Okay, first of all, let it be known that you guys are THEE best.

I got 475 opinions here on the blog and social media in response to my request for your input about my new glasses. And, while I’m still plowing through them all in search of a consensus, I’m just blown away at how sweet y’all are to take the time to share your thoughts with me about silly things like which frames best fit my face shape. I know I’ll never get to meet most of you, but I still feel like I get to pull up a chair and chat with a bunch of rad girlfriends several times a week.

And now onto today’s business…

I’m not the world’s biggest baby-wearer at home. And I’m not talking about my physical stature either. I just don’t do it a ton.

Mostly, that’s because a) my babies tends to be of the non-fussy variety (please don’t e-stone me) and are usually pretty content to be in their swings or bumbo seats near me while I cook/homeschool/blog/whatever and b) I have a lot of helping hands. (I remember wearing Ezra, my firstborn, in his Baby Bjorn throughout many a meal prep, so I’d say the helping hands bit has been the biggest factor in my not baby-wearing at home that much of late)). I mean, seriously, I turned around in the middle of getting dinner ready last night to see Simon changing Theo’s poopy diaper without being asked.

(And then I belted the Hallelujah chorus along with the angel choir that descended through my kitchen ceiling).

But I am so, SO grateful for the ability to wear my babies when they do get cranky or when I’m out and about or if I just feel like snuggling my baby close, hands-free. So, when Rockin’ Baby contacted me about taking one of their slings for a spin AND giving one away to you lovely folks, you better believe I jumped on that one like a duck on a June bug. (Or, I should say, like my 7-year-old on a June bug; he’d beat out a duck any day).

I had never tried a ring-sling before, so I was excited to test something new.

Turns out, me likey.

It took a bit of maneuvering to get the ring to adjust easily at first, but the kind folks at Rockin’ Baby had warned me that there was a bit of a learning curve and that once I had the hang of it, I’d love it.

They were right.


After the initial test, in which I did a lot of shifting and attempts at tightening–only semi-successfully–I tried again the next day and found the process at least twice as simple/intuitive. And every time since, it’s gotten easier and easier to simply slip Theo down inside the pouch and then cinch him up nice and cozy to my chest.

As far as his opinion on the arrangement.


He’s a huge fan. He loves being snuggled up close to me and will happily ride around in the sling while I meal-prep or do chores for as long as I’m willing/able to carry him.

I have yet to find a single carrier that doesn’t produce a burning ice-pick point of pain in my upper right shoulder after about 45 minutes of wear–no matter what its claims for ergonomic correctness or superior weight distribution.


And I’ll be honest–the Rockin’ Baby sling is no exception…although I can carry Theo in it longer than usual without the burning sensation, and it never reaches the heights it does with some other carriers.

But let’s face it: that has pretty much everything to do with the fact that I need to go see a chiropractor and nothing to do with the carriers themselves.

In fact, this sling is so comfortable that I’ve found myself reaching for it more and more recently, even when Theo didn’t necessarily “need” to be carried.


I chose the “You Win Again” reversible sling, and I can honestly say, without reservation, that I was extremely impressed with the sturdiness of the stitching and the quality of the fabric. Not only impressed but surprised. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, since clearly, I would want a product that held my baby to be well-made and durable, but this sling exceeded even my highest expectations.

I also love that, since Theo is so happy in it, he often slides off into dreamland for a snooze while I’m carrying him. I can then loosen the sling super-easily, which allows me to lay him down still sleeping if necessary.


And you know what else I love? The fact that, for every sling or pouch purchased from Rockin’ Baby, they donate another to a needy mother in Kenya or Haiti and educate her about the importance of its use.

Plus, on a much more frivolous note, Rockin’ Baby has so many fun prints that I had to do a FB poll just to help me decide which one I should choose!


The best part of all is that I’m not that only who gets to benefit from Rockin’ Baby’s generosity. Not only did they provide a sling for me to review, but they’re also giving one away to one of you lucky ducks.

