Hey everybody!

So…um…I just finished rounding up my faves from last week’s party and was getting ready to hit the “post” button, when I got one of those dreaded:

“An unexpected error has occurred and this application has had to close unexpectedly,”

…messages that we all love so.

Excuse me a moment while I weep a little.


Of course, the only time that Live Writer doesn’t save at is goes is when there’s an “unexpected error.”

It’s all gone, folks.

Did I already say, “Ugh?”

I’m about to dive back in and recreate everything, but it will take me a good half hour at least, so please bear with me!

See you soon!


  1. i know! that just happened to me awhile back….right before i was about to publish an entire post that had features and pics and links and and and…ugh is right. but I still love live writer! ahhh technology! hope the rest of your week goes smoother! xo


  2. Do you think it would work better if you created your main post on a word document then copied and pasted it into your blog post and then upload all your pictures? Maybe it could help save on the time you’re actually on the computer helping alleviating messages like that? Just a thought, I’m sure you’ve got a system that works far better than what I’ve mentioned but thought I’d throw it out there anyway.

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