I’ve had that Wardrobe Wednesday post title planned for at least two weeks, so, of course, I had to comment on it to make sure it got its due. : )

Also, it’s pretty indicative of what we’ve got in store for today’s post, which is all about maxi skirts—one bought, one made by moi.

Here’s the bought option:


Okay, so normally, I do not point your eyes to my bust region, but I just have to say that I was wearing a camisole with a built-in bra under my t-shirt, and apparently, it was not lying completely flat or something because I’ve got lumpiness issues going on here that I don’t care for.

Of course, most of you were never going to notice that, and now I have directed your attention to my chest.

Great job, Abbie.

Also, can I just take a moment to say that maxi skirts are a pregnant girl’s best friend?

Not just because of comfort either. Look what else you can do!


Sometimes, all it takes is a good twirl in a long, floaty skirt to brighten your day (it’s especially bright when the skirt is a particularly loud shade of chartreuse!). 

You know what else are a pregnant girl’s best friends?



I wore this outfit to sing on the worship team at church last Sunday, and as I was trying to figure out what to wear the night before (we do our final run-through at 7:15 Sunday morning, which means I need to get up at 5:45 to get there on time, and trying to find clothes the morning of in the dark without waking up husband or children is no fun at all), I was having a major pregnancy snit fit.

You know, the: “Nothing fits right anymore, but I’m not big enough to need different clothes, so instead of pregnant, I just look hefty, and I’m a coooooooowwwww! Waaaaah!”

Yeah, it was a big-time, ugly pity party, folks.

And then I remembered that wide belt (Candie’s, brand new from Goodwill = $1), and when I put it on, everything suddenly made sense (well, not everything…I still don’t know why they make those little tab thingies on ketchup packages so dang hard to tear without squirting goo all over yourself).

Not only that, but I got at least three compliments on the outfit (and one of them was from a guy on our worship team who said something like, “I don’t usually notice fashion or anything like that, but I think what you’re wearing is really cool”).

In fact, two ladies ran up to me after the first service, pointed down, and said, “WHERE did you get THAT?!”

I looked down and saw my daughter standing at my feet and said, “Adelaide? Oh, I birthed her.”

Turns out they were talking about my skirt.

Oh, and as far as the breakdown for this outfit goes, the skirt was an Old Navy clearance buy ($8), the t-shirt was a clothes-swap score ($0), the jewelry is from Goodwill ($5ish), and the shoes?


Well, the shoes were a bit of a splurge for me.

I found them at the GAP outlet a few weeks back and fell so deeply in love that I paid $20 for them. I plan to wear the tar out of them, though, so there’s my excuse for buying $20 sandals.

Okay, so how about we take a gander at the “made” maxi skirt?

If you recall, I was majorly jonesing for a cute maxi dress like this one:

(click the pic to be taken to the tute)

But there was one small problem.

I couldn’t quite see much point in cutting up a tank to attach the skirt of the dress to when I could just make a skirt, tuck the tank in, and then add a belt or sash and achieve the same effect with less work and more versatility.

I found this crazy fun print at Hancock’s yesterday, which normally I wouldn’t gravitate towards, but it was super-cheap ($2.50/yd), and I thought it might be a fun punch of whimsy with a white tank.

I followed the basic guidelines from the above tute for measuring the amount of fabric I needed, etc., and then did my own thing after that.

So, how much fabric will you need?

Well, it depends on you and the fabric you use.


(love the veins of gold outlining the flowers)

This particular piece of fabric was very lightweight but not very fluid. I forgot to look at the bolt to see the exact makeup of it, but I would guess a lightweight, unpolished cotton.

It’s a little scratchy and a teeny bit stiff, which means it doesn’t have a lot of movement—not ideal for a maxi skirt, but I figured I could make it work.

SO! Back to that measurement business.

A Small Snippet (the blog with the tank dress tute) suggests wrapping your fabric around your waist 1 1/2 times to achieve the desired fullness. Lindsay, who made her own version, suggested 2 times.

