Today’s 5 Things Thursday is coming soon (our power went out last night during blogging prime time around here), but I wanted to extend one more desperate plea to vote for my DIY Tufted Ottoman, which is entered in’s Furniture Challenge.

As a reminder, or in case you’ve never seen it (or never looked at the left sidebar), here’s what it looks like:

ANYHOO, if you saw yesterday’s announcement (I didn’t find out it was entered until later, so you may have missed it), then you know that I said the voting ended last night, but apparently March 8th @ midnight is not the same thing as 12AM, March 8th (don’t think about that one too hard or you might get a big headache like I did).

So! The voting’s still on, and I’m still entered, and I would still love your vote! : )

All you gotta do is click HERE and then click on the “Furniture Challenge” banner above the post. You can even just log in with FB in about 1/2 a second and then click “Vote Now.”

That’s it!


P.S. I’m keeping the shoes because a) I promised the mister I’d rake some leaves to pay off my debt, so my guilty conscience over paying 10X what I normally pay for shoes has been assuaged, b) 74% of you said I should, and I’m a sucker for democracy, and c) some of you threatened to come get and me and…do something if I didn’t keep them (and “something” is just vague enough to scare the stuffing out of me).

P.P.S. Just kidding about that first one. The mister has never once ragged me about a clothing purchase, sweet man.


I love hearing from you guys!