So…guess who’s been “moving it” not only on Mondays but every other day for a while now?

No, really.


Today’s the day for the one and only sonogram that we will (hopefully) have this pregnancy, so by 3 PM or so, we will know gender for LB4!

And since I’m a huge lover of polls…I wanna know what you think.


Is LB4 a…?

And yes, I know it’s 100% blind guessing since you don’t know anything about my past pregnancies, and I’ve given you practically nothing to go on for this one.

But feel free to explain your reasoning anyway, if you’re using any!


And just in case you’re wondering what Della thinks of getting a new sibling…


She’s totally on board!

(Okay, so this pic might be a tad old, but you were going to see it some day, so why not now?)

Have a great Monday! I’ll update with the “results” tomorrow! : )


  1. I came to late to vote, the poll was already closed, but I wanted to say that I wish you a healthy and happy child, whatever the gender turns out to be. Hope the ultrasound went well and I look forward to your big news tomorrow!

    God bless you,

  2. I voted for a girl just because I’d like it be a girl. Whichever LB4 is, I think he or she will be so smart. I also craved watermelon when pregnant with my first, and he turned out to be such a smarty. Congrats!

  3. I agree with Kathy – I think this baby is going to “even up” the family! Congrats! The ultrasound is always so fun:)

  4. I just went through a period where everyone I know was having girls, me included. Now, my friends are starting their second round of kids and everyone I know is having boys. So, I say…it’s a boy!

  5. You totally cracked me up with this post, I laughed out loud. I love your blog, you make me smile with every new post. I love the pic of Della, I’m still giggling. Thanks for making me smile and goodluck today. Sharon

  6. So, if I remember correctly, you have two boys and a girl…so I’m just going to say, “Why not a girl?” What fun for Della to have a sister…looking forward to hearing your news.

  7. What a fun day! I always loved that sono! I voted girl….no particular reason. Just thinkin’ 2 boys & 2 girls would be fun 🙂 Can’t wait to hear!!

I love hearing from you guys!