After 1/2 a dozen mildly disastrous attempts (spread out through yesterday and this morning) to capture a shoulder exercise vlog for today’s Move-it Monday, I finally acknowledged the blatantly obvious fact that attempting to make a video with three small children in the background is probably not the most brilliant idea ever.

I’ve got some rather entertaining video I could have shown you (including one where all three of the munchkins—including the toddler—pretty much flash-mobbed the camera), but it wouldn’t have been very helpful to your fitness goals.


In light of the fact that my couch looks like this:


And my sink looks like this:


(Yes, those are all from yesterday)…I’d say that I’ve got a fair bit of “moving” to do.

And making videos all day ain’t gonna get it done.

Here’s hoping your week is off to more of a productive start than mine and that you somehow manage to muddle through your Monday, even with the knowledge that you have missed out on a chance to make your shoulders hurt. (It’ll be hard, I know, but I think you’ll manage).


  1. That is pretty much normal for me… it is nice to see I’m not the only one with a sink full of dishes. I feel like I have so much too do, but other things I end up doing.

  2. I so feel you here!! I HAVE SO MUCH I NEED TO BE DOING – yet I am sitting here reading your blog.

    Clearly, though, this was the best decision.

  3. Hang in there Abbie we all have days like this! I’m a nursing student with two kids and I can’t seem to keep anything clean or get anything around the house done. Thank goodness for supportive and helpful fathers and loving children who look past the dirt and when they’re asked to do something they get it done.

  4. Pretty much what my sink looked like this morning. I did them when I got up because it was bad. So bad.

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