Bom dia, everybody!

And no, I didn’t just say anything ugly, neither did I greet you in Spanish.

That’s actually “Good Morning” in Portuguese, which is not something I usually just whip out first thing (in fact, today’s the first time, I do believe).

If you remember my sleep-deprived state from Friday, I’m happy to report that, after not one but TWO naps on Saturday (before go you getting all jealous, my husband had to work all day, and I had all three kids with me the whole time, so it was very “creative” napping), I’m feeling a bit more human again.

Sunday was its usual wonderful self (by far my favorite day of the week), and the sun is shining this morning!

Praise Jesus! Life is good!

So…back to that whole Portuguese business…

I’m afraid you’ll have to watch today’s fitness vlog, which features a fun little move called the “Esquiva,” to find out why I busted out the Portugese today (because I’m sneaky like that).

Warning: this one’s kind of long, and I didn’t write any smart-alecky captions to go with it, but the move is really fun and different, I still would love for you to check it out!

Untitled from Abbie on Vimeo.

Hope the rest of your Monday is fab.u.lous!

Any fun plans?

P.S. If you could say “Good Morning” in any one language (without Googling it first, of course), what would it be?


  1. suprabhatam – (pronounced as supra – bha – tam) that’s how we say it in india in a language called sanskrit

  2. Thanks for the tip about taking a wider stance when doing a lunge. I’m usually teetering all over the place. Gave the stance a try at BodyPump this morning. No more teetering! Your are brilliant!

  3. Buon giorno! I’ve been trying to learn Italian forever now, but that and other little words is as far as I’ve gotten. lol. Oh well.

    Those moves look like something I could incorporate into my workouts. Thanks Abbie!

  4. Goo mor mor. This language is called Michaelaniese. The language spoken by my 2 year old daughter.

I love hearing from you guys!