To be entered to win, simply a) comment with a time when baby-wearing saved your bacon (mine would definitely be that time I carried Ezra all over New York City for 9 straight hours; not sure my shoulders have ever been the same, but it sure was convenient!), or, if you’ve never used a baby-carrier,Β  b) tell me about why you want to start now.

For extra entries, you can like the Rockin’ Baby Facebook PageΒ or share about this giveaway via any form of social media (just be sure to leave me a comment telling me where you shared).

*Entries only open to residents of U.S. and Canada. Giveaway closes Monday, April 20 at 11:59 PM.


  1. I just found out I’m expecting my first baby! I would love a sling because I’m not interested in experiencing sore-arms from carrying a fussy baby; my family is notorious for fussy babies, we can’t all be lucky i guess(; xoxoxoxo

  2. I tried to use the baby sling and baby carrier I got with my son. The sling’s fabric was too big for me but too small for my large baby. The carrier hurt my back, was too tight around my large son’t large legs and he hung so low that my legs kicked his. It didn’t work out sadly. Hop this one works for by baby that’s on the way if I win. I think the the way it’s worn would be better.

  3. Pretty much every evening since my daughter was born 12/31. It’s that crazy hour where the baby needs to sleep but only when held, dinner needs to be cooked, and my 2 older boys need about a dozen things. I feel like the baby’s too big for the ergo infant insert but not quite ready for just being in there without it. Would love to try something new!

  4. with three little ones under four (a few years ago) i could never have gotten grocery shopping done without my sling. we hustled through that store, avoiding all the people who wanted to chat about the strange contraption sure to suffocate my child, and all got out unscathed and without tears. lifesaver i tell you!

  5. I am a first time momma due in October and I’m so wanting to try baby wearing. I have read so many good and beneficial things about it that I can’t wait to try it. Your sling looks so comfy and I would love to try a ring sling that will help grow with baby!

  6. My husband is a flight attendant, so I fly A LOT (by myself avec two red headed boys with ‘tudes to match) to visit out-of-town grandparents. We couldn’t spend a lot of money on a carrier, so we were elated with my husband found brand-new-with-tags Ergo at Goodwill for $25. Woot. That thing has been a LIFE saver time and time again whilst traveling. I love the Ergo, but have seen a lot of ladies at church with their kiddos in ring slings (we are Orthodox and have 2 hour long services on Sunday, where we stand for the entirety, so a comfy way of holding babies is a must). I would love a chance to try out Rockin’ Baby slings for free! Love trying new products for my littles. (Also…”liked” their FB page). πŸ™‚

  7. Babywearing saves me in many little ways on a daily basis. Basic things, like cooking dinner, just cannot be accomplished as easily without being about to tie baby on my back.
    My 3.5 year old daughter was abused by her biological father. I discovered the abuse right after her 3rd birthday. She has had a lot of issues learning to trust me and her step dad again, and I think she holds a lot of resentment toward us, but of course, can’t articulate it at this age. Babywearing has saved our bond, I believe. Shes a big, heavy girl, and I can’t wear her for long periods of time, but she is on my back almost every day for snuggles, for a few minutes at least. She seems to have triggers that make her need to be close to Mommy, and I know wrapping her tightly back there makes her feel more secure than if I was just sitting and holding her.

  8. I have a carrier from walmart i use but i don’t love. My baby girl doesn’t seem all that comfortable in it. But it is so convenient to have a carrier when i take the kids to the zoo!! And hiking! I can’t take a stroller hiking or on walks on the bumpy roads in my town..so I would LOVE to win one! If I had a comfortable one I’m sure I’d wear Alaya around a lot more often around the house!!

