to fit your face the best of all. Good luck chooinsg. I have a terrible time picking new frames too.

  33. I voted for #1, but I also like #5. The other frames are to heavy for your face and too narrow. They focus on the frame and not your face. #1 is a lighter frame and the shape compliments your face and opens up your eyes. #5 does most of the same things as #1, but is is more square and changes the focus of the shape of your face. It is also semi clear which is good if you want the focus on your face. This is just the advice I would have given to my customers years ago when I was an optician. I personally prefer people to see my face and not just the frame. Some people like to hide behind an image the the frame infers.

  34. I voted for #1. I can’t really be sure of your face shape…but here is my best guess.
    An oval face is considered to be the ideal shape because of its balanced proportions. To keep the oval’s natural balance, look for eyeglass frames that are as wide as (or wider than) the broadest part of the face, or walnut-shaped frames that are not too deep or too narrow. ( After reading all the different face shapes and what looks good on them, I looked again and instantly liked #1. Hope this helps you! (it was a toss up between #1 and #5 for me at first)

  35. I voted for #4….all the “young people” are wearing them. Yes, they remind me of the 80’s, but they’ve really grown on me lately…or should I say, grown on me again? 🙂


I love hearing from you guys!