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So, I kind of left you hanging yesterday after showering you with my non-seamstressy tips (and more importantly, cute pics of my daughter) on easy tailoring fixes.

But, as promised, I got my nipping and tucking done, and have the “big” (har har) tunic dress reveal for you today.

As a quick memory refresher, here’s the:



It’s not terrible or anything, but it’s definitely a tad on the roomy side.

And, now for the:



Pardon the pouty, I-just-ate-a-lemon faces. It was bright (and WINDY!) out, and I didn’t realize I was scowling.


I also didn’t realize I had major lipstick on my teeth, which kind of ruled out 90% of the smiley shots.


Furthermore, I did not realize that I came thisclose to having a Marilyn Monroe moment, due to a particularly enthusiastic gust of wind.

Apparently, I was completely clueless during this “shoot.”


Aaaah. A smiling shot. Much better. As is the fit of the dress, no?

(I took in about an 1 1/2” on each side, in case you’re wondering).


So, you up for a shoe story?

Oh, good.

Me too.

I was wandering through Marshall’s last Friday due to an unexpected snippet of kid-free time before I met up with the hubby for a date night, and I spied these beauties (not that I could have missed them since they were up front and center in the shoe section just as I came in the door).

I checked the price tag—$35—and kept on walking. I didn’t even look for my size.

Because I have willpower like that.

Or I don’t and knew that if I found them in my size, $35 for shoes I didn’t need but were practically screaming my name wouldn’t seem so bad.

Either way…

I kept on, nosing my way through the clearance racks until I stumbled upon the tunic dress from above.

I looked high and low but couldn’t find it in any size but too-big-for-me.

But I loved it, and I knew I could use it for blog-fodder, so I tossed it in my basket anyway (after trying it on over my gym clothes right there in the dress aisle and giving a little old lady quite a fright as I was shimmying back out of it in full view of everybody; I think she was genuinely afraid by the time it got about 3 inches above my knee, and there might have been an audible gasp of relief when she spotted my shorts).

As “luck” would have it, I had to pass by those fantastic wedges again on my way to check out, and I couldn’t help noticing just how perfectly they played off the jewel-toned hues of my dress.

And that’s when I made the mistake I so handily avoided the first time.

I checked for my size.

And—lo and behold—of the two boxes left, one was a 9.

Furthermore, it was a very comfortable 9.

Into the basket they went.

And now, here I am—the somewhat ashamed owner of a pair of $35 shoes I do not need but love anyway.

I kept my receipt, and I double pinky promise that I only wore them to walk out to my driveway to take a picture, then walk right back inside.

So…do I keep the shoes?

You know me and how I’m always greedy for the “why” behind your vote.

Feel free to talk me into/out of my purchase as best you can!


  1. You totally need to keep those shoes, they go with tons of stuff! I’m having a little shoe envy. 🙂

  2. If I knew how to walk in shoes like that without having the gait of a cow on stilts you bet I would keep them. I just love the colors, and they do go terrifically with that dress. I bet they would go well with a lot of different things. Anyway, I love your writing… very conversational and it makes me feel like I know you (not to be taken in a yucky crazy stalker kind of way please!) Oh and the dress, I love it and the fit is perfect now. 🙂

  3. 2 votes yes! Vote #1- you said COMFORTABLE size 9. That’s rare enough for one yes. Yes vote #2- where else can you find shoes that coordinate with that beautiful colored dress…and in the same store, no less. That had to be some kind of a sign!

  4. Although the poll has closed, I say keep them. Their wedges, rather colorful, comfy (according to above post), and rather cute. Plus, a good price.

  5. I just read in Glamour Mag that one of the five pairs of shoes that every woman should own was a good pair of wedge sandles. So if Glamour says its a must than by gosh you must obey.

  6. Where else are you going to find perfectly amazing shoes for that dress! $35 is a steal (what was retail btw?) for fan-flippin-tastic shoes. KEEP! It’s too bad I have crazy tiny feet…i’d say send them to me to ease your guilt 😉

  7. I normally am not a fan of wedges but those are kind of adorable and my favorite shoe colors are orange and red (i really can’t explain that one…like, at all) so that’s a double whammy for KEEP.

  8. ohmyword, thank God you got them, they are FAB!! You will love them all spring and summer long. GOOD INVESTMENT! 😉

  9. Yes, keep the shoes, because not only do the colors go well together, there are STRIPES in both the tunic and the shoes. Okay, not exactly conventional stripes in the tunic, but still lines, and color blocking…so I say…they go well together!

  10. Yes, yes the dress is nice…but THE SHOES! You must keep the shoes. Your dress is NOTHING with out the shoes!!! (Actually the dress is very nice even without the shoes, but work with me here, you cannot take them back) As I write this, I have a pair of shoes I bought for my daughter’s wedding in July, but they are going back to Nordstrom today because they are way too expensive (way more than $35.00) to wear only once:)

  11. The dress looks great and the shoes…I thought they were really cute in the first couple of photos. Then you turned so we could see all the colors and I realized they are Fabulous! Keep them!!!

  12. I’m the lone dissenter? I think the dress looks *smashing* on you and I love the camel color of the uppers on the shoes…buuuuut- I feel like the rainbow wedge fights with the dress. It’s a little “much”. And you know how much I love color and pattern together! Love them independently – just not crazy about the combo. But hey- you like ’em, rock ’em out! (Your calves look ridic in the Marilyn shot!)

  13. Oh let me enable you! Keep the shoes! I’d so get a pair if I could find them. 🙂 Love what you did with the tunic (can’t wait to learn how to modify my own clothes).

  14. You best be keeping those shoes, Girlfriend! They are perfect and fabulous and fun … AND comfortable? Yep. They’re staying. While I am just as cheap … er … THRIFTY as you are, $35 is still mighty reasonable for a pair of shoes. Wear them and smile, my friend!

  15. as my hubby says….sometimes it is better to pay more for something you really love than to get a “good deal” on something you kinda like. (which is o so hard for me too …being an experienced thrift girl). Love your blog! So happy to read it everyday!!!

  16. You are beautiful! Love the dress, love the shoes, love it all!

    Keep the darn shoes! Look at those shoes, clearly they go with everything!!! I’m jealous!

  17. This is absolutely perfect, and I can’t believe you used my least favorite shoes and made them look rad! You go girl 😉 You are very beautiful and I love the hair, how could I not follow…….

  18. Dress looks fabbo and the tan/orange colour of the shoes matches the dress perfectly! After the first shot without any shoes, adding the shoes just MADE the outfit. Plus the rainbow colours on the heel will go with a lot of outfits, won’t they? I adore those shoes and would keep them. I think the price is reasonable! xx

  19. Well, the dress is totally charming on you, dearie, and the shoes go with. Still, I have a thought that you’re not totally sold on them. Maybe it’s too much of a good thing? Of course, we want you to have what makes you happy…….

  20. Great revamp of the dress. Looks so beautiful on you!

    And those shoes – shut the front door gorgeous!!

  21. Ok, so first off, I thought that tunic dress was pretty funky when I saw it the first time, but Woot WOO! You look fab in it now that you have given it a little make over!
    Secondly, if you dare take those shoes back I don’t know what I will do. (Not that I can really do ANYTHING from here… but you get the idea). They are seriously fabulous! The other size didn’t happen to be a 10 did it? 😀 I was just talking to the hubby the other day about investing in another pair of patform wedges (I had a pair that lasted for YEARS when we were dating), and to have you say they are comfortable, well… that seals it! Keep them. A cool pair that are COMFY and look hot AND will go with jeans/dresses/skirts – what’s not to love. 🙂

I love hearing from you guys!