  9. I have a moby wrap that I used with my second child. With baby #3 on the way I would love to try another option!

  10. I still wear my petite 16 mos old little girl. I wear her often while grocery shopping. Also, my carrier saved me on a vacay when she was 8 mos old. We visited the aquarium, beach and many other sights & she was a happy camper as long as she was carried in the carrier! I never tried a sling, but I’d love to!!

  11. Hey, this looks just like the slings I’ve made! Baby wearing definitely saved my bacon when we were visiting the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Two babies (a year and a half apart, but still…)= two sling wearing parents. The best part was when our 4.5 year old got very sick while hiking, and my husband switched the “big baby” out of the sling, and carried our sick guy back down the mountain in it. Serious life saver then!

  12. Babywearing is going to be our lifesaver on Monday when we make a transAtlantic flight with 2 under two. My husband will wear the oldest in the Ergo and I get the little in the Moby! No strollers or carseats to juggle through crowded aisles, and they can take naps on us! Plus, we can skip the dreaded 360 x-ray scanner and go through a normal metal detector.

    And it’s wonderful every day on our walks…the little one just curls up for a nap and I can stroll with the big all around town!

  13. I’ve used a Moby at our homeschool co-op. Would love to have a ring sling to wear my 4 month old. Love the pattern on the fabric!

  14. Baby wearing has saved me when flying across country by myself with my daughter at 2 months, again at a year, and again at just over 2. I don’t know how I would have gotten through the airport without a carrier!

  15. Babywearing is a lifesaver in my house! As a stay at home mom to a toddler and 3.5 month old, at some point throughout the day at least one of them needs “uppy” to soothe, nurse, help with chores, walk to the park, go get groceries, etc. And what mom doesn’t like a variety to be able to tandem wear, or just to not always be wearing the same sling/wrap while out shopping or taking the babies to the park!

  16. Gorgeous sling!! I have never tried a ring sling but would love to i wore all 3 of my boys in a Moby style wrap and loved it shopping it really halped me out and gave me free hands when I needed to hold the other two littles hands! I am expecting boy #4 and would love to try something new!!!

  17. I fell in love with baby wearing on our road trip with a 9 month old last summer from Texas to California. Particularly on the day my husband and I traded off carrying the baby the entire time we were at the Grand Canyon (8 hours!). I’m looking forward to baby wearing more with my second child since I’m sure I’ll need my hands free & be able to move easily since I’ll have 2 under 2. πŸ™‚

  18. Baby wearing my (refusal to walk) 15 month old while 7 months pregnant to my sister in laws outdoor August wedding that my 4 year old was flower girl in was a life saver! Have gotten away from it, but with #4 coming this fall need to start more or we’ll never have groceries or go anywhere!

  19. I❀️Babywearing! It has allowed both my hubby and I to bond with our little guy as we fosttoadopt! He snuggles right in and takes a snooze! He is an easy non fussy baby, but having that extra special carrying connection has been awesome! I have a stretchy one that I like but do not love— would live to try the ring sling:)

  20. I don’t know where I’d be now if it wasn’t for my Beco carrier. It makes grocery shopping so much easier and when baby (or toddler) is sick and only wants Mama 24/7 well I just slip it on, put them in and we’re good to go. I’m 34 weeks pregnant with #3 and I’ve never tried a ring sling before. This one is gorgeous!

  21. So, I’ve never really used a carrier – but I now realize I need to buy one. My reasons:

    1.) I am ten weeks pregnant with #3, and I have a just turned 2 year old, and just turned 1 year old. So, I will have three under two for several months!

    2.) I stay at home with the closest family and friends living two hours away, and my husband works 52+ hours a week.. So my hands, not saying, but LITERALLY, will be full!

    3.) I could use the carrier to go grocery shopping. I’m already thinking logistics. Put my one year old in the front part of grocery cart, and hopefully by then my two year old will follow well beside me!

    4.) Use the double stroller for walks or parks, and be able to use the carrier for the baby.

