Oh hi there. What’re you guys up to?

Me, I’m just busy not being sick. (Yipppeeeee!)

Even better, I’m busy corralling non-sick children (triple yippeee; one for each non-sick kid).

This post is really just kind of a quick, drive-by, “I got something done this weekend” post which is a precursor to a much more exciting, related post, coming tomorrow.

So, what is this productivity token of which I hint?

My NEW and IMPROVED mini (mini, mini, mini) trashcan (can, can, can).

(I wish you could have heard the Monster Truck announcer voice that I just used while I wrote those words; it was impressive and echoey).

So, here’s what we started out with:


Just your average, ordinary tiny trashcan from…Ross? Tar-jay? Walmart?

I honestly don’t remember (and am honestly a little relieved that that particular tidbit of info did not make it into my brain’s “IMPORTANT! REMEMBER THIS!” file…which only makes it more disturbing how many names of obscure celebrities have become permanently lodged there, but that’s another post entirely).

It’s kinda been driving me nuts for a while because, even though I don’t mind if things aren’t perfectly matchy-matchy—either in my wardrobe or in my house (in fact, I kind of prefer them that way)—this little girl has been residing in our “kid bathroom” (aka: the upstairs bathroom we all use because our Master Bath is still languishing in Unfinishedland after 2/12 years), and she has been the only pale yellow (or any color yellow for that matter) resident of said bathroom.

She has bravely stuck it out, even when the towel rack mocked her and the shower curtain called her a coward (yellow? get it? ooookay, somebody’s in a silly mood).

But really, it was time for a change.

I needed to get a move on sprucing up this sad little yellow trashcan. (Had to slip that Move-it Monday reference in there for those who were wondering how a trashcan post jived with our theme of the day).

So, I grabbed my trusty (read: CHEAP) decoupage supplies—the self-same ones that helped me transform both my Skirt Challenge Goodwill clutch and last week’s kitchen broom and dustpan


…and slapped a little glue goop on the back of some scrapbook paper (it’s technically Christmas-themed..shhhhh…don’t tell), and did a little smoothing, a little snipping where needed, and then added a second coat of GG (I didn’t even let the first one fully dry,..WHAT? I’m a rebel)…

…until I had this:


{And no, the shininess of those little turquoise flowery thingies is not an optical illusion; the paper I used had little shimmery bits in it, so my trashcan now has bling, baby!}

Seriously. 20 minutes total, while my kids (including Della, whom you can just catch a tiny glimpse of in the background) scribbled on the newspaper (see the marker in the foreground?).

Allrighty, so…

Let’s take a quick gander at the side by side, shall we?


Better, right?

(Can we all please just pretend that I also covered that little strip above the foot lever since from a normal standing vantage point, it wouldn’t have even been visible? Thanks heaps).

So…I mentioned a more exciting post coming up tomorrow, which is inextricably connected to this one, and I’ll be sharing that soon, but for now, I leave you to bask in the glow of my formerly-ridiculed-for-its-yellowness, soon-to-be-ridiculed-for-its-inappropriate-Christmasness-as-soon-as-I-reinstall-it-in-the-bathroom mini trashcan…and to wonder how a word as fancy as “inextricably” could possibly be found in the same (run-on) sentence as “trashcan.”

(At the moment, my brain is so loopy that I probably shouldn’t even attempt to name her. Feel free to throw out suggestions). 

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  1. I think you should name her ‘Avril’ after famous can-can dancer Jane Avril. She looks great her festive new duds.

  2. You know…I’ve been staring at my toilet bowl cleaner and thinking…”Abbie would do something to you!”. I think contact paper is in order. Cause that this is u.g.l.y.! P.S. Do you think your kids would hold still and let you?

I love hearing from you guys!