What with the belly and all, I decided to go with Lindsay’s suggestion.

Turns out that TOO much fabric is a bad thing when your fabric is a bit on the starchy side (not so attractive when you’ve got a bump in the front AND a huge bustle of extra fabric in the back), so I ended up trimming my seam by a good 6 inches, which means that I was closer to wrapping the fabric 1 and 3/4 times around my waist.

But I don’t think this would be an issue with softer, more fluid fabric that “lies” a little more nicely.

Once I had wrapped my fabric around my waist to determine how wide it needed to be, I cut it at that mark, and then did the following:


Since my fabric wasn’t directional (meaning, it didn’t matter whether it lay horizontally or vertically), I was able to use the full “length” (actually the width, but it didn’t matter in this case) of the fabric, which at 45” or so, was plenty long enough for me (I’m 5’6”ish), as long as I didn’t hem.

Goody for me that the uncut edges of the bolt have a nice straight selvage line, so I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to (and I didn’t).

Then, I grabbed a piece of 3/4” elastic, attached a safety pin to one end, and here’s what came next:




All evenly scrunched and ready to go.


Aaaaand…that’s IT!

You’re already done.

Seriously, the easiest. skirt. ever.

I made a couple of measuring/stitching goofs because that’s how I roll when I sew, but if I hadn’t, I could definitely have been done in under an hour.

Of course, you could do fancier things like hem your skirt or make a nicer-looking band for the waist, but I already knew the band would be covered up with a sash or wide belt, and no one was ever going to notice my hem with that busy of a print going on, so I stuck a pin or two in it and called it done! (And then took the pins out before I poked myself…again).

And here’s how I wore it:


Did you notice my vintage button jewelry from yesterday’s post? I’m already getting my $3 worth! : )

So, what do you think? Wanna give the:


…a try?

I’d love to see pics if you do!

I can definitely see the drape and sway of the skirt being drastically different depending on what kind of fabric you use, and I already have a couple more options in mind that I think I’ll try out!

Well, that’s it for me today, folks!

I’m off to the post office, more errands, and then BODYCOMBAT launch (I think I have miraculously managed to cram enough of the choreography in my head that I won’t embarrass myself). 

Y’all have a lovely Wednesday!

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  2. Love the skirt! Can you please do a post on how you do your hair!! I love it and was wondering how you style it!

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial! I don’t usually wear wide belts because I worry that my leftover babyfat (which I’m trying to lose) would show too much. I like the way that the wide belts tie the outfits together. I think that I will try to find some at our local thrift stores here and give them a try. I would love it if you would link this up to my linky party at https://www.firehousecrafts.com/whats-hot-in-the-firehouse-linky-party-1/. Hope to see you there!

  4. Supercute! I made a maxi skirt, but I did not have enough fabric. Will for sure be wrapping it around myself 1.5 times when I make a new one!


  5. Very cute, it looks amazing. I am visiting you via the linky party at Somewhat Simple. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  6. Your skirts are SO cute, Abbie! They look great the way you have dressed them up. I wish I could sew, and I wish I were taller, I get swamped in maxi dresses and skirts. But you look great. Hope you are feeling well!


  7. Love it! You always pull your looks together so nicely with special accessories and little touches. I need to work on that more. Thanks for sharing, seriously craving a few maxi-skirts for this summer…

  8. I am fairly new to sewing and I have been pouring over simple skirt tutorials for weeks now. (My ultimate goal is to be able to make clothes.) This skirt looks super simple. Seems like I need to take a trip to the fabric store!

  9. I would love to give the skirt a try but I am seriously sewing challenged:-) I manage to make hand sewn flowers but give me anything bigger to do and it just wouldn’t turn out right. I do love the bright outfit at the top…yea for lots of fun compliments! And girl, I sing on our praise team on Sundays too…fist bump. I know exactly how you feel getting ready early and I have those same snit fits…and I don’t have a pregnancy to blame it on!!!

I love hearing from you guys!