    5.) When dinner starts, I can free my hands by just putting little one in the carrier as I cook and make sure my two other ones.. Are.. Well.. Alive. Dinner still is a bit tricky for me. I turned my head for literally a second, and my oldest son was pouring cornmeal and sugar all over my youngest daughter’s head.. Just as long as they are alive, I’m good. Hah.

    6.) Close baby – mama contact is good for the soul.

    Many more reasons, but these are off the top of my head! πŸ˜€

  22. I am in graduate school and pregnant with my first. I want to baby-wear so that I can type papers and hold a crying baby at the same time!

  23. Our newest foster baby is only ten months younger than our daughter, so any time I go out with the two babies one or the other is in a carrier! We’d never have groceries without it!

  24. When my #2 was just a baby and #1 was a busy two-year-old, my Ergo saved me at the playground. Little brother could nurse, observe, and snooze while I kept big brother from catapulting himself off the play structure. With #3 on the way and a two and four year old to keep up with, a carrier is a must!

  25. Babywearing saved our vacation. I don’t know how we would have made it through the airport if I hadn’t been wearing our little girl. We have 2 littles now, so I babywear several hours a day so that I can keep up with my toddler and have my baby close.

  26. I have never really worn one. When my daughter was smaller I had the one that you wear on your back like a back pack and she loved it but it hurt my back so bad after five minutes that I couldn’t hardly use it. I have always wanted to try the sling ones but never got around to buying one, now she’s 11 months so I’m not sure that I could even use one for her, however I want to use one with my upcoming lil’ one. I would definitely love the convenience of being able to wear the newborn and keep him/her calm while I take care of all the household stuff I need to, and my daughter, and while working from home!

  27. My son’s whole life …2yrs! I had not had a high needs baby till him. He constantly need to be near someone. It was the only way I survived with my sanity intact.

  28. Baby wearing saved me every time I went grocery shopping when my daughter was a baby. Her car seat was heavy and would take up the whole cart, so wearing her was the only way to actually have room for groceries. We’re expecting our second daughter this summer and I would love a new sling for her :).

  29. I didn’t wear my first baby, but now that I have a 2 year old & a newborn, I would love to give it a try!!

  30. I have 5 year old twins (boys) and a 6 month old boy. I love love love going for walks around the neighbourhood with them (I’d rather go to the park but the snow is Just melting away here!) and wearing my 6 month old isn’t only easier to get places (I can take stairs!), feels so good and cuddly, but also means I can hold the twins hands when crossing the road!
    I’ve also liked your fb!

  31. Honestly I’ve never tried any good carriers and quickly realized the normal Bjorn style ones weren’t going to work. BUT with little girl #3 coming soon, I can see how giving it a shot could be helpful at home or for travel.

  32. I’ve only worn my babies in the past during grocery shopping trips. But, I’m expecting baby #5 this summer, so my hands will be extra full. I’m researching slings to hopefully enjoy more baby-wearing – winning one would be fantastic! I’ve liked the Rockin’ Baby Slings Facebook page, and will be sharing this post as well.

  33. We go to a lot of basketball games and as a newborn it was so much easier to use a carrier than his car seat. I’ve always wanted to try a ring sling though!

  34. One of the first out of town trips with just me and Baby A… Really needed a restroom stop half way, but cringed at the thought of her, the car seat, or anything other than the bottoms of my shoes, really, touching the gas station restroom floor. After using the carrier, I was SO grateful for hands free, sanitary public restroom stops! She’s just over a year now and it still goes everywhere with us! Thanks for this review, I’ve been interested in trying a ring sling.

  35. I am currently pregnant and would love to start baby wearing when my son makes his grand entrance! I am a nanny currently (and continuing on after maternity leave) for a 19 month old little girl who DOES NOT STOP. So I’m sure the baby wearing for the newborn would help keep my sanity, as well as keep a normal routine for the little girl I nanny.

