Whew! A 70/30 split! (70% said “grifted).

You guys were pretty sure of yourselves.

So…were you right?

See for yourselves!


                      GRIFTED                                        THRIFTED

Top: Factory Connection (ca. 2006) ($8)                Top: GW ($3)

Jeans: GAP ($22)                                                      Jeans: Seven for All Mankind/bought from

Necklace: Gift                                                          a friend who got them @ GW ($15)

Shoes: Payless ($35)                                                Necklace: $1

TOTAL: $65                                                          Shoes: Antonio Melani/GW ($4)

                                                                                TOTAL: $23

Well done!

Although, I will say that the predominate reasons for choosing A in the comments (which were fairly evenly split, by the way) were either that the necklace in A was better than B (a point which I readily concede) or that the shirt in A looked newer, a point which—while I recognize why it would be cited as a reason—is not entirely sound simply because I do not buy my grifted clothes right before doing T+G.

More like—I rummage through my drawers of 8-year-old retail stash to find something that will work.

Regardless of which tee was actually more current (since Exhibit A’s was at least 6-years-old), your reasoning worked!

Oh! And the commenter who gets my vote for this round is…

Judy-Randy who said:

“I’’m going with B, only because of the necklace. The A necklace looks like Abbie was thinking, ‘Holy Cow! Look at that adorable necklace….GOTTA have it….at least it’s on sale’ where the B necklace looks like Abbie was thinking, ‘Definitely not as cool as my other black necklace, but it will work for my Thrifted or Grifted challenge.’

Your baby girl is Della-liscious!!!!! (Della-cious?)”

Judy, guuurl, we need to go shopping together!

The fact of the matter is that the cute necklace in A was a gift (I’ll have to tell my sweet friends who got it for me—years ago!—that it was such a hit with you guys!)

But you had no way of knowing that (mostly because I didn’t remember that it was a gift until I actually sourced my outfits…or else I would have worn an actual grifted necklace…oops!).

But either way, if it hadn’t been GIFTED, your description of my “internal dialogue” while shopping would have be spot-on (especially the “Holy Cow!”—that made me smile).

And I’m going with Della-licious! LOVE IT! : )

Great job again, you guys, and sooooooo much fun!

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OOOOOOH, and I almost forgot, if all goes as planned, this weekend (meaning if I get my act together and get all my pictures taken), I’ll be having a…


I’ve stockpiled quite the collection of shoes, clothes, and even a few accessories for you guys, so if you’re interested in getting a jump on your spring wardrobe at great prices, be sure to stop by and check it out!

I’ll be donating 25% of each item’s price-tag to Parental Care Ministries (the same ministry we helped build a classroom for with our big fundraiser last November).

ONE LAST THING (promise…are you still there?):

In about an hour, I’ll be back with our 5 Things Thursday post (I know, I’m moving slow today), and I reeeeeeeallly need your help with an important decision.

And I don’t mean a “should I keep these shoes” type of important.

Let’s just say it involves house-colors, and I need lots of feedback so I don’t do something stupid I’ll regret!

So, check back soon, and help me out with that, pretty please?


  1. Yep…her comment was great! And how did I miss this? What a fun idea. I hope you do it again cause I want to weigh in! I also have to say the first image is just better quality anyways. Did you plan that?

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