Two things:

1) The winner of the $25 Bath and Bodyworks Gift Card from last week’s giveaway is:


Congrats, Sally! You’ve got an email waiting for you in your inbox.

2) If you think of it, please pray for my sweet baby girl. She is teething, and her digestive system is completely out of whack.

I think I changed 18 poopy diapers yesterday (I lost count somewhere around #12, and that was only 4 PM).

So, that wasn’t awesome.

But much worse is how miserable my precious Della is right now.

Thanks a ton for your thoughts and prayers!

P.S. That “exciting” post I mentioned yesterday is coming (hopefully), but all the diaper-changing put me a bit behind schedule

See you soon!


  1. Poor baby, we spent some time there recently as well with my littlest. Their poor little bottoms…thank goodness for diaper cream.

  2. Poor thing! Hope she feels better quickly and gets those chompers in right away! Congrat to Sally!

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