  36. Babywearing has saved me whenever we go shopping. It is NOT fun trying to get through a crowded grocery store with a stroller. How do I know? I tried it and have some mental battle scars! After I wore my LO the first time at the grocery store, I was hooked! The stroller is now gathering dust. I would love a ring sling for quick ups/downs.

  37. Most recently, babywearing saved me outlet shopping. We have a 1 yr old and an almost 3 yr old. Strollers are terrible in tight spaces and we don’t like spending 5 hours in toys r us lol

  38. Oh man, it’s saved me so many times. My youngest 2 are only 16 months apart and there are times when I have to climb a zillion stairs on an errand. I pop one on front and one on the back and off we go!

  39. A sling saved me from dropping my baby or hurting myself worse when I fell while shopping. I slipped in a trail of liquid I didn’t see and went down on one knee. It hurt my knee like crazy but my baby was just fine. If she wasn;t in the sling I may have dropped her. Ring slings are my favorite, and the one I got the most complements on is my Rockin’ Baby. I gave away my other slings because I never used them after I got my Rockin’ Baby.

  40. I am pregnant with my first (girl!) and am so excited to create memories wearing her close to me on our new adventures as a family. Along with the rest of the baby gear areas, there are an overwhelming number of choices, styles, brands, etc. I love hearing your feedback on this one to help narrow it all down and contribute to other mamas at the same time!

  41. With an extremely jealous big brother, carrying his baby sister around in the bajorn made life leaving the house so much better for everyone. From walks to the park, weekly target trips and the grocery store, baby wearing made my preschooler help adjust a little better to having a sibling around without totally putting a wrench in his plans with his mommy.

  42. Anytime I went to the grocery store my carrier saved my bacon so I could buy some bacon. lol. I had a runner. She’d run all the time.

  43. I’d love to have a real sling that works! I tried wrapping my daughter as a baby with a homemade moby wrap, but it was just too hot for us to muster for too long and the length was a deal-buster when we were out. Now that she’s almost two and our second is on the way, we’ve been trying out some other carriers in preparation for our trip to Germany…not so sure that stroller is going to work well on the cobblestone! So far only minimal luck with comfort and ease, but I’d love to try a ring sling πŸ™‚

  44. I have two boys and my youngest is 8, so no baby carrier for me! However their big sister is expecting a girl that will arrive sometime in July, and this step grandma would rock if she got her step daughter one of these beautiful slings! Btw, love your blog!

  45. I didn’t wear my 1st baby much ( I could never get the hang of it and he screamed while I tried to figure it out so I gave up!), but with babies #2- #5, it was a life-saver. I didn’t wear them around home, but I wore them constantly when I was out. My wrap saved me EVERY TIME I had to run errands at Walmart. Hands-free shopping for the win!

  46. Babywearing saves me everyday! If it wasn’t for wearing my 3 week old i’m pretty sure my family would never get fed, it’s a lifesaver!!

  47. I love carrying my littles. Baby wearing saved my sanity when I had my first baby. He was really gassy so it was the only way he would sleep.

    I also shared your post on my facebook and liked rockin baby on facebook!

  48. I have a toddler and a six month old and while on walks it’s really hard to keep track of my very independent (almost) two year old and push a stroller. Baby wearing has helped me to maintain sanity and not have to juggle strolling with one hand and holding the toddler’s hand with another while going up and downhill.

  49. Commenting for my friend who just recently had a baby, so I’m not sure if I’m allowed to win it for her, but will try anyway!
    She has a baby carrier, but it’s big and bulky. She wore it this past Sunday though and it made it much easier for her to help out with our friend’s wedding shower set-up and decorating. She’s one rockin’ mama!!


  50. All the time πŸ™‚ Most recently at the neighborhood Easter egg hunt – the big kids ran, the babe slept in the sling – perfect!

