This post could also quite easily be titled, “In Which Abbie Practices Her Pursed-Lips-Smile.” But my propensity for smizing is not exactly the main point of this post, so we’ll just stick with the original title, m’kay?

So, 3 years ago, you guys weighed in on which glasses I should buy, using uber-nifty virtual try-on images as your guide.


I did end up buying glasses–one pair, in particular, that I loved and wore all the time. Until a certain precious 18-month-old who shall remain unnamed (but whose name is identical to the abbreviation for a famous city in Louisiana) snapped the ear-piece of said beloved glasses.

Hashtag bummer. I do have another pair, but they pinch my nose (and can’t be adjusted) to the point of headaches. So, suffice it to say that I’ve been wearing my contacts pretty much non-stop for about a year now (because I am a rather blind little bat), and my 32-year-old eyes are tired.

Fast-forward to a week ago when I discovered that world of online glasses shopping has advanced at leaps and bounds to the point that some companies will now send you multiple pairs of frames to try on in person before you decide to buy (with free shipping both directions).


So, I ordered up a grand total of 11 pairs from two different companies, and today I’m showing you the top 4 contenders (all from Warby Parker…not a sponsored post; just thought I’d share).

But, of course, I couldn’t just make a decision. OH no. I had to consult you, my lovely blog-friends.

So, I’m guessing you’ve already figured out how this is going to go.

I’m going to show you the 4 options, and then, you’re going to comment away telling me which one I should choose (and why, if you’re feeling particularly verbose).

Thanks in advance for your help!

Here we go!





{Clearly, I have a thing for tortoise-shell-hued plastic frames, so don’t feel bad if you end up feeling a bit like, “Well, Abbie, 3 of those are the same.” What can I say? At least I’m consistent?}


  1. I like 1 and 2. The shape of both of them are great. 1 is good if you want the glasses to blend into your face but I like how 2 adds a little pop of color .

  2. option 1!!

    2 is too wide
    3 makes you look older
    4 is too small for your face and too square (you already have great bone structure and it just accentuates it too much)

  3. I think that option 4 brings out your eyes the best. but number 2 is fun and looks great. I noticed a lot of people mention number 1 looks better because of the “thicker, wider frame” but I disagree. The space between your eyes and the frames is much brighter with option 4. With that said. They all look good. (but you already knew that!)

  4. Option 1!!!!! Most flattering. Skinny frames aren’t as flattering, my face is the same way. Love the tortoise!

  5. 2 & 3! You can never have to many options! #3 because I think the shape of them look great with your face and obviously you like the tortoise shell…. and #2 for when you want to look a bit more serious for lack of better words.

  6. I would have to say option 2 the non tortoise shell glasses. While the tortoise shell are nice, I don’t feel that they are complimentary to your hair color.I would say send them all back and get a pair of frames with some color in them. Live on the wild side. I just got some purple Lisa Loeb frames from Costco. First time ever with some colored frames. My husband really likes them though. Anyway, I would pick #2 because I think they compliment your face more (and your face is pretty and should be seen, girl!). Just my 2 cents (since you asked).

  7. I like #4 personally, but agree with some of the others about #2, something a little different (yet the same) and they also seem a little less “weighty” than the others.

  8. #2 is my first choice and then #4…they both look great on you, very flattering to your face shape and color 🙂

  9. I like option 2 best (the shape fits your face nicely and the blue makes your eyes pop even more!) then option 4.

  10. I’d say option 2 or 4. I like the shape of those the best, and I feel like the color of #4 is a little more subtle so I can see you instead of just the glasses (which is what I feel #s 1 and 3 are like). #2 is great but won’t necessarily go with everything…….

  11. I also love tortoise, so normally I would say #1…. however, you are so colorful and vibrant (from your style to your home), that it feels silly to suggest anything other than #2!

  12. I like option 1. 🙂 The colors and shape look the best to my eye, but its hard to pick because they really all look cute on you!

  13. I like the shape and subtleness of 4. If the blue ones were the same shape as option 4, I’d pick those because that color is cute!

  14. #2!!! The color is gorgeous for you and makes your eye color pop. The others are kind of granny feeling.

I love hearing from you guys!