  51. I have one son and he cried for 4 months straight. Seriously, it felt like he never smiled! I’m so glad we took pictures from that time to prove me wrong. During those months he hated being worn. As any Mama of a baby with colic knows, nothing works during a crying fit, even babywearing. Now that my son is 7 months old he has started allowing me to wear him for 15-30 min in an Ergo or Moby. I’d love to try him in a sling!

  52. I make big, beautiful, gassy babies. With all the burping they just tend to be happier in an up right position and a carrier works wonders! I haven’t tried a sling that does the trick yet. Would love for a chance to try the Rockin’ Baby Sling!

  53. My little babe is not here yet! But I’ve loved to carry my nephews and friend’s babies around – shopping or any events! SO much better than a stroller for crowded places!

  54. Both of my kids were fussy babies so I wore them all the time. Now I’m pregnant with my third and looking for the perfect carrier.

  55. Definitely baby carriers have come in handy for us to be able to go on short hikes in the woods at the family farm in Ohio or even once in Colorado! Strollers would never make it and who wants to be left staying home with the baby or trying to carry them in your arms all that time?!

  56. I am expecting #6 soon and have never had a carrier. I would love and anticipate I will need a carrier this time!!

  57. I discovered baby wearing with my second. He is not particularly fussy, but hates being in his car seat carrier for long periods of time. Babywea ring saves my bacon every time I go to Target! Plus, it frees up more room in the buggy. I would love to try ring sling and this one looks great!

  58. Baby wearing definitely saved me on every single grocery shopping trip with a two-year-old and a baby! I would love to try a ring sling with my new little one on the way in June/july.

  59. Never used a sling but I’m pregnant with our 3rd – bigger gap between the first two and this one and I homeschool so using a sling sounds like a day saver. Thank you for the giveaway.

  60. Baby wearing saved my sanity with my firstborn who was very fussy due to tummy issues. I totally understand the sharp pain in the shoulder. The same carrier helped me haul my very easy going, content daughter around St. Louis zoo for an all day trip. I eventually gave the first carrier away, thinking I was done having children, now we are expecting again and I would love to try the Rocknbaby carrier.

  61. I love wearing my babies! I wear my littles a lot. I’ve worn them back at work as a office manager, while moving, while flying from LA to Chicago several times (so much easier than dragging a stroller), and on many many outings where a double stroller didn’t cut it for my 3 kiddos!

  62. I would love to try a new sling! I have one but was so nervous baby would fall out. I’m preguant with my fourth and my babies are fussy kinds! Lol I’m homeschooling mom so I can see how much needed one will be!

  63. I’m pregnant with my first little one (due in 1 month) and I definitely want to try baby wearing. It will not only help me to be hands free, but I think it’s very important for babies to feel a closeness and a carrier/sling/wrap is a great way to do that.

  64. I loved using a carrier when my husband and I flew across country with a six week old baby and a 19 month old. I only have a Baby Bjorn. Although I love how easy it is to figure out, I would like to try something a bit more comfortable.

  65. I don’t have children yet (we’re on the wait list for adoption) but once I do have a little one I know I’ll be searching for some kind of carrier and this one looks super comfortable!

  66. I have never used a sling or carrier of any kind, but I would love to try one. Even though I just had my 5th back in December, she is by far my most fussy baby, even with all the extra hands helping πŸ™‚ and I think she would love to walk around with me.

  67. I never did baby-wear my first, and my 2nd is almost 10 months old and I have only worn her a handful of times – mostly because winter here is not convenient with baby slings and now that it’s warm enough she’s too dang big! The one most convenient time i wore her though, was at a school carnival! I was able to follow my kindergartner around to all the games he wanted to play, plus carry the baby while she kept an eye on things, and then napped.

  68. My first definitely wanted to be held the most and the sling that I had allowed me to still make dinner, do a few chores and go for walks, but it didn’t seem supportive enough for a lot of use. Since then, I have used a basic carrier when going to the park or on a walk, but I have never found one comfortable or supportive enough that I would use daily. I would LOVE to try a ring sling for baby #5 who will be arriving in September.

  69. I have a really old ring sling that I used when carting around all our luggage and four kids ages 3 and under through the airport all day on a cross-country trip two weeks after I delivered a baby! πŸ™‚ Would love to upgrade to a new ring sling!

  70. I’ve never had a sling and only used a carrier a handful of times with my first when we were hiking. Now that number 2 is on the way, I can see that having free hands could come in handy. πŸ™‚

  71. I have 10 kids and use a baby carrier often when trying to get things done but don’t want to sacrifice carrying and loving on my babies. I have never used this kind of sling before. It looks like it would work really well for my 8 month old.

  72. I haven’t used a carrier before, but Baby #1 is coming in July and I really want to try a ring sling with him/her.

  73. I definitely got a lot of use out of my wrap when my oldest was teething/battling a nasty ear infection. I also like to wear my babies for walks in our snowy and cold winters…I just zip hubby’s coat over baby and me πŸ™‚ I have to say though, my wrap is a bit if a hassle to put on. I think I would wear my Theo more if I could use a simple ring sling!

  74. I’m expecting my first, so I haven’t used a carrier yet. I would expect that it’s necessary for very clingy babies, as you’ll still need use of your hands to get anything done!

  75. My second baby had some unindentified health problems when she was a toddler. She cried all the time. It was common for me to wear her on my back while also holding #3. It was a difficult time. We finally resolved her health issues (it was food allergies) and she didn’t need to be carried so often. I don’t know what I would have done during that time without a sling or carrier.

    I’m expecting #7 now and I would love to have a new, beautiful sling.

  76. I wear my baby grocery shopping. I refuse to put her car seat in the kid sit section of the basket as it just isn’t safe and I need the big part of the buggy for the groceries. Plus we have two other children to keep track of.

  77. No babies yet, but I have several friends who do, and they would definitely benefit from having this pretty one!

  78. Look how sweet that sleeping Theo is! Babywearing is pretty much the only reason I was ever able to leave the house after having my third baby. It made it possible to actually keep baby happy and wrangle his two older sisters long enough to get my errands done.

  79. Oh I want one so badly! Baby wearing has been a lifesaver for me, especially since my baby has been a bit on the fussy side since day one. It helps me survive daily life with a fussy baby: grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, walking around the zoo, etc. It helped us survive the holidays with extended family all up in my baby’s face. I just strapped her on and I could tell she felt safer. I would love to try a ring sling, especially one this cute!
    I liked their page and shared the giveaway on my facebook page

  80. Having 6 kiddos in 8 years has definitely presented lots of times I need my hands free But the baby needs holding. Its nice to be able to wear the baby when I’m in the store with the next youngest in the cart.

  81. I would love to try this carrier! I purchased a K’tan this time around and it’s been my favorite so far. It was a lifesaver when my lil one was born early. She needed those extra snuggles!!! Thanks!

  82. I’ve never been much of a baby wearer… Mostly because it’s so difficult to find one that is comfortable and somewhat easy to out on and off…. Hello baby Wrap! U would live to try this as my third was preemie and is more needy sometimes. Thanks for your time and effort Abby!

  83. Baby wearing saved me when I was nursing our son, who also was a total snuggle bug. He wanted to be with momma 24/7 and would fuss otherwise. Baby wearing allowed me to grocery shop and maintain sanity without the hassle of baby carseats And secretly nurse off in a corner if needed.
    We are due with our third little rainbow baby this Fall, it will be the first time I will have two so close together (we have a soon to be 7 and soon to be 2 yearold) and with a newborn and a toddler I know it will come in handy and be used often πŸ™‚

  84. I’m pregnant, this will be my first birth, so I haven’t used a baby sling before. I have been looking into different types, which is almost overwhelming. I want to use one because I think it will just add more closeness between my baby and I. This one looks comfy and so cute! Thanks for the review. Can’t wait to be holding my baby! πŸ™‚

  85. I used my Ergo a lot with my first two babies. The time it saved me the most was definitely the 15 hour flights/airplane layovers on several trips from Hawaii, where we lived, to Virginia, where my parents lived. I’m not sure how we could have managed without it! Now I am pregnant with my 4th baby girl and would really love to try a ring sling πŸ™‚

    (I also liked Rockin’ Baby’s facebook page.)

  86. I Use my solly baby wrap all the time and am in love with it. It truly saved me when my son has Rsv and needed
    To be held constantly
    For almost a week. I was able to get household chores done and school the other kids hands free. So wonderful!

  87. My first was like you say, not too crabby and so I didn’t do much baby wearing, my second, I gave the little packs you can get at the store a try. He loved them and I died wearing them. Not that their straps weren’t padded and felt great at first, but after a short period of time, I was just done. I might be able to get that garden chore done but I’d be twice as tired afterwards. Fast forward 7 years and my Third was born. I had seen lots of moms with ring slings on and thought I could try that. He basically lived in that thing. Now he’s older and I’m looking into buying a more sturdy material wrap for carrying him on my back.
    That said, I’ve got a sister who’s little girl is nearly 4 months old and spent so much time in the NICU at first, I’d love to share a sling like this with her (My ring sling I gifted away before I knew she was having MK -_- ) so they can connect more and more.

  88. When my daughter was born, my son was still a baby and I needed my hands free! Baby wearing has really helped me with that. I don’t own a ring sling carrier and I was just asking a friend about one! I’d like to try this or gift it to my regnant bestie!

  89. I used mine for the day in key west. I would not have been able to climb the lighthouse without it! I was so happy. Being at the top of a lighthouse was always a huge dream of mine and it finally came true.

  90. My mom came to visit us in Germany after my baby was born since we are stationed here with the army. I had to carry my 5 week old around in our baby carrier when we went to see a castle, since castles are not stroller friendly πŸ˜‰ I would love to try a ring sling!

  91. I m currently living in Japan while my husband is working here testing the new engines on a new Mitsubishi jet. Elevators in subways are few and far between, so I rarely use a stroller. My son is almost the same age as your littlest and is fussy unless I am holding him. So, I use an ergonomic carrier EVERYWHERE. it gets filthy of course. I need a quicker carrier, and one to swap out when the Ergo gets filthy. Which it does. I think James is a spit up factory, not a baby.

  92. My baby girl was born at 23 weeks, and I wasn’t able to hold her for the first three weeks of her life, but after that it was vitally important for baby and baby to be attatched! I would love to try one of these ring slings. And Mr Theo looks adorabke! And Yay for brothers cheerfully helping! ☺

  93. I used my baby K’tan to help carry my little guy around Disney. And yeah, I still got sore… But it helped!!!!

  94. I bought my carrier for a trip I was taking to FL with my 2 daughter. It was the 3 of us plus their carseats, carryons and diaper bag. I would not have been able to juggle it all without wearing my LO.

  95. I didn’t carry my first very much, I had a moby wrap and never quite got the hang of it! But, with my second coming any day now and a 2 and 1/2 year old constantly on the loose, I’m thinking a wrap will get a lot more use!!

  96. On our last vacation we didn’t have any room in the van to pack a stroller so baby wearing was the only way to carry around my then 5 month old and the 2 year old when he got tired. I shared the giveaway on FB and liked the page.

  97. I have a knock off Ergo and it has saved me many a time, particularly in the difficult newborn days when my daughter would not take a nap unless she was in the carrier. I would love to try a ring sling like this one!!

  98. I would love to try out this adorable sling! I love to wear my babies. Once while on a little get away we hiked in the woods and the trail turned out tti be way longer than I originally anticipated. I was so thankful to be wearing my baby because my arms and back would have not lasted the entire way.

I love hearing from you guys!